Sonakshi takes Karan and Preeta to Dr Anchal’s clinic. After some check-ups, Dr Anchal assures Preeta and Karan that some treatment can help them become Parents. She asks them to visit her clinic in Mumbai after Sonakshi’s wedding.

Meanwhile, Achila meets Kareena and they both begin to look for Sonakshi. Kareena begins to worry when she learns about Karan and Preeta’s medical visit. However, Karan lies to her that they have come for a routine check-up. Achila says that Sonakshi loves Karan a lot, which annoys Kareena. She quickly corrects herself to improve Kareena’s mood.

On the way to Lonavala, Sarla learns that Karan and Preeta have gotten medical help. Sarla thanks Sonakshi for helping them and then returns home.

Sherlyn asks Prithvi to help her take revenge on Kritika, but he tries to pacify her. Later, Sherlyn tries to instigate Kareena but she overlooks everything.

Rajat, Sherlyn and Kareena enter the kitchen and tell Karan, Preeta and Sonakshi to get ready for the wedding.

In a room, Preeta cuddles Karan after they get ready for Sonakshi’s wedding. Preeta talks about their journey and thanks Karan for always being there with her. Karan feels glad when Preeta says that he empowers her in every way. Karan asks Preeta for a kiss and she runs away after kissing his cheeks.

Standing in front of a mirror, Sherlyn recalls Kritika laughing at her and addressing her as a pig! Prithvi arrives there and Sherlyn asks him to avenge her insult by punishing Kritika!

Sherlyn steps out of her room and runs into Kareena, who finds her upset. She tells Kareena that she will reveal everything to her after she punishes the person who had insulted her! Prithvi decides to find a way to please Sherlyn and still keep the situation under control.

Shrikant calls someone to arrive at the venue of Rajat’s marriage with some important information.

Srishti notices a worried Shrikant talking to Rajat and asks Yashvardhan about them?

Shrikant tries to stop Rajat from doing something, but he and Achila avoid Shrikant’s warning.

Yashvardhan introduces Sonakshi’s cousins to Achila, who calls Srishti to escort them to Sonakshi’s room.

Preeta helps Sonakshi dress up for the marriage and she thanks the former for being so nice to her. Srishti, Preeta and Sonakshi’s cousins escort Sonakshi to the wedding canopy.

However, Rajat gets disappointed when Sonakshi chooses to take Karan’s hand while entering the canopy.

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