Mahesh notices Karan giving Rajat foolish ideas to impress Sonakshi. Rajat asks for Srishti’s number when Mahesh suggests he take Srishti’s help instead.

Meanwhile, Srishti tries hard to explain to Janki why she wants to go to Lonavala. Srishti convinces Janki to join her on the trip to Lonavala.

As soon as they leave, Sarla begins to look for Srishti and finds two letters in the living room. The handwriting of the letters make Sarla realise Srishti and Janki’s intentions. Sarla calls them and scolds Srishti for taking such abrupt decisions! Srishti lies to Sarla that Karan had invited her to the wedding.

Meanwhile, Dadi punishes Karan for being careless towards Preeta! Mahesh suggests Karan pampers Preeta every day and Karan teases them.

Sarla calls Preeta to check on her and the latter bursts into tears. At Sarla’s insistence, Preeta reveals the reason behind her tears. Preeta tells Sarla that she is not pregnant and she can never become a mother. Sarla gathers the courage to convince Preeta that there must be some misunderstanding or error in the reports. Preeta reminds her how difficult it has been for her to reveal the truth to the Luthras.

Unaware of all this, Karan heads towards Preeta’s room.

Preeta breaks down while revealing to Sarla that she can never become a mother. Sarla tries hard to pacify her, but she herself fails to stop her tears. Preeta and Sarla discuss how everyone will cope up with this shock.

Suddenly, Karan enters the room and gets worried to see Preeta crying. She comes up with an excuse and Karan talks to Sarla about it. Sarla asks him about Srishti and he tells her that Srishti is coming to Lonavala to surprise Preeta.

Srishti and Janki, on the way to Lonavala, worry about being scolded if Sarla learns that Karan had not invited them to Lonavala.

Meanwhile, Karan convinces Preeta to have a healthy drink sent by Mahesh and Dadi. Preeta wonders if she deserves to be loved so much by everyone? Karan’s caring words for Preeta make her feel better. As suggested by Sarla earlier, Preeta decides to tell everyone the truth after Sonakshi’s wedding.

In the living room, Sonakshi and Rajat are busy practicing for their performances during the wedding. Rajat inadvertently steps a foot on her foot, but Karan teases her and supports Rajat.

Soon, Srishti and Janki arrive there and they support Sonakshi. Srishti dances with Rajat to prove that she and Sonakshi dance better than him.

Achila, Rajat’s mother, is surprised to see Rakhi taking a drink for Preeta. Achila admires Rakhi and Preeta’s bonding. After praising Preeta’s qualities, Rakhi tells Achila about Srishti.

Ananya runs into Sameer and tells him that she likes him. Sameer thanks her for being nice to him and tries to explain the situation between him and Srishti. Suddenly, Srishti arrives there and gets angry after seeing him with Ananya. Sameer tries hard to pacify her but she leaves from there. Ananya offers to help Sameer in getting Srishti to profess her love for him. She asks Sameer to wait for the ‘Henna’ function.

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