On the way, Meet Ahlawat gets angry for shifting the meeting’s place. Deep asks him to tell what happened as he is not the type of person to gets angry over small matters? Meet Ahlawat says Girl Meet has been sleeping in the kitchen for the past few days now. Deep says what if she started loving someone? Besides, you don’t care as you don’t have feelings for her? Meet Alhawat says Girl Meet isn’t that kind of girl. Deep asks him to talk with her then he agrees to do just that.

Some boys teases Isha for sending someone to them. Girl Meet comes to that place and notices some boys harassing someone so she goes to stop them and gets shocked seeing it’s Isha they are actually harassing.

Girl Meet asks him to leave Isha’s hand, but he refuses then Girl Meet makes him leave Isha and slaps him. They’re about to attack her, but she warns them about complaining to the Commisioner so they get scared and they signal at Isha to stop her.

Isha stops Girl Meet saying they are her friends and asks her to stop getting herself involved in her life! Girl Meet says this guys look nothing like your friends and I came to give this book to you. Isha asks her to not get herself involved in her life! Girl Meet says I can sense that you’re hiding something, so don’t be scared and share your problems with me, as I trust you that you won’t do any mistake.

Isha gets scared seeing those boys so she angrily tells Girl Meet that their is nothing! She then leaves to her class. Girl Meet thinks what could she possibly be hiding?

Isha complains to Meet Ahlawat about Girl Meet then Meet Ahlawat tells Girl Meet that Isha knows who’s good for her in friendship and it’s her right. Girl Meet says I know but sometimes, they can’t share everything. Meet Ahlawat says she will share her problem with me if she has any, so take care of it. Girl Meet thinks what’s Isha hiding from them?

Manushi searches for Kunal Dad’s letter to know the period of her testing time then she gets a call from Kunal who asked her to help him. The Kidnapper guy arranged by Kunal demands her to give 2.5millions to release her husband. Manushi cuts the call saying wrong number. They call again. Manushi says I’m a poor woman so please call his father as he is rich. Kunal shouts to help. Manushi says I love you baby, but you do know right that I’m a poor girl do not have anything?

Kunal says true, she doean’t have anything except for her jewelleries. The Hired kidnapper asks her to give her jewellery to save her husband and ends the call!

Kunal tells the guy who spoke as Kidnapper that his audition is done well and he needs to act in 2 more scenes to get a role in the TV show. The guy agrees.

Girl Meet thinks Meet Ahlawat can’t sleep properly if he sleeps in this way and she wakes up. Meet Ahlawat thinks she might have gone to the kitchen early and he turns to his right side and notices Girl Meet in front of him. Girl Meet asks if he is searching for her? He lies to her that he needs a blanket. Girl Meet copies his actions. They fight with each other then Girl Meet gives him the blanket. He asks why she wants to makes him sleep quickly?

Girl Meet says you look fresh if you sleep properly. Meet Ahlawat asks what’s she planning to do after he has fallen asleep?Girl Meet thinks I can’t tell him about my studies otherwise, he won’t let me do household works then she lies to him that she will sleep too and she asks him to sleep after changing his mood. Meet Ahlawat says he knows how to sleep. Girl Meet tickles his feet.

Finally, Meet Ahlawat smiles and request her to leave then Girl Meet says don’t spoil your mood because of me and I’m promising you that I won’t hurt you. Meet Ahlawat thinks he will confront her once she goes to the kitchen in the midnight.

Manushi takes out her jewellery from the woodstove and thinks she won’t give her jewellery to anyone and she keeps the jewellery back in the hiding spot and then talks to the CCTV to release Kunal and while talking, she gets to know those are fake CCTV cameras. Someone suddenly throws a pack at her, which is blood filled shirt of Kunal and she gets shocked and recalls the Kidnapper’s words.

