Ram and Lakhan discusses about Girl Meet’s honeymoon trip to Rajastan. Manushi overhears their conversation. Ram and Lakhan calls her, but she runs from them.

Manushi comes to Meet Ahlawat’s house and notices how everyone is dancing then she thinks Meet Ahlawat loves me and I did the greatest mistake of leaving him but now, it’s time to correct my mistake and I will get him then he won’t go to Girl Meet!

Raj asks them to leave saying the flight time is nearing. They leave after taking the elder’s blessings.

Meet Ahlawat and Girl Meet gets to Rajasthan. Girl Meet sleeps on his shoulder but then wakes up after sometime and tells him how she felt excited in the flight. Another car follows them.

Girl Meet tells him that they have to see every places live and she holds his hand in excitement then leaves. Meet Ahlawat asks the Driver to tell them places. The Driver tells them about places and food. Girl Meet asks how much time it will take to reach the hotel? The Driver says 15minutes so Girl Meet asks him to stop the car, but Meet Ahlawat asks her to wait for sometime. Girl Meet messages him that she needs to go to the Toilet and can’t wait for 15minutes.

Meet Ahlawat asks the Driver to stop the car then Girl Meet leaves. Meet Ahlawat comes out noticing the car that has been tailing them since.

Manushi gets shocked when he sees him coming near as she has been the one following them.

Meet Ahlawat goes near Manushi’s cab. Manushi covers her face with her scarf. Meet Alhawat looks inside and then asks the Driver to turn off the headlight, as it’s day time. The Driver says it’s a mistake and turns off the lights. Girl Meet returns then they leaves.

Manushi recalls how she broke her fixed deposit with Shalu’s help to reach Rajasthan and she plans to get double profit for her investment by getting Meet Ahlawat from Girl Meet!

Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat arrives at the resort.

Manushi asks the Driver to stop the car at a far place and she gets shocked noticing they are going to stay at a lavish resort.

The Resort employees warmly welcomes them. The Manager asks them to exchange flower garland as it’s their custom of resort. Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat exchanges the garlands while recalling their marriage.

Manushi watches them angrily and thinks she should have been Mrs Ahlawat if she hadn’t gotten trapped in Kunal’s plan and this employees would have served me like Gir Meet now, but don’t worry Manushi, as it’s time to write your own story by becoming Mrs Ahlawat!

The Manager tells them that their highness booked royal suite for them and she invites them inside.

One of the Employees asks Manushi about her purpose of visit? Manushi sends him off saying something, then she asks the Driver to take her to some cheap hotel.

Anubha says Ram and Lakhan informed me that Manushi came here and left without saying anything, but why did she come Amma ji, as she taunted us saying she got rich in-laws, hope she won’t create any new problems? Amma ji says I never thought in my wildest dreams that she was that kind of girl and it’s better if we don’t talk about her and hope Girl Meet stays happy with her husband and if Manushi returns, then she will have to bear my hatred!

Anubha asks her to have food. Ram and Lakhan asks them to pack their luggage and shows them the ticket Girl Meet booked for them for a pilgrimage tour. Amma ji blesses Girl Meet.

Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat feels shy seeing the decorations in their room and thinks they came to the wrong room. The Manager comes to the room and tells them that it’s their honeymoon suite and explains that the room is full of romance and it’s sound proof too and he leaves after giving them the remote of the TV and the keys of the room.

Meet Ahlawat presses the button then it plays tip tip barsa paani and he tries to turns it off but it won’t turn off, so Girl Meet turns off the TV. She goes to the bathroom and he leaves for the Gym.

Raj and Babita grows new plant for Meet Ahlawat’s happiness. Sunaina tells sha that she will plant a new one when Tej returns.
Babita and Raj discusses about Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat. That time, Rajvardhan receives a call from Sunaina’s father Jaypratap Singh. Babita asks what happened? Raj says He is coming to our place. Sunaina and Isha leaves from there.

Babita says I don’t know why he’s coming as he always brings toofan with him.

Girl Meet comes out wearing bathrobe and she notices her luggage is full of modern dresses. Meet Ahlawat knocks the room. Meet asks him to wait. Meet Ahlawat asks her to give him his phone, so she changes to one of the dress and tries to give him the phone but it falls down. Meet Ahlawat comes inside to take his phone and he gets stunned with Meet’s modern look.

Girl Meet says I didn’t buy this clothes, and I do not know how my suitcase got exchanged and I never wore these kind of tight clothes and I’m looking weird in these clothes. Meet Ahlawat tells her she is looking cute and good. Meet Ahlawat gets Sunaina’s letter and they find out it’s a gift from Sunaina for their trip then Meet Ahlawat tells her she looks nice.

Meet Ahlawat smiles seeing the boy who’s selling roses and he goes to the boy and tells her that his marketing skills are good.

Manushi comes there and notices Meet Ahlawat then she thinks he might come to propose to her if he saw her and she calls out to him from the otherside of the tree and Meet Ahlawat feels restless hearing her voice and runs to find her, but Girl Meet stops him by holding his hand and asks where is he off to and tell me what to wear as I don’t have any clothes of mine? Meet Ahlawat says wear anything, what is the issue?? He then realises his tone and apologies to her so he asks her to take him from that place and they leave. Manushi feels dissapointed.

Sunaina stands near the stove without noticing the tea is about to pour down. Ragini turns off the stove and asks her where she’s lost? Sunaina says Dad is coming. Ragini asks is their any work? Sunaina says you know his intentions right? Please call my Dad and tell him that I went on a Tour and please stop his arrival. Ragini says she can’t lie to stop a father from meeting his daughter. Sunaina says make me a promise and do it for me please.

Meet Ahlawat asks Girl Meet to help him to forget Manushi, as her memories are haunting me and I don’t know what to do with my mixed up feelings? Girl Meet collects stones. Meet Ahlawat asks if she’s even listening to him? I don’t want to behave with you in that way, but i felt I heard Manushi’s voice, sorry. Girl Meet shows him stones. Meet Ahlawat says I’m asking for your help but you want me to play?

Girl Meet asks him to vent out his frustration on Manushi by throwing the stones in the river. Meet Ahlawat uses Girl Meet’s idea and vents out his frustration. Meet asks how he felt than he says good. Girl Meet says our heart is like water and we can control our heart and feelings.

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