Meanwhile, Janki’s plan gets Srishti to nearly confess her feelings for Sameer.

Rajat and Sonakshi nearly complete all the wedding rituals. Shrikant answers a phone call and runs close to the wedding canopy. He has a word in Rajat’s ear and in no time, Rajat stops performing the wedding rituals. Sonakshi questions him for the reason behind his decision and he refuses to marry her. Mahesh and Yashvardhan try to convince Rajat to explain his decision, but he starts walking away.

Karan asks Rajat to behave nicely and explain the reason behind this decision and Preeta seconds Karan. Rajat questions Sonakshi and everyone supporting her why they lied about her first marriage? Soon, Shrikant accuses Sonakshi of being married outside Yashvardhan’s knowledge.

Achila reveals that she and Rajat had been stopping Shrikant from going back to the past.

A furious Sonakshi claims that she was never married before! Yashvardhan gets angry with Shrikant when he questions Sonakshi’s character.

Preeta tries to convince Rajat to think again before taking such an extreme step. She questions Rajat’s faith in Sonakshi and he claims that Shrikant has evidence to prove his claims. Preeta says that it is better that Sonakshi doesn’t marry a man who doesn’t trust her.

Yashvardhan asks Rajat’s family to leave at once! Shrikant decides to present evidence against Sonakshi to prove that she is at fault.

Sonakshi goes to her room and begins packing her bags to leave. However, Preeta tries to empower her and tells her to fight for her honour. She brings Sonakshi near the wedding canopy, which begins an argument between Karan and Rajat’s family. Sonakshi criticises Shrikant’s intentions and tells him to prove his accusations against her.

Rajat tells Shrikant that he will marry Sonakshi if he fails to present evidence against her. A furious Sonakshi refuses to marry Rajat by any means! She says that the evidence is necessary only for her family’s honour. Shrikant replies that they chose her for Rajat because of her family’s reputation and not her wealth. He calls a man to bring all the evidence to prove his claims right. Shrikant reveals that Sonakshi is not just married but she has a daughter too.

Sonakshi begins to recall her past and Yashvardhan’s words on that day. Rakhi and Dadi defend Sonakshi against Shrikant.

Karan asks Shrikant to bring Sonakshi’s daughter when he presents a report.

Srishti criticises Shrikant’s actions when he questions Preeta and Sonakshi’s comments.

Surprisingly, Kareena defends Srishti against Shrikant. Everyone gets shocked when Shrikant reveals the name of the father of Sonakshi’s daughter.

While Sherlyn and Prithvi are glad to hear the name, Karan gets angry with Shrikant.

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