Karan tries to talk to Preeta, who begins to sleep on her couch again.

Meanwhile, Prithvi and Sherlyn celebrate their victory and Karan’s loss!

Srishti and Janki return home, but Sarla is surprised to see them sad. Sarla lashes out at Srishti when she tries to lie that everything is fine. Janki, however, defends Srishti against Sarla and lies to her about the occurrences at Lonavla.

Later, Sarla is surprised to see that Sherlyn has made a phone call to her. Sarla lashes out at Sherlyn when she speaks ill about Karan. Sherlyn reveals that Karan is the father of Sonakshi’s child and asks Sarla to confirm with Srishti.

A fuming Sarla ends the phone call and immediately begins asking Srishti and Janki about it. Sarla locks herself in a room when they choose not to speak anything about Karan and Sonakshi.

Srishti keeps knocking the door of Sarla’s room, but the latter does not open. Sarla fails to notice Srishti’s pleas and prays to God for Preeta’s wellbeing and her happiness.

At the Luthra House, Karan goes to the guest room to talk to Preeta. She explains that she is not upset with him because he was also unaware of his past with Sonakshi. She feels bad for being upset like the usual couples and tries to calm herself down.

Karan promises Preeta that they will always be together as no one can separate them. They cuddle each other and wake up in guest room together the next morning.

Rakhi tells Dadi that she has been worrying about a forthcoming trouble. Dadi tells her and Kareena that she is more worried about Sonakshi arriving at the house.

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