Girl Meet asks where is Sister-in-law, Sunaina? Babita asks them to freshen up to join them in the new year party. Meet Ahlawat says Mom might want to surprise Sister-in-law, Sunaina. Meet Alhawat goes to their room and she follows him. Meet Ahlawat assures her that he is fine and she will leave after tonight and you’re with me to take care of me. Girl Meet says she can see the light in his eyes. Meet Ahlawat says it’s happiness for his brother’s return. Giel Meet prays for his happiness.

Manushi thinks they are planning to celebrate, but they locked me in this room, I can’t expect anything from the Ahlawat’s family but my sister has to think about me, but she didn’t stop me, how mean! She listens to footsteps sound, she acts like she’s checking her suitcase.

Girl Meet comes to Manushi’s room and she thanks Manushi for bringing Tej home then she says I want you to stay here with me for some days but I know that you’re planning to start a new life, so I won’t stop you from leaving to your work so take rest, as tomorrow, you will have to leave from here, and Raj uncle already booked your ticket and I will forward it to you. She leaves from the room closing the door.

Manushi thinks these people are thankless which is why they had booked my return ticket, I joined that job to enter this house, but my plans are not working and she thinks of what she has to do?

Meet Ahlawat arranges for the new year party for Tej’s return. Meet Ahlawat brings Tej by making me get ready.

Masoom gets angry seeing him. Hoshiyar asks why she looks sad? Masoom warns to teach him a lesson in the room!

Tej happily takes balloons from Duggu. Girl Meet comes downstairs and joins everyone. Meet Ahlawat compliments her look. Girl Meet says you’re looking good too. Babita says we are reunited after so many years, so we have to do our family ritual. Raj agrees.

Manushi sees them and thinks it’s my family and my sister is just proxy for me and I won’t let her take my position!

Raj plays the music. Everyone dances to ae dil. Babita feels bad when Tej stands aside, but Meet makes him join them. Babita smiles. Tej sits down while playing with balloons. Everyone dances around him in a circle.

Girl Meet asks Meet Ahlawat when Babita Aunty will suprise Sister-in-law, Sunaina? Meet Ahlawat asks Babita about her, but she escapes from him saying something else.

Girl Meet asks Ragini if everything is fine at home? Ragini recalls Babita’s words and lies to Girl Meet that everything is good. Girl Meet asks where is Sunaina? Ragini goes to get sweets.

Girl Meet thinks Sunaina is the one who waited for Tej since years but where is she? Babita says it’s another surprise which is why we are taking a family photo after so many years.

Meet Ahlawat says let’s call Sunaina and he calls Sunaina and asks where is she? Sunaina thinks it seems like Mom didn’t tell them the truth about her whereabout. Meet Ahlawat is about to tell her Tej has returned, but Babita takes the phone and switches it off then she asks Meet Ahlawat to recreate his childhood photos with Tej. Girl Meet asks if they are hiding anything from them, as Sunaina who has waited for Tej since years is no where to be seen now that he’s back?

Babita asks the Photographer to wait for 15minutes then she sends Tej to his room with Ragini.

Ragini makes Tej sit on the bed. Tej takes his book and sits down. Ragini asks him to stay in the room then she leaves.

Babita says Sunaina didn’t wait and she only acted up until she got the chance to do her second marriage and when she got that chance, she did the second marriage without any hesitation. Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat gets stunned.

Tej sees musical Toy and he goes beside it.

Bhabita says Raj is responsible for Sunaina’s exit.

Manushi makes Tej enter her room with the musical doll and she thinks I wasted so much money to bring him here and I won’t leave from here and I’m ready to get hurt to stay here, she turns off the light and brings vase near Tej. He asks her to not beat him. Manushi tells him to beat her but he won’t, then she scares him with a torch light. Tej pushes her.

Babita says hope it won’t happen to you Meet, but what if Meet Ahlawat forget you? Will you marry another person by making Meet Alhawat leave from your life?

