Soon, Karan and Preeta arrive in the living room. However, Karan and Preeta’s behaviour gets Prithvi to believe that they have probably reconciled.

The others in the family feel better to notice Karan and Preeta together, but this upsets Sherlyn and Prithvi.

Suddenly, Sarla arrives at the Luthra House, which worries the Luthras. Rakhi offers Sarla a cup of tea, but she insists on talking to Preeta before doing anything. She tells Karan that she will talk to him after talking to Preeta. Sarla sits with Preeta in her room and asks her to pack her bags and move in with her.

Preeta finds it hard to refuse to accept Sarla’s advice of moving in with her. Kritika arrives in the living room and Prithvi tells her about Sarla’s arrival. She asks Karan to go to his room and talk to Sarla before she convinces her to return to the Arora House.

Sarla notices Preeta’s hesitation and tells her to accept the fact that she wants to stay with Karan. She motivates Preeta to believe in Karan and stay at the Luthra House to support him and the family.

Karan arrives outside his room and gets emotional to hear Sarla’s advice to Preeta. He enters the room and cuddles Sarla, which makes them all emotional. Karan says that he is proud of Sarla, who says that she is happy to see them both having faith in each other.

Suddenly, Rakhi and Kareena arrive there with the other family members. Kareena praises Sarla for being such a strong mother.

Sherlyn confesses calling Sarla to inform her about Karan when Dadi asks Sarla about it?Dadi and Kareena scold Sherlyn for calling Sarla. Sherlyn tries to defend herself, which angers Kareena and Kritika.

Prithvi and Kareena move to another room and vent out their frustration. He reminds Sherlyn that everyone is taking care of Preeta because they think that she is pregnant. A vengeful Sherlyn vows to reveal to everyone that Preeta is not pregnant! Prithvi feels glad about the fact that Sherlyn has forgotten about punishing Kritika because of this. At Sherlyn’s insistence, he cancels his important meeting and asks his subordinate to book a couple table at a Cafe.

Karan returns home after dropping Rakhi at the market. Preeta tells Karan that she is feeling guilty about the fact that they haven’t told the family that she is not pregnant. Karan tells her that they should first visit the hospital and then reveal it to the family. He calls the Doctor and they both leave to visit her together.

Meanwhile, Kritika answers a call on Prithvi’s phone and learns that he has booked a table for two at a cafe. She assumes that Prithvi has planned a surprise for her and she begins to get ready.

Prithvi comes out of the bathroom and answers the same person’s call. He gets ready and leaves in hurry to take Sherlyn to the cafe.

At the Arora House, Srishti welcomes Sarla home and gets surprised to see her return without Preeta. Sarla explains that she is not upset with Karan or worried about Preeta. She reveals that she now has faith in Karan, as he has changed and cares about Preeta unlike earlier. She reveals how Karan had supported Preeta after learning about her fertility issues. Srishti feels concerned about Preeta and immediately calls her to talk about it.

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