Kunal asks Manushi to prepare food on wood stove. Manushi refuses then Kunal says it’s one of the condition so you must pass this test. Manushi takes the woods. Kunal eyes the keys in her waist chain.

Meet Ahlawat asks Girl Meet to remember the places the ingredients are then he goes to help his Dad. Girl Meet thinks to study when Meet Ahlawat is probably sleeping.

Manushi coudn’t burn the wood so she tells Kunal that she can’t and asks him to hire a Servant. Kunal shows her some CCTV camera and tells her that his Dad is watching them 24/7. Manushi goes to cook.

Isha gets terrified with the continuous calls from an unknown number. Finally, she picks the call and gets more tensed.

Manushi gets tears because of wood stove. Kunal enjoys her state. Manushi burns her hand but couldn’t prepare a proper meal. Kunal asks if the food is ready? Manushi tells him it’s getting ready.

Girl Meet says to Meet Ahlawat that she will win the chess game as she is sharper than him. Both plays the game. Later, Girl Meet wakes up to study but notices Meet Ahlawat is still awake so she tells him that only Owls are awake in the night and he should sleep. Meet Ahlawat asks why she’s awake? Girl Meet says their is no curtain between us that’s why. Meet Ahlawat asks why she is thinking about curtain? Girl Meet says she is sleeping then he tells her good night and he falls asleep.

Girl Meet confirms he is sleeping so she goes out to read as she has the habit of reading loudly and she is busy in preparing for the exam but she notices someone’s shadow and thinks who’s this and follows the person.

Girl Meet caught the person roaming around the house like a Thief and she opens the shawl and gets shocked seeing Isha.

Manushi falls on the ground as the bed is broken and she shouts for Kunal and he plans to make her sleep using sleeping tablets and he helps her to get up then he tells her to sleep on ground and he goes to get his bed.

Girl Meet questions why she is roaming around the house like a Thief then Isha says she came to drink water. Girl Meet notices someone is giving a signal through a torch light and Girl Meet says it might be a Thief and she tells her to teach thema a lesson by going out through the window.

Isha thinks those boys can harm her if Girl Meet beats them and she stops Girl Meet by acting like she is hurt. She acts normal once the torch signal has stopped.

Kunal opens the suitcase by stealing the key from Manushi and he opens the box and gets hurt by a punching glove.

Girl Meet asks why she is going towards the entrance if she wants to have water? Isha leaves saying she won’t be like her sister Manushi who lies to everyone!

Next day, Girl Meet stops Isha from leaving to college without having breakfast and tells her that Manushi did the mistake of not sharing her problems with her Parents and we have to take our Mom’s help when needed and why get scared when we didn’t do any mistake?

Ragini serves food to Isha and makes her eat it then Isha tells her Mom that she wants to tell her something. Ragini asks where her favourite gold chain got misplaced? Isha thinks how to tell her that I sold it? So she lied to her Mom that she kept it in the drawer. Ragini asks her to share anything with her. Isha asks her to not make oily food as I’m going to start dieting. Ragini tells her she will make diet chart with the help of Babita for her. Isha leaves.

Ragini asks Meet Ahlawat if he had a fight with Girl Meet as Girl Meet is sleeping in the kitchen? Meet Alhawat goes to talk to Girl Meet.

Ragini notices that Isha forgot her book.

Girl Meet drenches Meet Ahlawat in water and asks her what’s she doing? Girl Meet says I’m cleaning my bike and fell asleep while cleaning it. Meet Alhawat helps her in the cleaning and he asks if she didn’t sleep at night? Girl Meet hides about her studies from him.

Next day, Manushi asks Kunal to cover the CCTV with her shawl then she asks him to come at the fount if 3. Kunal comes and falls down because of the soapy water. Manushi asks if he got any fracture? Kunal asks what she is planning? Manushi says I’m planning to take you to your home as your Dad may take us in if he sees you’re getting hurt at this place. Kunal says you love my money not me! Manushi says I don’t want you to live a poor life because of me which is why I’m doing it in this way. Kunal thinks I know what you love and will teach you a lesson by stealing your jewelleries from you!

Girl Meet goes to meet her Dadi and Mom after delivering her order. Dadi feeds her laddoo. Girl Meet makes Dadi eat too and asks if it’s good? Dadi gets happy and she goes to keep Bhogh to maata rani (goddess) and tells Anubha to take care of Girl Meet.

Girl Meet asks what happened Mom? Anubha says Manushi really hurt your Dadi and she’s taking her time to heal her heart. Girl Meet asks Anubha to take Dadi to Badrinath to make her feel better. Anubha says it’s tough to believe that you and Manushi are both my daughters as you guys are so different. Girl Meet says I’m worried about Manushi too as we don’t know anything about that Parth and do contact Ramesh Uncle and get the marriage certificate of sister.

Anubha asks her to not take Manushi’s name infront of her husband. Girl Meet tells her that Meet Ahlawat wanted to close Manushi’s chapter in his life too.

Ram and Lakhan comes to meet her and she opens the door. Ram and Lakhan asks Girl Meet to take Uncle Raju’s help for her exams so she can top the exams. Girl Meet agrees.

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