Manushi walking says to herself focus, you only have 2 days left, after that, they will go back, till now, none of your plan was successful and they are getting closer to each other, you have to do something and she gets a call from a staff member saying a guest has called you from room no 229. Manushi says okay, room no 229 is where Meet Ahlawat is staying and he needs to meet me wow! Let’s go Manushi!

Manushi walks towards room 229 and ring the door bell. A Couple comes out and says our bathroom is locked and we see on your website that lock is in the bathroom door so can you please remove it. Manushi says sure ma’am, the earlier Couple demanded for lock, so don’t worry, I’ll ask the staff members to remove it and the Couple goes back inside.

Manushi rushes to the reception area and ask where is the Couple staying in 229? They were going to stay for 2 more days? The Receptionist says they checked out and went back today. Manushi says do you have nay idea? The Receptionist says sorry, no idea. Manushi says to herself where did they go and why?

Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat are on camel. Giro Meet says to Meet Ahlawat you are naughty as well, I thought you don’t know where you are taking me in anger with bag packed. Meet Ahlawat asks how’s the surprise? Girl Meet says I loved it, I never saw desert this big.

Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat are sitting on a table. Meet Ahlawat says to Girl Meet that you know I jave always loved the Ocean, Sea, Beaches and my Tej loved desert like this, whenever we decided to go on vacation, Tej used to choose one of my favourite place so that I feel happy. Girl Meet says to him it feels good when siblings have fun with each other, think about each other and stay like friends.

Manushi ask the Receptionist Mr. And Mrs. Ahlawat must have hired a cab while checking out, it will be very helpful if I get an idea of their location because they forgot their bracelet. The Receptionist says no, they hired a Cab from outside, they checked out and left.

Manushi says where did they go, I cannot figure it out and can’t even call them after what happened yesterday, you have to think something, it’s about your future!

Meet Ahlawat says to Girl Meet that me and Tej used to have bond of best friends, he was key to all of my locks and you know in school, the kids used to bully me, so Tej used to bunk his class and always used to be with me and in this way, he took away all my fear. Girl Meet says so you were a scared child, and don’t relate that with innocence. Meet Ahlawat says so you are a daredevil so tell me what are you scared of? Girl Meet says I’m claustrophobic, one time, I went for delivery, I was in lift and it got stuck and I got so scared, I don’t understand how to tackle it.

Meet Ahlawat starts laughing and says there are only few moments where I can laugh at you so let me, here is a tip for you if you stuck again, then try to calm down your breath and second, start counting so that you divert your mind, you will feel relaxed, Tej taught me this. Girl Meet says you want me to get trapped to try your formula? Meet Ahlawat says I’m just suggesting and they both start arguing.

Manushi thinks my dear sister, I’ll find you, come what may!

Girl Meet enjoys the dance performances in the desert. One of the Couples discuss about sand Strom warning in the next 24 hours. Meet Ahlawat asks Girl Meet to tell him about her favourite colour. Girl Meet says she likes yellow. Meet Ahlawat asks why she likes yellow? Is their any reason? Girl Meet asks why he likes Ocean blue? Meet Ahlawat says it’s the colour of the Ocean and Sky. Girl Meet asks where he read these lines then she says Yellow makes her happy. Meet Ahlawat goes aside to attend to a call.

Manushi comes to the desert in disguise as a dancer and she recalls how she found the address when the Photographer came to the hotel to handover Meet Ahlawat’s photos to them, then the Receptionist calls Meet Ahlawat and takes their current address, so as to have it delivered to them there.

Manushi joins other dancers, then she takes Girl Meet to join them and they danced around the bonfire. Manushi is the one who tried to make her fall on the bonfire and also  the one who saves her.

Meet Ahlawat comes to Girl Meet and asks if she is fine? Girl Meet says she is fine and thanks the Dancer.

Manushi goes aside and thinks she did it to gain her trust as I have only one day left to seperate you from my Meet Ahlawat and I will do it!

Rajvardhan informs the family members that the Groom’s family has agreed for marriage. Masoom congratulates Sunaina and asks Babita for gift. Babita asks if he took the box? Raj says I took the box and the letter you kept there with Sunaina’s help. Babita asks who can agree to such marriage even after Sunaina had written that she can’t accept him as her husband?

Rajvardhan says Ravi is a good friend of Sunaina and Tej right from college days and he likes Sunaina since that time and he returned from abroad and got to know about Tej missing and he wants to give good life to Sunaina and he is ready to wait and he really wants to heal Sunaina’s pain so stop your plans of stopping the marriage and I met the Guruji and he has finalised tomorrow as the auspicious time.

Babita thinks how to stop it, then she says they have to wait for Meet Alhawat and his wife. Raj says I will make them return tonight and the problem is solved. Sunaina is in tears. Raj wipes her tears.

Meet Ahlawat and Girl Meet enjoys the view of stars through the telescope. Manushi gets angry seeing them together.

Sunaina asks Babita to save her from this remarriage. Babita asks Sunaina to elope to avoid getting remarried. Sunaina agrees. Babita says I will call you once Meet Ahlawat and daughter-in-law returns home. Masoom hears their plan and thinks to spoil it!

Meet Ahlawat coughs then Girl Meet goes to get water then she notices the Dancer (Manushi) who saved her crying so she goes to her and asks what happened to her? Manushi says someone is behind my life and I’m worried for my kids and she runs from that place. Girl Meet runs behind her to help.

Manushi thinks now, I won’t let you come in-between me and Meet Ahlawat and I will make you fall into one of the pit, as I know you suffocated in closed places! She runs quickly to the unrestricted area and removes the board then she thinks she will get Meet Ahlawat before Girl Meet comes out from the pit and she hides behind a tree.

Girl Meet searches for her and thinks where did she go to? She comes downstairs and falls into the pit, she feels suffocated and shouts for help.

Meet Ahlawat waits for Girl Meet and he started searching for her. Girl Meet feels suffocated because of her claustrophobic problem.

Manushi thinks Meet, now you can’t seperate me and Meet Ahlawat and she leaves.

Girl Meet starts trembling but she recalls Meet Ahlawat’s advice then she controls her breathing looking at her wristwatch and she started counting the numbers.

Meet Ahlawat asks Rajasthani people if they saw his wife who is short haired? They say she went to the desert side. Meet Ahlawat asks their help to find his wife. Those men says find her quickly otherwise, you won’t be able to find her again, as there is a warning of Sand Strom in the next 24 hours. Meet Ahlawat asks them for help then they agree to help him in the search for Girl Meet.

Manushi lost her way then she sits near a tree thinking someone will save her in the next morning and I can’t afford to fall into a pit.

Girl Meet thinks your advice helped me Meet.

Meet Ahlawat searches for Girl Meet with other 2 Rajastani men’s help. Those men stop Meet Ahlawat saying they can’t go further than this, as it’s dangerous, but Meet Ahlawat refuses saying he has to save his wife and asks those men to return and he continues his search for Girl Meet alone.

Next morning, Girl Meet wakes up and shouts for help thwn she tries hard to come out from the pit.

Meet Ahlawat shouts for Meet while running in the desert.

Girl Meet successfully comes out from thePit after several trials. Meet Ahlawat and Girl Meet falls down in sand.

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