Meet Alhawat sends his team to have lunch saying he will eat with his wife.

Meet Ahlawat makes her sit on the car top and asks her to have the pizza he ordered to make her reach here. Girl Meet says it’s cheating and it’s not good. Meet Ahlawat says these are symptoms of hunger, so eat it and give some time to house problems, as they will get settled down. Girl Meet says wish it happens.

Sunaina is about to go inside, but Babita stops her and asks where is she going? Sunaina says to meet her husband. Babita says you’re remarried and you’ve lost all rights on Tej, so leave from here!

Sunaina asks Ragini and Raj to tell if Tej is angry at her because of her remarriage? Raj says Tej is not angry with you and he didn’t remember us, as he has lost his memory.

Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat enjoys the pizza. Meet Ahlawat makes her eat another piece saying he will give her a 5star rating then she leaves.

Raj asks Sunaina to move on with her life with Ravi. Sunaina says how do you think I can forget Tej? I will wait for him. Raj says I don’t want you to waste your life because of this waiting, and there is no guarantee that he can regain his memory anytime soon, so use the opportunity God gave you and start your new life with Ravi listening to my advice. Sunaina leaves in tears.

Babita warns them not to tell Girl Meet and Meet Alhawat that Sunaina came to their house. Manushi hears their conversation.

Meet Ahlawat feels itching on his back and he rubs his back with a hanger then he calls Girl Meet for help.

Manushi comes there with Girl Meet and says I told you right, that Brother-in-law might be waiting for you. Girl Meet says he doesn’t need me at this time and he understands the situation. Manushi asks her to come with her in that case. Meet Ahlawat stops Girl Meet saying he needs her the most. Manushi says I know and she leaves asking them to enjoy. Girl Meet asks why he behaved in that way? Meet Ahlawat tells her about his itching then she applies talc (talcum powder) to his back. He dusts the powders from her hand and thanks her.

Masoom stops Manushi and asks what game she started? Manushi says what game? I donn’t understand. Masoom says stop your dramas, as I can sense your intentions! Manushi says you can see what you want to see. Masoom shouts at her! Manushi says lower your problem otherwise, Babita aunty will teach you a lesson for this behaviour with me!

Masoom leaves saying Mom is treating you like a Queen as you brought Tej back home. Manushi thinks she doesn’t know how much I did to enter this house and my hard work will make me get what I want and now, everyone may feel I’m uniting Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat, but it’s needed to separate them forever!

Next day, Babita and Girl Meet talks on phone regarding their work. Raj says you guys are busy and seems like we have to make arrangements for LOHRI (Lohri is the celebration of the arrival of longer days after the winter solstice. According to folklore, in ancient times Lohri was celebrated at the end of the traditional month when winter solstice occurs. It celebrates the days getting longer as the sun proceeds on its northward journey).

Ram says we have to celebrate it grandly, as it’s first Lohri for Meet and our Tej returned to home. Sunaina says she will design an exclusive dress for Girl Meet to make it memorable to her.

Manushi irritates Meet Ahlawat with her messages. Ragini tells Girl Meet how this festival is important for Couples. Meet Ahlawat smiles seeing Girl Meet. Meet Alhawat goes aside to attend to some calls. Ragini says she will prepare for Lohri.

Manushi asks can she help Ragini aunty with Lohri preparations? Babita agrees and asks Ragini to take Manushi’s help. Ragini agrees. Girl Meet smiles. Manushi messages Meet Ahlawat. He angrily looks at her. Manushi smiles at him and thinks how many days will you keep ignoring and showing me fake anger? This Lohri will make us come closer!

Meet Ahlawat at the parking lot sees a Servant cleaning his car and remembers what Girl Meet told him about her father’s bike and how she loves to clean it, he walks to the Servant and says give me, I’ll do it. The Servant leaves and he starts cleaning his car himself.

Manushi comes out and sees him cleaning his car, he walks to him and holds the water pipe and says why didn’t you reply my message? