Karan asks what sort of questions is she asking as it seems he is being questioned? Shristhi replies she is just asking what is in his heart which no one knows.

Rajat accepts he also has a secret and exclaims he would not hide it but will reveal the truth today in front of everyone.

Preeta tries to stop Srishti and tells Rajat to avoid the questions. However, Karan stands by Srishti when she says that she is serious about her questions.

Rajat smartly escapes from the situation and impresses everyone with his love story.

Later, Srishti sees Shrikant giving an envelope to someone and questions him about it? Shrikant warns Srishti to keep away from him and stop spying on him!

Mahesh and Yashvardhan bring a performers’ troop, which amazes everyone.

Prithvi daydreams being hit by Preeta for misbehaving with her during the group dance.

Kritika takes Prithvi to his room to spend some quality time, but Sherlyn sees it and asks him to meet her immediately!

Sherlyn calls Prithvi to the room to keep him away from Kritika. Srishti tries to take Kritika out but tshe insists on taking Prithvi along. They look for Prithvi and get shocked to learn from Shrikant that he is in Sherlyn’s room.

Meanwhile, Sherlyn threatens Prithvi to stay awake at night to be distant from Kritika.

Suddenly, Srishti and Kritika enter the room but they fail to see Prithvi,as he hides behind the bed.

Kritika and Srishti take Sherlyn out by making an excuse, and Prithvi remains hidden. After they leave, Shrikant opens the room to check if Prithvi is still there in the room? Prithvi sees him and realises that he had told them about his presence in Sherlyn’s room.

Everyone gathers in the living room for a game orgnanised by Kareena. Janki goes to a room to bring Karan, Sameer and Rajat to join them.

Initially, everyone refuses to play the game, but Janki and Dadi’s tricks get them to join the game. During the game, Sonakshi asks Yashvardhan if he has ever hidden something that she needs to know? Yashvardhan tries to make excuses and then denies ever hiding anything. Janki, Srishti and Dadi’s enactment during the game amazes everyone.

Dadi stops Preeta from doing anything during the game, but Rakhi insists on making her do something. Karan comes up with a game to romance Preeta in front of everyone.

The Luthras happily continue to play the game organised by Kareena. Suddenly, everyone gets serious when Preeta confesses that she lies more than Karan. Preeta says that her lies are not revealed until she tells about it to Karan.

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