Karan explains that Preeta had tried to tell everyone the truth, but Mahesh’s condition and Rakhi’s grief delayed it. Dadi seconds Kareena when she asks Preeta to go back to her home for a few days.

Srishti waits at the doorstep and feels bad for Preeta, who explains how difficult it was for her to reveal the truth.

Dadi asks Rakhi to tell Preeta to leave and her action surprises everyone. Rakhi supports Preeta’s decision and scolds Sherlyn for saying that Preeta will never become a mother! Rakhi goes back to her room, and Kareena and Dadi take Sherlyn to a room to calm her down.

Kritika arrives there and sees that Sherlyn is trying to turn Kareena and Dadi against Preeta. Sherlyn pretends to be apologetic, which angers Kareena and Dadi even more.

In Karan and Preeta’s room, Srishti and Karan try to pacify Preeta, who is still worried about hiding the truth from everyone.

An infuriated Kritika drags Sherlyn to a room, and the latter warns her to never do it again! Kritika scolds Sherlyn for trying to instigate Kareena and Dadi. On the contrary, Sherlyn calls Kritika an outsider and tells her to stop interfering in the issues of the Luthras!

Srishti returns home and praises Karan and Rakhi’s care for Preeta while apprising her of the occurrence at the Luthra House.

An upset Kritika goes to her room and talks to Prithvi about Sherlyn’s actions. Prithvi supports Preeta and criticises Sherlyn in front of Kritika. He gets worried when Kritika talks about moving to his home after his mother’s arrival.

Sarla makes a phone call to tell Rakhi that Preeta did not tell that she was not pregnant because of her. Rakhi assures her not to worry about Preeta and they discuss how medical science can help her become a mother again. Later, Mahesh gets emotional when Rakhi confesses to him that all of this has shaken her up.

Prithvi gets upset when Kritika talks about moving in with him. He badmouths Sherlyn and suggests Kritika to give her a befitting reply in the future.

Meanwhile, Sherlyn tries to instigate Dadi and Kareena against Preeta and Kritika.

Surprisingly, Kritika arrives there and tells everyone how Sherlyn had called her an outsider and asked her to go to Prithvi’s house. Kareena loses her temper and decides to teach Sherlyn a lesson!

Sherlyn pretends to cry in front of everyone and says that her actions are being suspected because she is just a daughter-in-law. She begins to lie against Kritika and shows the marks on her body to prove that Kritika had tried to assault her. Kritika does not go ahead and explain the situation after this.

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