Karan lashes out at Rajat’s family after they’ve read his name out as the father of Sonakshi’s daughter on a medical report. Rajat questions Sonakshi about it and she remains speechless.

Achila lashes out at Sonakshi and Karan’s family, but when Sonakshi goes back to her room without saying anything.

Karan asks Rajat’s family to stop speaking ill about Sonakshi and just leave! Yashvardhan remains speechless when Shrikant questions him about his decision to marry off Sonakshi to Rajat when she had a daughter?

Karan reminds Shrikant that he was a celeb during the period when Sonakshi is alleged to deliver a child. Karan points out that it’s impossible for such a news to be missed even by the press.

Rakhi asks Rajat’s family to stay within their limits and Preeta says that she does not suspect Karan or Sonakshi. Preeta says that probably, Shrikant is mistaking Karan for someone else with the same name.

Rajat repeats the accusation and says that probably Karan and Sonakshi are not married, but the child is definitely theirs. Rajat says that Sonakshi has not rebuted Shrikant’s accusations.

Mahesh defends Srishti when Achila and Shrikant criticise her upbringing for misbehaving with them while defending Karan.

Prithvi enjoys Karan’s character being questioned and wonders why Preeta is not reacting at all?

Shrikant asks the Luthras and Sonakshi’s family to apologise for trying to cheat them. Kareena supports Srishti when she tries to beat Rajat.

Suddenly, Sonakshi’s cousin comes running and says that Sonakshi has locked herself in a room. Everyone rushes to her room and sees that she has slit her wrist.

The Luthras bring Sonakshi into the living room. Kritika and Srishti motivate her to be strong and tell her that she is not wrong if she has delivered a child in the past.

Rajat claps his hands, he asks Kritika and Shristhi that they were asking for the proof but now, when they have gotten the proof, everyone is saying it casually that they made a mistake?

Rajat says to Shristhi and Kritika, the question is why did she hide such a big truth, as if Sonakshi is truly innocent, then there was never any need to hide such a big truth, she would not have accepted any of the blame nor would have tried to take her own life, if anyone blames him of being a Thief, he would deny it and even if anyone says that he is a murderer, he would try to prove his innocence, but would never try to take his own life for the crime which he did not commit. Rajat requests them to not place their guilt on them because she is wrong.

Preeta asks Rajat what sort of a person is he because he is talking like this even after knowing what Sonakshi is going through?

Archala jee asks what sort of a person is Preeta made of because she is fighting for Sonakshi as if she’s her only support knowing that Sonakshi had an affair with Karan, even then, she is taking her side?

Sonakshi yells at them ordering that they should stop because Karan is not the father of the child, her child was only born because of her relation!

Sonakshi goes to Rajat, she asks what did he say that he would prove himself if he was blamed and then prove himself innocent, but she doesn’t want to explain anything nor wants to give the proof because he is not capable as neither did they love each other nor was their relation, but she feels he is not capable and it was her mistake that she agreed to marry him, and her father’s mistake that he chose him! She asks him to remember when she asked if he wants to know anything about her past before their marriage.

Rajat recalls when he met Sonakshi and explained that he knows what he wants to about her but Rajat explains that they should leave everything that happened in their past and focus on their future, Sonakshi asks if he knows why she went to the hospital? He replied that he doesn’t care for the reason she went to the hospital, Sonakshi tried to explain that he has a chance to ask anything, Rajat questions if she wants this marriage to end, he promised to marry her, Sonakshi questions what did he say? Rajat replies he said he doesn’t want to know anything about her, he fell in love with her when he saw her coming out of the hospital.

Sonakshi explains he hid the fact that he loved her, so what is the point in blaming her? She turning to her father explains that it’s
his fault, he should thank all the Guests and ask them to leave.

Rajat with tears in his eyes exclaims that she wants him to go back, he will leave, but then she can argue with her father, having the extra martial affair with Karan. This angers everyone, Karan shouts at him explaining that he is not that Karan and they both were just friends!

Prithvi from behind exclaims they all know he is not that Karan, Prithvi asks Shristhi to step aside, then coming explains they all know he cannot do anything, as he is not such heinous to make any girl pregnant before his marriage, Prithvi explains that they need to prove his innocence as Rajat has brought the proof so they should go to the hospital.

Sonakshi replies they would all go to the hospital and dig out information about her past which will complicate things.

Prithvi says that she herself has said she would not marry Rajat. Prithvi explains they both would go their separate ways but will leave suspicion so they need to go and end the suspicion by going to the hospital.

Karan exclaims that he doesn’t want to end any suspicion, if Sonakshi has said he is not that Karan, she is telling the truth, Prithvi tries to explain, but Karan himself says that he is a celebrity, their entire family reputation of Luthra family would be spoiled so they have to prove he is not that Karan Luthra.

Prithvi goes to Kritika who also agrees then Shristhi asks Karan to go to the hospital and find out the truth, Karan asks Sonakshi who is the person because they both are being blamed?

Rajat says no one wants to know the truth so he himself would go to the City hospital because they have the digital records and he will surely come back to them, Rajat says it is because he feels that Karan is the same person because he saw when Sonakshi was hurt, Karan cared for her, his looks was different.

Karan explains that he will for the last time prove that he is not that person! Prithvi mentions they need to prove he is innocent, Chacha jee replies then whatever suspicion they have would end once and for all!

Prithvi suggests that he feels Mahesh uncle and Mr Raichand should also go, they exclaims he feels he also should accompany them so he might be of some help, they all leave so Preeta goes to Karan, they both are really tensed.

Prithvi enters the hospital thinking that he feels it would be miracle the father of the child is the same Karan Luthra, Chacha jee explains they would get the old records from the reception, Prithvi tries to explain they need the information of their old patient.

Mahesh mentions that on the 17th of May Sonakshi Raichand gave birth in this hospital so they need to get her admission form, she denies and doesn’t agree to gibv it to Harshvardhan, Prithvi mentions Chacha jee should ask his detective to get the information, they have a lot of contacts, but he refuses to use any contacts.

Rajat requests him to do it for him, Harshvardhan asks them to all come and sit down.

Prithvi thinks that both the fathers are really tensed while sitting, as one is waiting to know the name of the child while the other is praying that his Son’s name doesn’t come as the father of the child.

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