Raj asks what to answer Tej once he returns to home? Sunaina leaves the knife in tears. Raj hugs her and he signals at Jaypratap to understand.

Jaypratap hugs his daughter. Sunaina says I’m your daughter which is why I’m stubborn like you and ending this marriage means the end for me! Babita and Ragini consoles her.

At some restaurant, some men points at Girl Meet’s short hair and they make fun of her. Meet Ahlawat beats those boys and tells them that he won’t bear it if anyone points at his wife!

Girl Meet request him to leave them and she takes him with her and questions why he’s reacting in that way? Meet Ahlawat tells that her he can’t listen to anything said against her. Girl Meet says but I don’t care even if they point at my looks, as it’s my decision to look this way, so promise me that you won’t get angry from now onwards? Meet Ahlawat denies promising her saying he can’t just bear it if someone talks ill about her!

At night, Girl Meet brings Meet Ahlawat to the swimming pool and they sits dipping their feet where Girl Meet says my hair used to be very long and my Dad used to apply oil on me and My Mom used to take care of it but one day, My Dad left us.

Meet Ahlwat wipes her tears. Girl Meet says long hair takes time to get ready for work which was why I shortened my hair. Meet Ahlawat thinks Girl Meet is so pure hearted, as she always thinks for others, I wish I can be like her.

Meet Ahlawat tries to tell her about Manushi but Girl Meet says let’s go inside, as it’s very cold and she goes to give ball to some kids and she plays with them. Meet Ahlawat smiles seeing her and leaves from that place.

Manushi notices him and thinks where is he going? Girl Meet caught Manushi then she hugs her and asks how’s she? How’s her married life with Parth (Kunal)? Manushi thinks to act up then she tells Meet that Parth cheated on her and ran away with her jewellery. Girl Meet asks if she informed Mom and Dadi? Manushi says no. Girl Meet asks her to complain to the Police. Manushi says she will bear the punishment, as I have hurt Mom and Dadi, maybe it’s written in my fate and even I met Meet Ahlawat and apologized to him, hope he get his answers?

Girl Meet asks when she met him? Manushi says today and I spoke with him in the boat, I don’t know why he didn’t tell you about it as those are not forgettable.

Meet Ahlawat comes there and notices Manushi with Girl Meet. Manushi sees him and leaves from that place telling Girl Meet that she can manage. Girl Meet sees Meet Ahlawat and leaves.

Girl Meet comes to Meet Ahlawat with sherbat and asks him to have it and she’s about to leave, but he stops her and asks her to punish him for not telling her about his meeting with Manishi. Girl Meet says she was your past and you can’t delete it, so forget it and move on, as you hid it and even I hid that Manushi was at our house and I trust you.

Meet Ahlawat asks how can she trust him so much? Girl Meet says you want to move on which is the reason we came here so don’t lose your hope and I know you’re good and I trust you and in relationship, trust is important. Meet Ahlawat says I’m strong like you and I’m scared what if I lose your trust?


Girl Meet asks him to not be scared and she takes him inside and makes him write Meet trust Meet on mirror and asks him to practice it daily, so he will never forget it and trust will increase between them. Meet Alhawat says he will do it, then he writes Manushi’s exit too. Girl Meet smiles.

Sunaina recalls how Tej used to give shocking surprises to her changing his looks. Jaypratap meets his daughter and assures her that he won’t force her and will leave in tomorrow’s flight. Sunaina tells him she will wait for her Tej and says she is happy at her in-laws. Jaypratap smiles. Masoom hears their conversation.

Girl Meet comes out wearing night suite packed by Sunaina and thinks I don’t know what Meet Ahlawat is thinking about me? Meet Ahlawat switches on the TV and they feel awkward with the romantic song being played, then they switch it off and he feels scared hearing weird sounds. Girl Meet searches for what it is, but didn’t get anything then they both fall on the bed and their hands touches each other. They look at each other and recalls Raj and Babita words and sleeps on their sides.

Manushi arrives at same hotel. Girl Meet studies in her room. Manushi stands near Meet Ahlawat’s room and thinks Meet Ahlawat will run behind me seeing my changed look and I will remove Girl Meet from his heart and occupy it completely! Girl Meet comes out and notices their is no one outside. Manushi comes out from her hiding spot once Girl Meet has gone back inside.

Next day, Meet Ahlawat practices it on the mirror. Girl Meet smiles seeing him then she asks him to get ready, as they have to participate in the competition. Outside, the Manager organises a competition between Couples.

Meet Ahlawat acts like coughing then she goes to get water and in that time, Meet Ahlawat eats his jalebis (sweet) and wins by cheating then he tells her everything is fair in love and war.

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