Meet Ahlawat and Girl Meet both later get up. Meet Ahlawat shouts for Meet. The Sand storm get started. Meet Ahlawat meets Girl Meet amidst sand storm and he holds her hand and drags her towards him. Both fall down.

Meet Ahlawat then carries Girl Meet in his arms. Sand storm gets settled. Meet Ahlawat asks where she went to without informing him and I thought I might have lost you? How can I face our family if something happens to you? Do you know how scared I was? All through the night, I searched for you.

Girl Meet apologies to him then she thanks him saying his formula worked in tears. Meet Ahlawat asks her to not cry.

Manushi thinks glad my fate is good which is why God has sent someone to save me, but Girl Meet’s fate is bad and I didn’t intend to kill her, but she may die due to suffocation because of this sandstorm. The person who saved her gives her tea. Manushi thanks him.

Meet Ahlawat covers Girl Meet in his coat, then he calls someone for help and they both leave in a camel.

Manushi sees them and thinks how did Girl Meet got saved from the Sandstorm? She becomes Grahan to me, so I will make sure you won’t come in between me and Meet Ahlawat and you wait and watch, as you’re going to see my hatred!

Girl Meet helps Meet Ahlawat to fold clothes, he says you have taken contract for saving people and that doesn’t mean you blindly help people! Girl Meet says okay you pack my clothes too.

Girl Meet shows Meet Ahlawat the photos they have snapped and shows Bhula baba in it, Meet says I wanted you to meet him but never did. Meet Ahlawat says he’s my brother, Tej.

The Groom sits in the Temple. The Priest asks them to call the bride.

Masoom goes to bring the bride, she opens the box in the kitchen and asks her to come out of it, then she calls Raj and says sister-in-law is in the kitchen, please come. Babita and Raj walks in. Sunaina cries seeing Babita. Raj leaves with them. Sunaina cries for her Tej. Ravi and Sunaina exchanges garlands.

Meet Ahlawat is in tears. He asks Girl Meet where she last met him, let’s get him, let me call Dad, then he calls his Dad to inform him.

Rajvardhan performs the tying of the knot ritual. The Priest ask them to stand for the nuptial rounds. They take the nuptial rounds. Rajvardhan coudn’t hear Meet Alhawat’s voice so he goes aside and asks where they are? Meet Alhawat I have a good news for you Dad, finally they found Tejveer. Rajvardhan feels happy, but he turns hearing the Priest’s words that the marriage is complete with the 7th nuptial round.

Meet Ahlawat says Tejveer is in Rajasthan and he lost his memories, but don’t worry, I will bring him back. Rajvardhan agrees.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet goes to search for Tej.

Raj thinks Tej is back, but he didn’t remember anything, only upcoming days can answer whether I did right or wrong by doing Sunaina’s second marriage.

Girl Meet And Meet Ahlawat asks everyone if they saw Tej anywhere, showing them Tej’s photos but they deny seeing him. Girl Meet tells him she has an idea and goes.

Ram asks Raj what happened, who called you? Raj says it’s a prank call. Ram calls him for the farewell.

Girl Meet brings Jalebi and says to Meet Ahlawat that Jalebi will make them meet Tej then she announces a competition for Jalebi. Meet Ahlawat asks will he come? Girl Meet says I have faith that he will come.

Tej comes there with his book. Girl Meet smiles seeing him. Meet Ahlawat sees him and runs towards him and hugs hum. Tej gets scared. Girl Meet is happy.

Meet Ahlawat says to Tej, we missed you a lot, everyone in the house missed you a lot, you cannot imagine how Sister-in-law, Sunaina is living. Tej says Meet, friend. Meet Ahlawat hugs him but Tej pushed him back and walks to the Jalebi.

Sunaina’s farewell ritual begins. Raj says every father thinks of her daughter’s happiness, so I took this decision, I know my decesion will be very helpful for your future.

Meet Ahlawat thanks Girl Meet and says because of you, I got my brother, Dad was right, I’m lucky to have you, you are the best life partner and hugs her. Girl Meet says it’s our destiny. Meet Ahlawat says I’m sorry for judging your helping nature, I’ll go and get cab we will take Tej home and everyone will be happy after seeing him.

Sunaina says to Raj no need to be sorry, I know about your condition, don’t apologise. Raj hugs her and says go. Sunaina hugs Babita. Babita says why did you betray me? No need to give me explanation because the boys told me you were not in the box and it was filled with grains, you ditched me and Tej, my son went against everyone to marry you, but you destroyed everything and left my son, now stay there and never think of coming back! Sunaina takes the blessings of everyone and leaves in tears.

Girl Meet remembers talking to Tej about the character Sunaina in the novel and thinks this means Tej somewhere still remember things. Should I show him Sunaina’s photo? He might remember and shows him a photo and say she is Sister-in-law Sunaina. Tej keeps repeating everything Girl Meet says.

Girl Meet makes him say Sunaina is my wife, I love her a lot. Tej repeats after her. Girl Meet says now, the time has come to complete Ahlawat’s family, everyone will be happy after seeing him.

Raj makes everyone sit in the hall and ask them about what they think of his decision for Sunaina? Ram walks ro Raj says you have never taken a wrong decision for us. Ragini also agrees. Raj says after sharing a news now, we will know if it’s right or wrong and the news is that we found our son Tej. Everyone is excited and shocked. He says Meet Ahlawat called and told me he found Tej in Bikaner but there is one problem, he doesn’t remember anything, as he’s lost his memory.

Ram says Meet Alhawat called during Sunaina’s marriage, then why didn’t you call off the marriage then? Raj says it was already late then and I don’t know what God wants, it’s so strange to find Tej when Sunaina has just remarried again.

Babita calls the Male Servant and ask him to cook 6 course meal and ask Ragini for help so that they all can celebrate the new year and Babita is very excited about Tej coming back.

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