Karan and Preeta arrive at the hospital and prepare to meet the Doctor to discuss Preeta’s fertility issues.

Coincidentally, Prithvi arrives at a cafe adjacent to the hospital and sees Karan and Preeta entering the hospital.

Before meeting the Doctor, Karan and Preeta discuss revealing everything to the family soon.

Sherlyn begins to follow Preeta, who answers Srishti’s call and tells her why she didn’t reveal about her issues. An overwhelmed Preeta tells Srishti about her fertility issues and Sherlyn eavesdrops on their conversation.

Srishti calls Karan on phone to talk to him about the recent occurrences. She praises Karan and Preeta for being so understanding despite the issues due to Sonakshi. Karan tells her that he doesn’t want to discuss it and then he leaves the hospital along with Preeta.

After they leave, Sherlyn talks to their Doctor and manages to get Preeta’s reports by deceit.

Meanwhile, Kritika arrives at the restaurant wherein Prithvi had been waiting for Sherlyn. Much to Prithvi’s shock, Sherlyn arrives there too and she loses her temper after seeing Kritika.

Prithvi makes an excuse and goes out to pacify Sherlyn, who tells him about her plan to tell on Preeta. Prithvi prepares to return home to see Karan and Preeta’s lies come to the fore.

At the Luthra House, Kareena talks to Sanjana over a phone call to ask her why she has not visited them for a long time? Suddenly, Sherlyn returns home wherein Rakhi is worried about Preeta. As asked by Rakhi, Sherlyn brings a glass of juice for Preeta. She sits with Preeta and tells her how she has got her medical reports. Preeta rushes to her room to tell Karan to reveal the truth to the family before Sherlyn.

Rakhi and Dadi get angry with Sherlyn when she says that Preeta is not pregnant! Rakhi slaps Sherlyn when she insists that Preeta has been lying about her pregnancy. Kareena and Dadi second Rakhi’s decision when Sherlyn keeps saying that Preeta is not pregnant.

Dadi tells Kareena to ask Sherlyn to pack her bags and go home, as she is creating a ruckus because of her jealousy.

Sherlyn shows Preeta’s reports to prove her claims, which turns the tables in no time.

In a room with Karan, Preeta asks him to reveal the truth to the family. Karan suggests that she wait for some time, but she reveals about Sherlyn’s plans.

Suddenly, Kritika enters the room and tells Karan and Preeta to join everyone in the living room.

Mahesh arrives in the living room and gets shocked to learn that Preeta is not pregnant.

Karan lashes out at Sherlyn when she says that Preeta can never be a mother!

Kareena and Dadi scold Karan for supporting Preeta in not revealing the truth. Prithvi feels bad for Preeta when everyone says that she has been lying all the while.

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