The Manager announces both of them as winner.

Masoom comes to Jaypratap and notices that he is packing his luggage then she tells him that Sunaina will get convinced to remarry if my Dad talks with her. Jaypratap agrees. Hoshiyar asks how she changed so good? Masoom says I don’t want her to get the share of our property which is why I want her to leave!

Meet Ahlawat asks Girl Meet for his cleanser and he removes his shirt. Girl Meet comes inside the bathroom and both fall in the bathtub and are losts in each other’s eyes. They both come out of the bathtub and notices the door is locked so he calls the receptionist and asks them to send someone to open their bathroom lock. Meet Ahlawat and Girl Meet fights with each other to stand up then they again fall into the bathtub and fights with each other.

The Manager opens the lock and tells them they are here. Manushi as the assistant Manager arrives with Bathrobe. They get shocked seeing her. The Manager apologies to them for the unpleasant incident and he asks Manushi to handover the Bathrobe to them. She gives it to Meet Alhawat and she makes him wear it. The Manager asks Manushi to give them the towels. Manushi covers Meet Alhawat in the towel. Meet Ahlawat thinks why can’t she leave him alone? The Manager leaves to send them tea and coffee.

Girl Meet says Manu, but she leaves saying she will get them tea and coffee. Meet Ahlawat angrily recalls his moments with Manushi. Girl Meet supports him.

Babitha imagines Tej returning home, but she feels sad after realising it’s just her imagination. She and Raj leaves to their room. Ragini feels bad for them.

Manushi thinks I planted doubt in Girl Meet mind and I’m waiting for the result.

Girl Meet comes to Manushi and asks what’s she doing? Manushi says don’t call me Sister here. Meet says you don’t like to work, then why are you working here? That too at the hotel where we are staying? Manushi says it’s the work I got after Parth left me and I never worked in the past as you used to take care of us and now I’m changed because of Parth’s Betrayal and I’m not selfish to return home even after insulting them and I want to live with self respect.

Girl Meet says return home, I will talk with Mom and Dadi and they will forgive you. Manushi says she can’t face Dadi and Mom until she set her life and she begs Girl Meet to not come to her as she wants to do her work. Girl Meet hugs her then she thinks it’s not good to disturb Mom and Dadi’s pilgrimage trip by informing them about Manushi and it’s not good to stop Manushi as she wants to work.

Meet Ahlawat feels disturbed recalling Manushi’s words then he rewrites the assignment given by Girl Meet. Girl Meet notices him and asks if he was a failed student at school? Meet Ahlawat says I never failed, why you’re asking? Girl Meet says I didn’t give you to practice the whole time, let’s go out for shopping, as I want to buy gifts for the family members, but it seems like you’re Mr Miser. Meet Ahlawat agrees to take her out and goes to freshen up.

Girl Meet asks the Manager to arrange cab for them by providing the best shopping places list. The Manager agrees. Manushi thinks I won’t let them leave for shopping and I will make Meet Ahlawat run to me!

Later, Manushi waits for them and she goes to the reception and asks about Mr and Mrs Ahlawat? The Receptionist says they may reach here anytime. Manushi goes out and notices Meet Ahlawat and Girl Meet. The Manager gives them the list of the best tourist places for Couples.

Manushi purposely breaks the antique vases. The Manager scolds her for breaking the expensive showpiece! Meet Ahlawat and Girl Meet sees her and Girl Meet stops recalling Manushi’s request. Meet Ahlawat stops himself. Manushi thinks I know Meet Ahlawat will come here to help me, as you still have feelings for me and you can’t bear it if someone scolds me. Meet Ahlawat says let’s leave and he goes to the car with his Wife. Manushi gets shocked.

The Manager ask Manushi to clean it by herself! Manushi gets hurt while taking the broken vase.

Meet Ahlawat comes there and she sees him in tears. Meet Ahlawat asks the Manager to debit his loss from his card. The Manager says you don’t need to do it. Meet Ahlawat says humans makes mistakes so no need of this scoldings. Girl Meet thinks he’s the Son of kindhearted Uncle, which is why he has big heart to help others.

The Manager warns Manushi to do her work properly from next time!

Manushi thanks Meet Ahlawat and he leaves wearing his goggles. Manushi smiles seeing her cut.

Later, in the room, Manushi waits for Meet Ahlawat’s arrival, but Girl Meet comes there. Manushi asks her to leave, but Girl Meet says I can’t see you in pain. Manushi asks her to stay away from her life and she asks her to tell Meet Ahlawat that she will repay his money with her salary, as I don’t want to have any relationship with you guys, so stop involving yourself in my matters and leave from here! Girl Meet leaves. Manushi thinks why didn’t Meet Ahlawat come, even after she beared the insults and scoldings?

Meet Ahlawat tells Girl Meet that lets go for shopping tomorrow as I’m having headache. Girl Meet goes to get him headache medicine herself thinking the Receptionist might send Manushi which is not good for him.

Meet Ahlawat recalls everything seeing her earring and then recalls Girl Meet’s words and tries to practice it on the mirror, but he fails seeing Manushi’s earring.

Jaypratap meets Rajvardhan and says you considered daughter-in-law as daughter which is why I’m allowing my daughter to stay here, but what wrong did I do? Is thinking about Sunaina’s second marriage bad? We don’t know about Tej’s whereabouts.

Tej reads a book and a Couple thinks it seems like he’s from a good family, who losts everyone.

Jaypratap asks if they leave Tej alone, and what if Sunaina got missed for years? Think about it and if I’m wrong, then I will leave. Rajvardhan says you’re right, finally, I understand and from here onwards, I will help you to make her agree, sorry for taking your time. Both hugs each other. Babita overhears their conversation and leaves.

Girl Meet comes to the Temple and she prays that god gives strength to Meet Ahlawat and make Manushi get what she wants as she has realised her mistake.

Meet Ahlawat comes to Manushi’s room. Manushi feels happy seeing him and thinks finally, he returned to her.

Girl Meet thinks Manushi did change and she is broken with her lover’s betrayal.

Manushi asks Meet Ahlawat to come inside.

Girl Meet prays that god gives strength to Meet Ahlawat to face Manushi.

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