Preeta feels excited to learn from Sonakshi that Srishti and Janki have arrived there. Karan scolds Sonakshi for revealing the surprise and she moves on to talking about their college days. Rajat and Preeta enjoy Sonakshi’s narration and Srishti comes there with Janki.

During the practice session, Karan and Preeta’s dance amazes everyone. Later, Rakhi asks Preeta to be careful when she sees her dance with Karan.

Srishti, while looking for her room, overhears Shrikant and Achila’s argument. Achila asks him to hide their past for some more time and forbids him to stop Rajat’s marriage. Srishti answers Sameer’s phone call and tells him to meet her immediately.

A furious Sherlyn keeps thinking of ways to expose Preeta’s secret.

Karan stops Preeta in the alley to romance her. Preeta tries to leave from there and Karan jokingly asks her to apologise for it. Karan gets upset when Preeta talks about not being around as he keeps getting her to apologise to him often.

Sherlyn turns on the gas stove burner for her plan to set Preeta ablaze. Unaware of this, Preeta heads towards the kitchen to prepare a concoction for Dadi. Sherlyn comes out in the living room and sees Sonakshi looking for Preeta.

Meanwhile, Kareena and Dadi learn that Srishti is looking for Sonakshi.

Kareena scolds Sherlyn for her plans and asks her to be careful of her actions!

Achila runs into Srishti and praises her, which leaves her surprised. Sameer arrives there to pacify Srishti, but she walks away from him after asking him to go to Ananya.

Preeta keeps looking for the kitchen and runs into Ananya, who helps her find the way to it. Sherlyn waits outside the kitchen to see Preeta burn. Sonakshi keeps calling Preeta to find her and then comes to the kitchen for her opinion. Sonakshi is shocked to see fire due to the gas stove and presumes that someone has deliberately caused this.

Suddenly, someone renders Sherlyn unconscious and takes her to a room. Rajat sees this and chases that man. After being unable to help Sherlyn, Rajat informs everyone about it.

Meanwhile, Srishti plans to extract Achila’s truth from Shrikant. Janki arrives there and insists she talks to Sarla.

Sherlyn regains consciousness and learns that Prithvi had gotten her into the room.

Kareena gets into an argument with Janki. While Sonakshi tends to Preeta’s wounds, the Luthras worry about finding Sherlyn.

Sonakshi saves Preeta from the fire in the kitchen due to the gas stove. She deduces that someone in the living room wanted to kill her. Sonakshi soon recalls that Sherlyn was always around Preeta and claims that she had planned it all!

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