Karan comes to Preeta asking what she is thinking about? Preeta explains she is really tensed wondering how much Sonakshi has suffered in her past? Karan explains he was worried she might be thinking wrongly of him, Preeta replies she is indeed thinking wrong because he claims to be an old friend of Sonakshi, yet they didn’t know what she was going through. Karan assures her to stop taking such stress and come with him.

Sherlyn comes into the kitchen and asks the cook to go as he was being called downstairs. She calls Prithvi exclaiming she has not forgiven him for not making Kritika cry but needs to ask him a question for now about who is the father of the child? Prithvi explains they both were now trying to prove Preeta is not pregnant, but in the process have found another way because if they are able to prove that Karan is the actual father of Sonakshi’s child.

Sherlyn questions why is he sounding so happy? Prithvi explains it is because if Karan is the father of the child, then their desire to seek revenge would be fulfilled!

Prithvi receives a call from Kritika so explains he would call Sherlyn after a while, she sees Kritika coming so she tells her to call and ask from Prithvi what is going on in the hospital?

Sherlyn thinks she would see if he answered her call? Kritika exclaims he is not answering her call, She in a state of panic goes to Sherlyn exclaiming she cannot believe they are blaming Karan because Sonakshi is his friend since college days so she cannot believe what is happening, Sherlyn asks her to calm down, Kritika decides to have some water before leaving, Sherlyn thinks she wants Karan to be the father of the child!

Shrikant manages to get Sonakshi’s report from the hospital and confirms that Karan is the father of Sonakshi’s child.

Everyone returns home and Karan is shocked to learn about it. Rajat holds Karan by the collar and lashes out at him for ruining his future!

Kritika and Sameer insists that Sonakshi reveals the truth, but she remains speechless.

Sonakshi then confesses the truth that Karan is the father of her child. Karan finds it hard to believe and questions Sonakshi about it. Sonakshi reveals how they had gotten close under a state of intoxication after a prom night. She explains that she had tried to tell him about it, but a girl who liked him didn’t let her talk to him. She further says that Yashvardhan was always unaware of the name of the child. Her revelations about the child shocks Karan and his family.

While Preeta remains speechless, Karan tries to recollect everything and struggles to connect all the dots.

Rajat says that he still doesn’t believe Sonakshi and leaves from there. Achila asks Preeta to be careful when trusting someone and takes a leave.

Sonakshi explains that she didn’t want to trouble anyone and just wanted her friends to attend her wedding.

Yashvardhan explains that he would’ve married off Sonakshi to Karan if he knew that he was the father of her child.

Karan tries to talk to Preeta, but she gets indifferent towards him. Preeta avoids talking to him and tells Srishti to prepare to return home.

The Luthras curse Sonakshi while going back to their rooms. Dadi stops Rakhi from talking to Preeta about it. Kritika seconds Dadi and says that Karan and Preeta should deal with it personally.

Prithvi pretends to be nice and tries to instigate everyone against Karan. The Luthras return home and feel worried about Karan and Preeta’s future. Dadi pacifies Rakhi, who is worried about Preeta.

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