Meet Ahlawat gets down to Girl Meet and holds her, and asks Girl Meet to hold him tight, and with knife, he cuts the rope tied to Girl Meet’s hand and gets her down. Meet Ahlawat sees Girl Meet is intoxicated, he tries to bring her back to consciousness and asks how did you even end up here?

Girl Meet opens her eyes and says you are so cute, but you are bitter, and when one brings problem, you gets angry and irritated so quickly! Meet Ahlawat says how is she drunk, she never drinks. Meet Ahlawat says let’s go to the room. Girl Meet says I want to roam about, Meet Ahlawat says quiet! Tomorrow, we will roam about, so let’s go now. Meet Alhawat picks her up and takes her to their room.

Suniana scolds Jaypratap and says because of you, my family here is upset please leave! Raj walks to them. Babita says Raj why did you come out? Raj says I’m fine, and says Jaypratap, Sunaina is not able to understand what we both do, so please don’t go, and falls down.

Meet Ahlawat brings Girl Meet to their room and puts her to sleep, Girl Meet hugs him and doesn’t let him go. Girl Meet thinks of Babita’s advice that she has to initiate their relationship to next step. Girl Meet says to Meet Ahlawat, a girl has it necessary to be a good daughter, wife and daughter-in-law, no, you don’t know you are a boy, and not husband so you don’t understand and the ritual is that a wife takes care and hugs him back and says is it necessary to do all this and even Babita aunty said we should be together? She adds that my mind and me are always with you but now, we have to be physically together and since I’m the wife, I have to initiate it, and goes close to Meet Ahlawat.

Raj remembers Tej coming to him in fake moustaches and wig, Raj asks what is this? Tej says just pranking Sunaina, it’s so much fun to see her smile, and here show me research…

Raj realises he was just imagining Raj, Sunaina gets him food, Raj says NO. Sunaina says you are very week, I beg of you, please eat food, Raj refuses, Sunaina leaves.

Sunaina remembers Girl Meet walking to her and saying please take care of Raj, Sunaina says we are lucky to have a father-in-law law like him and I promise I will take good care of him  Sunaina says I promised Girl Meet and how will I face her now?

Girl Meet wakes up the next day, with heavy head, Meet Ahlawat gets her lemon water, Girl Meet sees her clothes are changed and gets awkward and asks what happened last night? He says yes I remember, we had something that shouldn’t happen, I tried to stop you but you didn’t listen to a word and forced me to be physical with you and then I lost all control too and then we,… Meet Alhawat kicks her and she starts crying.

Meet Ahlawat says sorry, I was only joking, we just kept talking all night, Girl Meet says sure? He says yes… and recalls the whole scene to her.

Intoxicated Girl Meet is roaming around the room and asks Meet Ahlawat only if we have physical relationship that we are husband and wife? He says no Meet, it is all about understanding each other, I know you are under pressure and same as me, but we first have to know each other, be there for each other and trust each other and when we are like this, we become soulmates and there is a lot of time for that, and we have started knowing each other and slowly, we will move ahead and later, we will become very close to each other and then we will complete society checklist, till then, we will move at our own pace. Girl Meet says you are a good boy.

Girl Meet feels relieved after hearing the truth and asks who changed my clothes? Meet Ahlawat says he called a female staff to help change your clothes, he says I understand Meet that it’s important to see to your comfort and I won’t cross any line with you untill you are okay with it, now have this, you will feel better with it.

Manushi visits Meet Ahlawat’s room and says Sir, I have breakfast for you and walks in to see Girl Meet, Manushi thinks how is she fine? Manushi smiles at Girl Meet and says good morning ma’am.

Meet Ahlawat says to Manushi that someone added alcohol into Girl Meet’s drink, who was it?? Girl Meet says maybe be I drank it by mistake, Meet Ahlawat says I don’t believe that, you drank and went to an abandoned area? Wow! Girl Meet says maybe with the kids, I went to a wrong way, and why will Manushi know? She tells Manushi that don’t worry, he is only worried for me.

Meet Ahlawat stops Manushi from leaving and says tell me the answer! How did alcohol come into the glass? You are the Assistant Manager, so go find out! Manushi says okay and leaves.

Giro Meet says forget it, I’m fine and we are much closer now, look.

Babita walks to Raj, Sunaina and Ragini get juice for him, Sunaina says to Raj, he is getting stubborn day by day, Raj says only kids can be stubborn.

Sunaina says I know its difficult this time, and so I accept the proposal, I’m ready if you want me to leave you all and go. Ragini says yes she has agreed, Babita looks at Raj. Raj says Sunaina you are my daughter, I’m not sending you away, this is your house and always will be, but here, everyone’s responsibility is mine and you are an important part of this family and you deserve to be happy, Sunaina smiles and hugs him and gives him juice.