Manushi forces Tej to hit her and runs out and makes him follow her.

Babita asks Meet Ahlawat that is love is so weak that at the first chance you get, you just forget it?

Manushi rushes to everyone, Tej hits her on the back of the head with the vase, Manushi faints.

Girl Meet rushes to Manushi and Meet Ahlawat rushes to Tej, and calms him down. Raj asks Ram to call the Doctor quickly! Everyone gets scared.

Raj takes Tej with him and calms him down and asks Meet Ahlawat to look after Girl Meet and Manushi, Meet Ahlawat picks Manushi up to take her to her room.

Masoom says to Babita, Tej is mentally unstable and it’s good he has returned, but practically, it’s not safe, what just happened is very dangerous and I think we should send him to a mental asylum. Babita says Tej will go nowhere, this is Tej’s house too and if anyone has a problem with that, then they can leave, as I won’t stop anyone from leaving!

The Doctor checks Manushi, and says she is badly injured, make sure she is stress free and happy. Girl Meet looks at Manushi. Raj says to Girl Meet we are with you ,all will be fine. Girl Meet says to Raj, can Manushi stay here till she is fine, because no one is home and how can I send her back to Rajasthan in this condition when the Doctor has asked to take care of her, I know I’m asking a lot, but how can I leave my sister alone? Raj says you don’t need to say all this, Manushi slowly looks at them.

Raj says Meet, you can keep her here until she feels better, but I think Meet Ahlawat should decide if he’s fine with letting her stay here, Girl Meet says okay.

Tej is hiding under the table and says don’t hit me, stay away! Meet Ahlawat says no one will hit you, come sit peacefully, he gives him water, Tej keeps crying, Meet Ahlawat wipes his tears and makes him comfortable, and makes his bed. Girl Meet walks in. Tej falls off to sleep, Girl Meet calls Meet Ahlawat out.

Meet Ahlawat walks to Girl Meet and asks how is Manushi? Girl Meet says she is badly injured and the Doctor has asked to keep her stress free, so can we please let her stay till she feels better and Raj has asked me to discuss this with you, so whatever you say.

Meet Ahlawat remembers calling the hotel and enquiring about Manushi and Tej, and they confirming it.

Meet Ahlawat says if I can take care of my brother, so can you, you just take care of your sister and don’t worry, as I am not affected by her presence and good we met her because it helped me move on and so tou do whatever you feel like. Girl Meet says thank you.

Manushi in hiding listens to them and says thank God, my risk worked, but is it true that Meet Ahlawat has moved on because now, I have to play a big game so that he falls for me again!

Hoshiyar dressed as a farmer says to Masoom that get ready with all this because in my village, we have to work, moreso, all your plans are failing and I’m scared that Mummy will give all the property to Tej, Masoom scolds him, Hoshiyar says forget greed, let’s go back, Masoom says I will forget greed, now go get coffee for me, Hoshiyar leaves.

Masoom says Hoshiyar is right, I have to do something because this is the first time Mom has asked me to leave because of a mental brother, I have to do something to make my position stronger and better!

Meet Ahlawat wakes up, and walks to Girl Meet in the kitchen, Girl Meet asks what’s wrong? Meet Ahlawat says me and Tej would always sneak out and eat sweets and ice-cream, it was fun, try it. Girl Meet says you are right, it’s fun, Meet Ahlawat says without Tej, all was so empty here, and we always missed him and lost our happiness. Girl Meet teases Meet Ahlawat and applies ice cream on his nose to cheer him up, Meet Ahlawat chases her to apply ice cream on her as well.

Girl Meet scares him that if he applies ice cream on her, then she will apply more on him and that will ruin his skin. Meet Ahlawat says okay. Girl Meet keeps her bowl down, Meet Ahlawat pulls her to apply ice cream on her, but it gets on his arm, Girl Meet starts laughing and says you will never win.

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