Raj ask Babita to calm down. Babita says I’m all fine  don’t worry about me and ask everyone why all of you are quiet?

Raj says Tej is coming but Sunaina is remarried. Babita says so what? She is gone now and our son is coming back and you did your part for Sunaina and she was the reason our son was away from us, and look now, as soon as she stepped out, we got our son back.

Raj scolds Babita and says Sunaina was our daughter-in-law! Babita says concentrate on our son and joins her hand in front of everyone and says let’s focus on Tej and don’t take my happiness away from me, so nobody will take Sunaina’s name again please.

Ragini says what will you tell Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat? Babita says I’ll handle everything but from now on, nobody will say her name and says to Raj please do as I say and don’t tell Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat about her remarriage.

Isha walks in and tells that Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat are here. Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat enters with sad face. Everyone asks where is Tej? Babita says it must be one of Tej’s prank again, I’ll go get him. Meet Ahlawat stops her and says he is not with us. Babita says stop acting up and just call Tej! Meet Ahlawat says he didn’t come with us.

Meet Ahlawat says they lost Tej. Babita leaves the Aarti tray in shock. Raj asks them to tell what happened clearly? Girl Meet says Meet Ahlawat went to bring cab then one man came with torchlight, Tej got really scared seeing the light from the torch and he ran away, I don’t know what happened to him and before I could understand what’s happening, he ran away and I searched for him everywhere, but I coudn’t find him.

Meet Ahlawat says we informed the Police and they said they will inform us when they find Tej and he apologizes to his Mom. Babita scolds Girl Meet for her negligence! Raj says we found out about Tej because of Girl Meet and we can search there to find him, so stop your accusations please. Meet Ahlawat says Tej is unstable and Girl Meet is not at mistake.

Babita cries saying she needs her Son and she leaves to her room. Masoom thinks God is fulfilling her wishes.

Sunaina recalls her wedding night with Tej nd she gets shocked seeing Ravi. Ravi asks her to take time and tells her that he just need her hapiness. Sunaina says you can never separate me from Tej memories and even if you care for me, I will never accept you. Ravi leaves with pillow.

Girl Meet prays to the goddess to make Tej meet his family, then she receives a call from someone which makes her happy, she thanks the goddess (Maata rani).

Babita refused to drink anything. Girl Meet informs everyone that the Police has found Tej. Hoshiyar tells Masoom that God didn’t listen to her wishes.

Meet Ahlawat says let’s go to Bikaner. Girl Meet says no need, as they’ve sent him with some good person. Babita says that person is an angel to me and I won’t forget that person in this lifetime!

Hoshiyar warns Masoom to not to do anything otherwise, your Dad may throw you out! Masoom says Tej is not in his right senses and I will make it tough for him to stay here! Babita says she can’t wait anymore. Raj asks her to wait.

Girl Meet arranges Jalebi for Tej and tells everyone that they can make him recall his memories with his favourite. Babita goes to prepare Halwa, that time, she senses something, she turns and sees her Son, she happily runs to him, but Tej get scared seeing the family members.

Meet Ahlawat tries to control him. Tej falls down. Babita feels sad seeing her Son’s condition. Raj asks him to not get scared. Meet Ahlawat says it’s our family, so don’t get scared, he brings Tej inside.

Babita sees him happily then she tries to feed him halwa, but he throws it away. Meet gives him Jalebi. Tej happily says friend and eats Jalebi. Babita cries hugging Raj. Raj thanks the man who brought Tej and gives him money. The man says someone else brought him not me and that person is in the cab.

Babita and the whole family goes to meet the person who brings Tej, but they see the car is empty so they think to know about the person from the Police.

Manushi comes there with Tej’s book and tells them that she came to return his book. Gorl Meet asks if she brought Tej? Manushi agrees. Tej takes his book from her.

Babita says you’re the angel who brought my Son home. Manushi lies to them telling them a fake story that she saved him from an accident and I know that I already gave so much pain to this house and I brought Tej to rectify my mistake for what I’ve done to this family. Masoom says she won’t be forgiven!

Manushi says I know, trust me, I just did it for my heart and I don’t need anything in return and I will take my leave now.

Girl Meet asks where will you go, as Mom and Dadi went on a pilgrimage tour? Manushi says i will manage by staying somewhere else. Babita stops her and asks her to stay at their house for the night.

Manushi smiles then she recalls how she sent a Torch man to scare Tej since he has a fear for torchlight, of which she kidnapped Tej from that place using chloroform and she praises herself for the successful execution of her plan! 

Raj agrees with Babita and thanks Manushi for bringing Tej home. Manushi says it’s my responsibility and she takes their blessings. Raj asks Ragini to take Manushi to a room.

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