Kritika apologises to everyone and says that probably she misjudged Sherlyn.

Rakhi arrives in the living room and apologises to Kareena on behalf of Sherlyn.

Amidst this chaos, Karan enters the house and hands over his cricket kit to Girish to keep it aside.

Suddenly, Sonakshi arrives at the Luthra House, which angers everyone. She reveals that she had called Karan to apologise to everyone. She explains how Karan did not let her finish what she had to say.

Dadi, Kareena and Rakhi ask Sonakshi to leave at once and never try to contact them again! Sonakshi says that she has arrived at the Luthra House for Preeta, who is a Sister figure to her. She walks ahead to talk to Preeta, who says something that stuns everyone.

Dadi and Kareena questions Rakhi about Mahesh when they don’t see him for long. After being questioned, Rakhi reveals that Mahesh has started to consume anti-depression pills. Preeta and Karan get shocked to learn that his condition has begun to deteriorate again.

Rakhi says that she is waiting for Preeta’s reports as she has a feeling that the auspiciousness of Janmashtami will bring a piece of good news. She expects that the reports will help Preeta and Karan be able to bring a little boy into the house.

Srishti looks for Janki and Sarla in the Arora House and learns that they must be busy in preparing for Janmashtami.

Sameer calls Srishti and tells her about Sonakshi’s arrival at the Luthra House.

Meanwhile, Karan, Preeta, Sarla and Kareena eagerly wait to discuss Preeta’s reports with Dr Anchal. Preeta walks away from the video call conference when Dr Anchal reveals that it might take a long time to cure Preeta’s fertility issues.

Kareena pacifies Rakhi and says that she has a solution to this problem. At Dadi’s advice, Kareena goes to talk to Karan and Preeta about her solution.

Meanwhile, Prithvi and Kareena get into an argument when he questions her about the fight with Kritika?

Kareena, in Dadi and Rakhi’s presence, suggest Karan and Preeta to adopt a child. She explains that this child will bring back happiness to Preeta, Mahesh and the whole family’s life. She tells Karan and Preeta to take some time and think about it before coming to a decision. She says that she will discuss with her friend who has an orphanage to discuss about it. Rakhi seconds Kareena, and Dadi asks Karan and Preeta for their decision.

Sherlyn keeps calling Prithvi to talk to him about Kareena’s suggestion of adopting a child. Kritika gets upset to see Prithvi’s phone and asks him to answer the call. Prithvi lies to Sherlyn that he is in the middle of a conference. Sherlyn hears her phone ringing and asks him to video call her in a few minutes. Prithvi gets worried and thinks of ways to show himself to Sherlyn on a video call.

Much to Sherlyn’s shock, Rakhi arrives behind her to tell her to help Preeta prepare for the ‘Janmashtami’ celebration.

Preeta recalls the moment she was discussing her unborn child’s cradle with Karan. Surprisingly, Karan arrives there and finds her upset during the preparations for Janmashtami prayer. Karan pretends to be annoyed about her grief of being unable to conceive to make her feel strong.

Preeta prays to Lord Krishna to bless her with a child and suddenly senses a child walking around her. She turns around and sees a child in Lord Krishna’s attire running in the passage of the Luthra House.

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