Girl Meet questions why he returned? Meet Ahlawat tells her he came to charge his phone then he says yesterday, you refused to wear a female Rajastani dress but today, you wear a gown, you look good, but change it if you feel uncomfortable.

Girl Meet says it’s good and even you like it, so why change it? Meet Ahlawat says don’t feel uncomfortable thinking that I will beat up anyone that comments on you which I won’t do, as I like to accept your originality, so feel comfortable and wear whichever one you likes.

Phone rings. Meet Ahlawat asks her to pick it but she refuses saying she’s getting ready. Meet Ahlawat picks the call and assures them of both attending the party, but the phone slips from his hand then Meet moves away from the wall to help him and he holds her in his hand, and then realises the position of the Zip so he zips her gown closing his eyes and then asks if he can open his eyes? Girl Meet agrees and thanks him.

Babita denies having food without Raj. Sunaina asks him to eat, but he refuses saying he won’t until she accepts his wish. Ragini asks Raj to listen to Babita, but he refuses saying he wants a good life for Sunaina. Ragini says she will talk with Meet Alhawat. Raj and Babita asks them to not disturb Meet Ahlawat. Ragini agrees and asks Raj to have something then, but he refuses. Babita too refused.

Girl Meet asks which jewellery she should wear? Meet Ahlawat chooses a set and makes her wear it and he tells her she’s looking more beautiful. Girl Meet smiles.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat are both at the Christmas party. He ask her to dance and they both start dancing. A Host comes and wish everyone Christmas, and says we have planned a game for everyone here, I know there are many couples here who have been together for a very long time now and some are newlyweds, but that doesn’t matter, as what matters in this game is how much you know each other.

The Host says I’ll ask every couple 3 questions and the answer will tell how much you know eachother, he walks to some Couple and ask for their favourite colour and both answers correctly, then he walks to Mrs. Ahlawat and ask her what her husband’s favourite colour is? Girl Meet says Ocean Blue. Meet Ahlawat says it’s right. The Host ask him Girl Meet’s favourite colour. Meet Ahlawat says tell, she laughs and says he doesn’t know, I won. The Host walks away.

Girl Meet says you lost, I won, well forget it, let’s take some pictures, as we have to show it to our family too. She ask Santa to take pictures with them. He takes selfie. Girl Meet says thanks to Santa and tells him now you can distribute the gifts. He shows him the photos and says you are so tall I’m not visible at all, now, I’ll take my own pictures with my phone and share it with Mom and Dadi.

Meet Ahlawat thinks we have been together for long, but I don’t know anything about her and she knows everything about me, and all I know abput her is that she just likes making everyone else happy, but nothing about her.

Girl Meet walks to him and says come, let’s snap here. Everyone gathers around them and cheers for them, both are confused.

The Host says now, come on do it, Girl Meet asks what? Meet Ahlawat says it’s Mistletoe tree and whenever Couple comes under it, they have to kiss, all cheer and ask them to kiss, Manushi in hiding, watches them.

Girl Meet steps out and says I’m not standing under it, but a Couple forces her in and all ask them to kiss. Manushi thinks no way! He won’t kiss anyone except me, not especially this Tom boy sister of mine!

Meet Ahlawat walks to Girl Meet and pulls her close. Meet Ahlawat takes his jacket and covers them, inside the jacket, both look at each other. Girl Meet closes her eyes, Meet Ahlawat whispers first time I have seen you nervous, and smiles. Manushi gets angry seeing them and says he is just mine, this cannot happen!

Meet Ahlawat says to Girl Meet how hard will you hold your dress? Girl Meet smiles and says stop pulling my leg. Meet Ahlawat removes his jacket, all cheer for them.

Manushi says I never thought she would do this to get him close, but I won’t let you do this, I will take my big steps and won’t let anyone play with my future! She crushes a rose in her hand.

The Host starts games for kids, he announces treasure hunt, Giro Meet says I am playing too, Meet Ahlawat says you are still a kid, Girl Meet says at least, not like you, who is quite old before time, you manage, I will go play, Meet Ahlawat says sure go.

Girl Meet starts playing with kids. Manushi keeps an eye on her. Girl Meet starts feeling dizzy. Manushi had added sleeping pills in Girl Meet’s juice and says Meet, you will not remember anything or will be in control and I will take advantage of this!

Meet Ahlawat says Girk Meet is very smart, she will crack all clues.

Girl Meet passes out, Manushi catches her. Manushi says she will not come in between me now, and now Meet Ahlawat won’t go away from me and till Girl Meet comes back, he will be in my control and so I have to send her away for sometime! Manushi ties Girl Meet up and says if Kunal wasn’t a waste, I wouldn’t have done this with you and you can adapt to anything, so now too, you do it, I’m sorry and covers her up. She pushes Meet inside a luggage trolley, she drags the trolley to a dark abandoned lobby.

Tej sees that and shouts, Manushi gets scared, she puts light on Tej, he gets scared with light flashed on him and fights Manushi.

Meet Ahlawat asks the kids where is Meet? The kids say they don’t know, Meet Ahlawat gets worried and tries to call her, but unable to reach her phone. Meet Ahlawat starts looking for Meet.

Manushi switches off the light, Tej relaxes, Manushi gets back to pushing Girl Meet’s trolley. Tej sees Girl Meet’s hand and stops the trolley. Manushi tries to shoo him away. Tej keeps saying friend and doesn’t let the trolley go. Manushi pushes the trolley hard and Tej stumbles, the trolley starts moving ahead in the lobby.

Meet Ahlawat is looking for Meet everywhere.

Manushi gets scared seeing the trolley fall off the roof and rushes there. Girl Meet’s trolley falls off. Manushi says what did I do? I killed her, it wasn’t on purpose, may be she had to live only this much, I didn’t do anything on purpose.

Manushi hears Meet Ahlawat’s voice and runs away, on her way, she tries to bribe Tej and says mad man come with me I will give you food and sweets, Tej leaves with her.

Meet Ahlawat arrives there looking for Girl Meet, he finds her necklace in the lobby, and gets worried and starts looking for Girl Meet and calls her, he hears her phone ring and follows the sound, he sees Girl Meet hanging on to the cliff with hands tied, Meet Ahlawat says don’t get scared I’m coming, and gets down the same rope to help Girl Meet.

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