The Driver comes to Manushi’s place. Kunal insists that he will place Manushi’s luggage in the trunk of the car and he recalls how he arranged similar suitcase with bricks. Manushi tells him she doesn’t trust the Driver and places the suitcase next to herself. Kunal thinks of another plan.

Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat packs their luggage. Masoom asks the Male Servant to get her tea, then he tells her that he’s going to tell Girl Meet that Babita Madam is calling her and I have to inform Meet Ahlwat that Raj sir is calling him. Masoom plans to find out, what is the calling is all about?

The Male Servant informs them. Girl Meet comes to Babita’s room. Meet Ahlawat comes to Raj’s room. Masoom spies near Babita’s room, while Chavi in that of Raj’s room.

Raj says it’s visible that my choice is not wrong. Babita says it’s tough when a wife knows of the fact that her husband loves another woman, but you can heal him and he can change with your company. Raj says Girl Meet proved herself and changed herself for you and now it’s time for yourself to think for her hapiness and heal her.

Babita says Meet Alhawat has started to care for you forgetting his hatred which is why I want you to become his wife and to both love each other. Raj asks his son to behave like a husband not friend.

Girl Meet says we can’t force someone to love. Babita says you’re his wife so you can gain place in his heart. Raj asks his son, if he can give place to his wife? Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat says they will try.

Chavi tells Masoom that she is leaving! Masoom says she won’t let them leave for their honeymoon and we have to hurt someone from Girl Meet’s family to stop this honeymoon! Chavi smiles.

Dadi dances with the kids while feeding them sweets. Girl Meet calls Anubha and asks what’s that sound? Anubha says you’re going in an aeroplane which is why your Dadi is celebrating and she gives phone to Amma Ji. Amma ji blesses her and then gives the phone back to Anubha. Meet says Mom, I thought to study on the trip, but Aunty ji asked me to take the next step of marriage.

Anubha says glad they accepted you, so try to occupy his heart. Girl Meet says he still loves Manushi then how to occupy it? Anubha says you can change it. Meet Ahlawat on call asks someone to do his work. Girl Meet tells her I’ll not leave without meeting you and Dadi. Anubha says don’t worry, we will come on time.

The Driver stops the car saying it’s repaired. Kunal takes Manushi out and during this time, the Driver exchanges the suitcase. Kunal feels happy.

Dadi gives Parathas and pickle to Girl Meet. Girl Meet asks Dadi if she wants to accompany them? They warn her to stop her jokes. The Male Servant gives them juice. Masoom makes it fall on Dadi. Girl Meet is about to take Dadi to the changing room, but Babita calls her. Sunaina takes Dadi to the changing room. Masoom plans to send Dadi to the hospital when she comes out of the changing room!

Kunal asks Manushi to leave to the restaurant to have something, as the Driver is saying it takes time for repair and he sends her in an Auto with the suitcase.

Sunaina gets a call. Dadi asks her to attend to it saying she can leave.

Kunal takes the jewellery and asks the Driver to start the car. Manushi comes back and notices Kunal is leaving, but his car stops. Manushi caught Kunal with her jewellery. The Auto driver throws her luggage away and bricks falls out from it, of which she then realises the true colours of Kunal.

Dadi is about to fall down because of the oil on the floor, but Girl Meet saves her on time before she could fall on the glass pieces. Dadi says nothing can happen to me when you are here. Girl Meet thinks how these came on the way? Masoom gets angry.

Girl Meet sees the decorated car with their name boards. Meet Ahlawat comes to her and it’s shown how Girl Meet told her Mom that Meet Ahlawat brought bridegroom car for her Sister then she tells Meet Ahlawat that it’s wrong to listen to someone else’s talk.

Manushi asks Kunal if he acted just to get her jewellery? Mom was correct that you’re not a good guy for me and she tries to take her jewellery from him but Kunal pushes her away saying you’re not good too, as you’re a liar and very selfish at that, and you came to me by breaking your marriage with Meet Ahlawat, as you thought I was rich and you don’t love anyone, as you only love money and I’m no different as I love you and I love money which was why I was after you thinking you’re rich and beared so much and now, I will sell this jewellery for the losses I faced because of you!

Manushi says but you’re rich so what’s the need of my Jewellery then? Kunal says you’re mad, if I’m rich, then I would have left you since when I found out about your real self! Manushi holds his collar and tells him that she will punish him for the betrayal he did to her! Kunal says you can’t prove our marriage as no one would believe it since you took the marriage certificate with Parth’s name, but I’m Kunal, so you can’t file any case plus you guys don’t have photos too and I bribed the Priest too.

Manushi says you were cheating me right from the onset? Kunal says you betrayed and cheated your family members and now you deserve a lesson to remember for the rest of your life and he hits her on the head with a rod. Manushi falls unconcious while recalling how she escaped from her marriage by hitting Girl Meet.

Ragini and Sunaina sees Girl Meet packed sarees for her honeymoon then they swaps it with the dresses they bought. Ragini says they will return from honeymoon as one.

Manushi regains consciousness and she cries badly thinking she lost Meet Ahlawat and her own family for Kunal kind of guy and she thinks where to go then she thinks their is only one way left for her.

Babita and Raj waits for Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Isha asks them to come out to see the surprise. Everyone goes out and feels happy seeing the decorated car for their new beginning.

Manushi returns to her place and notices it’s locked.

Meet Ahlawat tells Girl Meet that it’s the Wedding procession (Bridegroom Carwith their names to it) just for her. Girl Meet smiles. Everyone claps for them.

Dadi asks the Drummer people to play the drums, and everyone dances happily to it.

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