At Midnight, Meet Ahlawat realises Meet is not beside him so he goes to confront her, he goes out and hears some man and woman talking in the kitchen and he recalls Deep’s words that Girk Meet might have fallen in love with some other guy and he thinks of Girl Meet’s words that sometimes, they may fall into a wrong track due to some situation. He leaves to find out what and why Meet is hiding it from him?

Girl Meet studies seeing Uncle Raju’s videos and what Meet Ahlawat actually heard was Raju’s voice in the video tutorial.

Kunal calls Manushi again and acts like he is getting hurt. The Guy acts like the Kidnapper asks her to get him the jewellery to get saved from him! Manushi agrees to give the jewellery.

Meet Ahlawat recalls Deep’s words again that Girl Meet might have fallen in love with some other guy, as he wasn’t giving her hr rights, he feels restless and thinks I want to give one chance to this marriage, but if she loves someone else, then he opens his diary and takes out Manushi’s photo and thinks Girl Meet might have gotten married to the guy whom she loves, only if Manushi hasn’t betrayed me, then Girl Meet won’t need to be stuck in this forced marriage and I hate that I miss you Manushi, and he looks at Manushi’s photo by keeping it in front of him.

Girl Meet studies in the kitchen.

Girl Meet returns to the room and sleeps beside Meet Ahlawat noticing he’s still asleep and then thinks to go to her Mom’s place for preparation and to take care of them, as it’s tough to lie daily. Manushi’s photo falls beside the bed.

Next day, Girl Meet notices that Meet Ahlawat’s mood is bad and she tells Meet Ahlawat that she is thinking of staying at her mother’s place for some days. Meet Ahlawat thinks that boy must be from Shahbadh. Girl Meet asks can she go? Meet Ahlawat says she doesn’t need his permission. Girl Meet asks if he’s still angry and asks if he can manage without her? Meet Ahlawat says I know how to manage so you can leave. Girl Meet says I know that you will manage well with the help of your Mom and Aunt. Meet Ahlawat says it’s none of your concern and you can leave.

Girl Meet excitedly packs her bags. Meet Ahlawat thinks she’s excited like he used to feel whenever he wants to go meet Manushi and he thinks to make her live story successful and leaves from the room. Girl Meet notices Manushi’s photo and feels sad then she notices Meet Alhawat entering the room and she keeps the photo under the bed and leaves.

Meet Ahlawat searches for Manushi’s photo and he hides it in his diary. Meet notices it and thinks I know you will take time to forget my Sister and you can take as much time as you want, since I just need your hapiness.

Manushi blindfolded herself and she calls the Kidnapper and asks him to release Kunal taking her jewelleries. He says Baba will come to you and then handovers her jewelleries to him and says to her to not forget you’re at our gun point!

Meet Ahlawat on phone says to Deep that I promised Girl Meet that I ended Manushi’s chapter, but I opened it myself and you’re correct and I feel she likes someone. Deep says he might be mistaken. Meet Ahlawat says no, as I had witnessed how happily she is talking to someone in the night, so I decided to unite Girl Meet with her love. Deep says it might be some confusion. That time he cuts the call seeing a letter rapped in stone, he notices some guy outside who is calling Isha. Isha feels tensed.

Meet Alhawat reads the letter which states;

Why aren’t you picking up my phone calls? Come fast to meet me!

Isha gets tensed and says I hope Meet Alhawat doesn’t find out about this.

Baba comes to Manushi and asks for the jewelleries. Manushi asks him to release Kunal first, but he insists she gives him the jewellery. Manushi gives him the jewelleries. Baba tells her that she will meet her husband at her place and he leaves asking her to eat corn. Kunal feels happy. Manushi opens her blindfolds and smiles happily.

Meet Ahlawat thinks for whom this message is for and he hears Girl Meet talking on phone with someone that my phone was not near me, as I was getting ready for a job. Meet Ahlawat thinks whether he’s the same guy who talks with Girl Meet in the whole night? Is this message for Girl Meet?

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