Sameer and Karan get Prithvi to entertain everyone by dancing like a courtesan. To teach Karan a lesson, Prithvi gives him a task and tries to make Karan fall. Karan inadvertently falls on a pregnant Preeta and everyone begins to worry.

Preeta confirms that she is fine, but Sherlyn deduces that Preeta is surely lying about her pregnancy and eagerly waits for Preeta’s pregnancy report.

The next day, a courier delivery person brings the report and calls Sherlyn to hand it over to her.

Meanwhile, Prithvi enters his bathroom wherein, he gets close to Kritika. Prithvi takes Kritika in his arms to save her from falling down. He clears that there is nothing romantic in all this and avoids having tea with her because of Sherlyn.

Sonakshi and Rajat’s ‘Turmeric’ ritual begins and everyone enjoys the sweet moment.

Meanwhile, a courier delivery man wonders if he should give Preeta’s courier to her or to Sherlyn, as it is addressed to her but the contact number is of Sherlyn. He gives it to Achila when he fails to hand it over to Karan as he passes by.

Sherlyn talks to Kareena about checking Preeta’s pregnancy report with her. She takes Kareena to the living room to collect the report and then tells everyone that Preeta is not pregnant.

Achila tries to give the report to Preeta but Karan’s actions distract the latter. While Achila places the report on a table, Kareena and Sherlyn begin to look for the courier delivery man. On a call, he confirms that he has handed it over to some female.

A kid at the ‘Turmeric’ function comes across the report and uses it to make paper planes. Sherlyn learns from Achila that she had received the report. Soon, Sherlyn finds the kid with the report, but he runs away to fly the paper planes. On being asked, he reveals it to Sherlyn.

During a group dance, Karan saves Preeta from falling down. He promises to always look after her and their child. Preeta feels guilty and calls Sarla to tell her that she can’t hide the truth anymore.

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