Tej gets groomed by Girl Meet, Girl Meet takes him along with her, Manushi sees them and says oh God, Meet is with that mad man who knows the truth, I hope he doesn’t tell her and why did Meet change his look and I have to follow them to find out what they are talking about.

Manushi follows Girl Meet and Tej. Girl Meet gets him to a restaurant, and calls Meet Ahlawat to find out where he is, Girl Meet gives order and says we will have good food today. Manushi is trying to find out what they are talking about.

Girl Meet calls Meet Ahlawat, he says he’ll be there in 5 mins time. Girl Meet says my husband will be happy to see you. Tej asks for food.

Manushi thinks good, he doesn’t remember anything but I have to wait and make sure he doesn’t say anything!

Girl Meet asks Tej how did he come here and where is his family? She checks the novel and says Oh Sunaina, my Sister-in-law’s name is Sunaina. Tej says Sunaina.

Food arrives, he gets excited and starts eating. Girl Meet says even my husband loves Pasta. Girl Meet thinks he has manners too, he doesn’t seem poor, but from a good family, God knows where his family is.

Manushi looks at Meet and says I don’t know why Meet like sitting with this people, she used to do same in Shahbadh, and after being a daughter-in-law of a rich family, she again is doing the same, I would not waste my time on this people, Manushi you should focus on Meet Ahlawat.

Meet Ahlawat is coming upstairs.

Babita holds Tej’s photo and says I miss you, where are you? Come back to me, I’m alone.

Meet Ahlawat is about to enter the Resturant. The Manager stops Meet Ahlawat and says I have asked all the staff members to assemble in the garden area, please come with me. Meet Ahlawat goes with the Manager.

Girl Meet says to Tej that I don’t know where he is, he will be here in few minutes.

Meet Ahlawat is in the garden with Manushi and the other staff members. Meet Ahlawat sees bandage in Manushi’s hand and ask how did you get hurt? Manushi says I slipped in the corridor, and one of the staff members says yes I saw her there.

Meet Ahlawat says to the Manager do me a favour, show me last night’s CCTV footage. The Manager ask Manushi to take him to the CCTV room. Manushi says okay and takes him.

Babita with Tej photo in her hand says Sunaina is thinking to get married somewhere else, she will go please come back. Sunaina hears everything and says to Babita I still love Tej, but my love bow down in front of my families responsibility, I cannot let Dad remain in this condition and hugs Babita.

Meet Ahlawat and Manushi is going to the CCTV room. Manushi says to Meet Ahlawat you are doubting me, how can you think that I can do this bad with my sister? I’m so bad for you, but there was a time when you used to love me a lot.

Meet Ahlawat and Manushi are in the CCTV room. Meet Ahlawat ask a man to zoom the video. Manushi scared remembers mixing tablet in Girk Meet’s drink. Meet Ahlawat sees Girl Meet passing out and the video stops there. Meet Ahlawat ask where is the rest of the video? The Man says sorry Sir, only this much video was captured of the party. Meet Ahlawat says it means you don’t have more footage?

Manushi thinks thank God, the footage is deleted, I thought it wasn’t deleted because of the electricity cut. Meet Ahlawat walks away.

Raj walks into the hall and asks the Male Servant if all the gifts are packed for the boy’s family? He says yes, it’s done. Raj says okay and ask him if all this gifts are for the boys, so keep them separate.

Jaypratap walks to Raj and says Sunaina used to say me that you treat your daughter-in-law as your own daughter and today, I can see that, believe me, I have seen the boy and his family, you won’t feel any regret. Raj says what are you talking about? You are Sunaina’s father, so you must have knowledge about the family.

Jaypratap says thinking like you can open happiness door for kids like Sunaina?

Raj ask the Male Servant to keep everything with care and don’t leave anything behind, Jaypratap and Raj leave.

Babita holds a letter in her hand and says after reading this letter, any boy will say NO to this marriage, it’s very important it reach the boy but how? Babita looks at the gifts and hides it inside.

The Manager says to Meet Ahlawat that I have a request please, don’t report this to the Police, as it’s a question of our reputation. Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry. The Manager says thank you and if you doubt anyone from our staff, tell me I’ll fire him immediately!

Manushi thinks if Meet Alhawat says my name, then the Manager will fire me and no job means I cannot be near Meet Ahlawat again.

Meet Ahlawat looks at

Manushi and says to the Manager that I have no doubt on your staff and leaves.

Meet Ahlawat enters the Restaurant and says to Girl Meet sorry, I’m late, where is your friend? Girl Meet says you said 5 minutes, so where were you? My friend came to eat lunch and left, well forget that, let me tell you something interesting, my friend was happy when I brought him here and he also likes pasta like you and he knows how to use spoon and fork, he was using it better than me. Meet Ahlawat gets a call and picks it up, he says okay good and hung up. Girl Meet ask what happened.

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