Meet Ahlawat says I came to talk with you Manushi, I used to love you and I pray to god to give me chance to confront you and now that you’re infront of me, you aren’t affecting me and your presence doesn’t matter to me anymore, so remove whatever misconception you have from your mind as I already paid for the loss, seeing a needy girl who really needs to keep her job, and not because it’s Manushi Hooda, so don’t hope for anything otherwise, this time, you may get betrayal!

Manushi stops him and says i know I did mistake and everyone is hating me and I deserve it. Meet Ahlwat holds Girl Meet’s keychain and leaves from there recalling Girl Meet’s words.

Manushi thinks the full picture is still on the way and it’s just the trailer now and I know that you can’t see me in this position!

Tej takes offering from Girl Meet and eats it. Girl Meet asks which sweet he likes? She says sweets names and he turns hearing Jalebi name then she promise to get it for him the next time. Phone rings. He takes the phone and picks the call. Girl Meet asks him to give her her phone. Light falls on him then he runs leaving the phone.

Meet Ahlawat asks Girl Meet to return soon. Girl Meet agrees and ends the call then she receives call from Sunaina who tries to share her problem with her, but Babita signals at her to not tell her anything so Sunaina lies to Girl Meet that they are missing her. Girl Meet tells her she is missing them too and asks her to send the list of things she wants from Rajastan. Sunaina agrees and asks her to enjoy the trip. Girl Meet thinks how to tell them that Meet Ahlawat still loves Manushi?

Meet Ahlawat is packing his luggage. Girl Meet comes into the room and asks him why he’s packing his luggage? He tells that they have to leave from here. Girl Meet says to him that he should not steal things from the hotel. Meet Ahlawat does not understand her point and asks her what he has stolen? She says he’s trying to hide his pain which equals to stealing. She adds that she knows that hes sad because of Manu.

Meet Ahlawat tries to explain to her that he wants to stay away from Manu, but it’s very difficult for him. Girl Meet advises him not to run away from his problems but to participate in them. Meet Ahlawat understands her point and asks her if she will support him? She answers yes and assures him that she will always be with him.

Here, Babita tells Sunaina that they should not tell anything to Girl Meet right now as they have gone on a trip and they have got time to spend together after a long time. She adds that she is confident that Tej will return. Sunaina trusts her words. Babita hugs her and decides that she will make her daughter-in-law so strong that even Raj will not be able to break her!

There, Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat are having a good time together.

The next morning, Sunaina is watering the plants. Raj comes to her and says that just like plants need care, she also needs a person in her life who will take good care of her. She says that Tej’s memories are enough for her. Raj tells that Tej is his Son who has moved away from him, but he still wants her to get married again and be happy. Sunaina denies this and adds that no one can replace Tej in her life.

Raj says that he will not eat food until she gets ready to start her life afresh! Sunaina is shocked to hear this. She tries to talk to him but Raj leaves without listening to her.

Here, Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat are sitting in the restaurant. Manushi comes to them and asks them about their orders? Meet Ahlawat asks her to leave from here! Manushi further breaks down seeing that Meet Ahlawat is happy with his sister.

Just then, the Waiter comes to Girl Meet and tells her that there is a call for her. Girl Meet leaves from there. Manushi plans that she will add more chillies to the guest’s food so that the guest will insult her and Meet Ahlawat will come to rescue her.

Next, the guest starts scolding Manushi. Meet Ahlawat gets upset seeing this but remembers Girl Meet’s words and does not move from his position. Manushi is shocked to see that Meet Ahlawat is not coming to her.

Later, Girl Meet comes to him and asks him what happened? He tells her that today, he faced the problem and it all became possible because of her. Girl Meet is happy to hear this.

Meet Ahlawat and Girl Meet comes to the temple and waits for Girl Meet’s friend. Meet Ahlawat asks her where is her friend? Girl Meet says he comes when he likes so wait as we don’t have any work too and the smell of this Jalebi will bring him. A person comes to them and asks them to to take photo in Rajastani attire. Meet Ahlawat asks for Girl Meet’s opinion and she agrees than they come out wearing the attires.

The Photographer asks Girl Meet to wear lady’s clothes. Girl Meet says clothes doesn’t know if the person wearing it is a or woman. Thw Photographer says it’s memory. Meet Ahlawat says my wife is unique so take the photos. They take the photos, that time, Tej comes near their table and eats the jalebis and leaves taking the box. Meet Ahlawat notices him, but fails to see Tej’s face.

Girl Meet taps Meet Ahlawat’s shoulder then he happily checks their photos in the Photographer’s camera. Girl Meet prays to Maata rani (goddess) for his happiness and she runs behind him when he teases her and both smiles happily.

Babita brings Rajvardhan’s favourite food to him and persuades him to eat. Raj refuses and he asks her to make Sunaina agree. He receives a call from Girl Meet. Raj says hope no one informed them of anything? Babita says no. Raj picks the video call and asks how are they? Raj says they are fine. Babita takes the phone and tells her everyone is fine and asks her to tell them about their trip. Girl Meet happily tells the places they have visited.

Babita asks if they moved on in their relationship? Girl Meet stays silent then Babita asks her to initiate it to move on and you have to become a good wife, hope you get what I mean? Girl Meet agrees then Babita asks her where is her Son? Girl Meet says he went near the Christmas party. Babita asks if she isn’t going? Girl Meet says she is going.

Babita says your dress is not good for this special occasion and I will ask my friend to send you a special gown so wear it and you have to look special and remember that a Wife must know how to win her husband’s heart and she wishes her all the best. Girl Meet ends the call.

Manushi thinks Meet Ahlawat is downstairs, so I have to lock Girl Meet up in her room and she hides noticing Girl Meet receiving a dress for the Christmas party and she thinks to lock her up, but Meet Ahlawat returns to the room then she thinks to change her plan.

Girl Meet coudn’t zip her gown and she tries hard to close it. Meet Ahlawat returns and she stands rooted near the wall.

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