Sonakshi learns about Preeta’s pregnancy when everyone gathers for a meal in the living room. She asks Preeta if she wants to see a doctor and reveals that her would-be husband Rajat’s mother is also a doctor.

Sherlyn gets upset when Kareena asks her to make some arrangements for Preeta. Sherlyn notices that Preeta is upset but everyone overlooks it when Preeta says that she is fine.

Rajat arrives at Sonakshi’s house with his mother and his paternal uncle, Shrikant.

Yashvardhan introduces Rajat’s family to the Luthras and then everyone begins to chat in groups.

Rajat tells Karan that he is a huge fan of him and requests to cuddle him.

Kritika finds Preeta tensed and asks her if she needs to rest?

Sameer, Karan and Sonakshi keep teasing each other.

Sherlyn follows Preeta to her room and overhears Preeta talking to herself that she is not pregnant.

Rajat and Sonakshi talk to Karan about the change in him after marrying Preeta. Karan reveals how they met and how their relationship has been a life-changing experience for him.

Sameer arrives there and Karan goes to his room to see Preeta.

Sonakshi asks Rajat to learn from Karan how to be a loving husband. Sonakshi sends Ananya, her resort’s employee, with Sameer to show him the lawn. Ananya begins to blush when Sameer says that he can think about getting along with Ananya.

Sherlyn goes to Kareena’s room to talk to her about Preeta. She tells Kareena that Preeta’s eyes have been moist since they left for Lonavala. Sherlyn shocks Kareena by telling her that Preeta is not pregnant. Kareena, however, tries to reason with Sherlyn and overlooks her observations. Sherlyn challenges to bring evidence against Preeta, which makes Kareena pray for Preeta.

Srishti prepares to go to Lonavala keeping Sarla uninformed. She calls Sameer before leaving for Lonavala and gets upset to learn that Sameer is going for a walk with Ananya. Janki’s story begins to frighten Srishti that she might lose Sameer.

Karan goes to his room to try and look after a pregnant Preeta. He pacifies Preeta and asks her to promise him that she will keep smiling.

Rajat suddenly enters the room to asks Karan for his help in getting to know Sonakshi better. Karan tries to avoid helping Rajat but later agrees to it at Preeta’s insistence.

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