Girl Meet says I’m taking an online coaching for exams and you’re mistaken as I don’t love anyone. Meet Ahlawat gets shocked.

Girl Meet says you guys may not allow me to work which is why I didn’t inform you guys. Meet Ahlawat stops the vehicle as taffic gets jammed and he asks what they are doing in those boys place? Isha signals at her to not say anything so Girl Meet manages him vy saying something else and tells him that marriage happens for once and she can’t even think of breaking it. Meet Alhawat apologies to her. Isha says it’s tough for them to get home in 10mins due to this traffic jam. Girl Meet thinks she has to get home on time.

Kunal returns home and notices the CCTV cams. Manushi hugs him then Kunal asks why she gave out fake jewellery? Manushi says it’s  kind of test from your Dad to see if I can protect you or not and he didn’t even connect the CCTVs and he’s a business man so he couldn’t have had time to check on us every hour and I’m smart right? She says let’s leave to your house, as I already packed everything. Kunal tells her they can leave tomorrow.

Manushi goes inside with bags. Kunal thinks I beared so much because of you and now it’s time for you to cry and you’re going to witness the real Kunal!

Raj and Ram gets home. Masoom says everyone is here except Girl Meet and she asks her Mom to call Girl Meet. Raj says she will reach in time. That time, Girl Meet comes home with her husband and Isha. Masoom notices she got home on time.

Girl Meet apologies to Babita. Raj asks them to start the ritual. Babita tells Meet Alhawat he has to make her wear Red Dupatta once Masoom finishes her part of the ritual.

Masoom takes Girl Meet’s blouse up and broken bangle falls down which shocks everyone. Masoom tells everyone how can the ritual happen when her bangles are broken? She is irresponsible!

Everyone notices Girl Meet’s broken bangle. Masoom questions how can the ritual happen as her bangles are broken? Babita says I told her that this Ritual is important for her relationship with her husband, but she’s born to break the rules and she doesn’t care about our feelings and I’m tired of explaining things to her! Girl Meet apologies to her.

Babita asks Raj to tell Girl Meet to just stop her dramas as I’m hurt as my Son’s life is related with these rituals!

Masoom asks her Mom to find out if she’s interested in their family rituals or not?? Isha stops Masoom and says she has to confess something to them and it’s not Girl Meet’s mistake for her broken bangle or that she came home late. Girl Meet tries to stop her but Isha won’t listen.

Masoom says wow, Meet is using you for her defence! Isha asks her to listen to what she is saying and she tells Girl Meet that she can’t bear it if she’s scolded because of her, so she reveals to the family members how some boys blackmailed her with her photos and how Girl Meet got to know about it and saved her from them.

Ram says it’s true we can’t give more freedom to girls! Girl Meet says Isha didn’t do any mistake and her only mistake was that she hid this matter from us and beared the pain instead, but how can she tell you, since it’s a custom that everyone doubts girls first without understanding the situation.

Meet Ahlawat wipes Isha’s tears and tells her that he forgot to make her feel that their family trusts her and will always be with her in all kind of situations and I’m sorry for whatever happened and you should never think alone as we are all with you. Isha thanks him.

Ragini says Girl Meet is correct, Isha tried to tell me, but she stopped as she didn’t feel that I deserved to know. Isha says no Mom, don’t be. Ragini thanks Girl Meet. Girk Meet says no need, as Isha is like my younger sister. Ragini blesses her.

Isha thanks Girl Meet for helping her and apologies to her for her misbehaviour. Girl Meet tells her she is like a younger sister to her.

Raj asks them to start the ritual. Masoom and Isha removes Girl Meet’s bangles then Meet Ahlawat sits beside her. Babita places Bappa idol in their hand and they make her place it on a plate, then Meet Ahlawat makes her wear the bangles. Everyone claps for them. Meet Ahlawat tells her sorry and Thank you. Girl Meet smiles.

Manushi asks Kunal about his place? Kunal tells her that it’s bigger than her expectations.

Anubha calls Manushi but she rejects her call so Anubha sends her a voice message to get her marriage certificate. Manushi thinks she is doing drama like she cares for me after knowing that Kunal is from a rich family! Kunal smiles.

Girl Meet gets scared seeing injection and refuses to take it, but Meet Ahlawat, Ragini and Isha insists she takes it. Girl Meet shouts and hides behind Raj and tells him that she doesn’t want to take the injection. Raj tells them that you guys need a break so go to hill station for trip. Babita says this trip is important for your relationship so go to a new place and start your relationship and she asks her to take the injection too.

Later, Raj says the Agent told me that it will take time to make Girl Meet’s passport. Ragini suggest he sends them to a local place for their honeymoon. Raj asks where they’d like to go? Girl Meet asks if it’s mandatory? Everyone nods yes then Girl Meet worries about her exams.

Raj asks where they would like to go for their honeymoon? Girl Meet asks them to decide. Masoom says true, as she might not know any other place than Shahbad. Raj asks her to suggest so Masoom says Goa. Everyone tells their choice of places.

Babita comes and says no need of suggestions as one of my friend who belongs to Rajasthani royal family would love for Meet Ahlawat and his wife to stay in their luxurious resort at Rajastha and she asks if he likes it? Raj and everyone shouts Rajasthan is final for their honeymoon trip.

The House owner who happens to be the Driver asks for his rent. Kunal asks him to implement his plan the next day giving him money.

Girl Meet thinks she doesn’t have time to prepare for exams. Meet Ahlawat messages her to come to the garden. She goes there and asks why he agreed to the trip even after knowing about her exams? Meet Ahlawat says you can read in the Palace too and their is another reason for our trip and as I thought of a place, Manushi’s thoughts came to my mind as I dreamed of having life with her at this house, so I want us to make our memories in some new place where I would like to know you better so that by the time we return, I won’t even remember Manushi again which is why I agreed to this trip and if you don’t like it even after knowing this then I’m ready to cancel the trip. Girl Meet agrees for the trip.

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