Meet Alhawat thanks her for making him understand and he’s about to leave but she says you might have had many trips, but let me view here, as it’s my first trip.

Ragini calls Jaypratap and tells him that Sunaina went on a trip. Jaypratap says I know Sunaina is making you lie and tell her that I’m doing it for her own good and this time, I won’t leave empty handed.

Girl Meet makes Meet Ahlawat sit by dipping his feet in the water and tells him that it will cure the diseases of the heart. Meet Alhawat smiles and thinks she is so understanding so he takes his gift and tells her he will keep it.

The Boy handovers the flowers to Meet Ahlawat thamen he gives those flowers to Girl Meet. Both smiles happily.

Meet Ahlawat gives ticket to Girl Meet for boating. Girl Meet coughs so Meet Ahlawat goes to get water. Manushi thinks I will go for boating with Meet Ahlawat so I need to remove Meet Hooda! She throws lights stand which gets broken then she pushes a beggar on it and his hands gets hurt because of the broken glass. Girl Meet notices him and thinks why no one is helping that Baba? She goes to help him.

Meet Ahlawat notices Girl Meet missing and he’s about to go to call her, but the boat person makes him sit in the boat assuring him that he will bring the girl. Meet Ahlawat feels worried thinking where did Girl Meet might go and he calls her, but she didn’t pickup his calls.

Manushi sits in the boat thinking their love story will start and signals at the boat person to move.

Meet Ahlawat tells her she came to the wrong boat and he turns and gets shocked seeing Manushi.

Some person gives band aid and cleaning liquid to Girl Meet and she bandages his hand.

Manushi says I’m sitting in the correct boat Meet Alhawat. He asks the boat person to return, but Manushi stops him by placing her finger on his mouth and asks him to sit then she asks him to listen to her and tells him that she is ready to answer his every question so listen to me and I’m okay with your decision. Meet Ahlawat says no need to talk with you, as you don’t exist to me! Manushi says I know that I did bad by leaving you, which is why you married my goon sister but I know that you love me and do you know why I cheated on you? It’s because of Girl Meet!

The Tourist asks Meet Alhawat he is related to her? Meet Alhawat says it’s only a relationship of Humanity.

Sunaina thinks where are you Tej and recalls her moments with him.

It’s revealed that the one who’s with Girl Meet is Tej. Girl Meet takes Tej and makes him sit on a bench.

Meet Ahlawat asks what’s she saying? Manushi says yes, I swear I wanted to marry you, but I got to know Girl Meet was dreaming her life with you which was why I ruined my hapiness for her own hapiness and I know that Girl Meet is not like a girl and you deserve a beautiful girl like me, she sits beside him and assures to set everything right and she sleeps on his shoulder.

Meet Ahlawat pushes her saying enough! He says I won’t listen to anything said against Girl Meet and I don’t care why you did that to me, but one thing is clear, and that you cheated on me and my family that matters to me! He asks the boat person to take back the boat! Manushi insists he listens to her, but he leaves. Manushi gets angry.

Jaypratap Singh arrives at Rajvardhan’s house with sweets. Babita says he brings sweets but spoils our mood and makes it sour whenever he’s leaving. Jaypratap assures her this time, he will give her happiness then he meets his Daughter. Sunaina happily hugs him. Jaypratap asks how’s she? Sunaina says she is happy as everyone loves her. Jaypratap says don’t live in false dreams as we didn’t know if Tej is alive or not? Babita gets angry.

Girl Meet asks Tej about his house? Tej who lost his mental balance shows her different directions. One boy tells her he only reads books and he has lost his memories, he doesn’t have anyone.

Sunaina says Tej is alive and I can feel it but how can you talk in this way? It’s better if you leave from here! Jaypratap says it’s my duty to open your eyes, did anyone see him alive? Even if he is alive, he is dead to you, as he doean’t care about you, so stop cheating yourself!

Tej wipes his tears holding his book. Girk Meet tells him her name is Meet. Tej feels happy hearing her name.

Sunaina says my heart is saying Tej will return to me very soon, so please leave from here. Jaypratap closes the door and tells her that he won’t leave until she agrees to a second marriage! He sits on the sofa.

Girl Meet asks him to call for her loudly if he needs anything.

Manushi thinks Meet Ahlawat will give entry to her by himself!

Meet Ahlawat recalls his encounter with Manushi and he coudn’t take Girl Meet’s calls in that tension, he notices Manushi’s earring stucked to his shirt and he sees Girl Meet’s key chain, so he throws the earring away saying he hates Manushi! He again takes the earring and leaves.

Girl Meet thinks Mr Hasty might be mad at me as I didn’t go boating with him on time.

Meet Ahlawat picks her in his hands and questions where is her foot wear? Girl Meet says she gave it to someone. Meet Ahlawat asks her to stand on his feet and they walk slowly towards a bench and sits on the bench.

Manushi gets angry recalling how Meet Ahlawat denied listening to anything said against Girl Meet which could only mean that Girl Meet is occupying my place in his heart.

Girl Meet asks if he’s mad at her as she didn’t come boating on time with him? Meet Ahlawat tries to tell her about Manushi, but he didn’t. Girl Meet tells him that she met someone whom she felt is closer to her. Meet Ahlawat says he can’t trust anyone. Girl Meet asks him if something happened? Meet Ahlawat picks her in his hands to buy her slippers and he thinks why is he unable to tell Girl Meet about his meeting with Manushi?

Manushi thinks Girl Meet can’t win over me and it’s my right to have Meet Ahlawat! She leaves after throwing her earring away.

Babita asks Jaypratap to understand that Sunaina is not happy with your idea of second marriage and she has locked herself in the room.

The Worker informs them that Sunaina is cutting her nerve. Ragini request Sunaina to not do it. Everyone rushes to her and request her to not commit suicide, as it’s wrong.

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