Sarla pacifies Preeta and tells her that everyone will look after her if they learn that she can never be a mother.

Suddenly, Karan enters the room and apologises to Preeta for inadvertently hurting her during the group dance. Karan promises to always look after Preeta and their unborn child. Preeta finds it hard to hold it any longer and reveals the truth to Karan. As expected, Karan is shocked to learn that Preeta is not pregnant and can never be a mother.

In the living room, Rakhi decides to reconcile Karan and Preeta as she assumes that they had an argument, but Achila talks to her about it.

Meanwhile, Sherlyn keeps running to get hold of Preeta’s pregnancy report as a kid made a paper plane out of it and flew it.

Prithvi calls Sherlyn to ask her if she has gotten the report? Soon, a vehicle runs over it and splashes mud on Sherlyn.

Sherlyn returns to the resort without getting the report and lashes out at Ananya. Kareena scolds Srishti and Janki for laughing at Sherlyn.

In a room, Preeta explains to Karan how she struggled to tell everyone the issues of her pregnancy. Karan handles himself and then calms Preeta down. To make Preeta feel better, he tells Preeta that her pregnancy issues will bring them even closer.

Rakhi goes to Karan and Preeta’s room, as she is worried about Preeta, but Dadi takes Rakhi back to the living room.

In a room, Karan pacifies Preeta who finds it hard to stop crying.

Sherlyn lashes out at Prithvi when he doesn’t recognise her and gets scared to see her. Kritika arrives there and even she laughs at Sherlyn, which angers her even more. Kritika goes to the living room to tie an amulet on Sonakshi’s wrist. Prithvi asks Sonakshi and Rajat for Preeta, which shocks everyone. However, Prithvi makes an excuse to distract everyone.

Kareena meets Rakhi and Dadi in the living room, which begins to worry her. Dadi tells Kareena how she stopped Rakhi from interfering in Karan and Preeta’s discussion. After Rakhi leaves, Dadi asks Kareena to go to Karan and Preeta’s room to bring them down.

Mahesh scolds Karan when Kareena brings him and Preeta to the living room. Preeta defends Karan and apologises for her actions, but Karan praises her for handling everything nicely. Soon, Preeta aplogises to everyone for disturbing them, but Sonakshi asks her to forget it.

Srishti and Kritika plan a surprise to cheer Karan and Preeta up. Karan walks away from there after a while, but Preeta follows him. She tries to explain that she didn’t want him to feel so bad due to her pregnancy issues. Karan, however, explains that all of this will make no difference. Karan tells Preeta that being unable to have a child is not an issue to him.

Sonakshi arrives there and says that she overheard their conversation. She asks Karan and Preeta to stay strong while dealing with Preeta’s pregnancy issues. Sonakshi recommends Karan and Preeta to meet Dr Anchal Mehta for a second opinion.

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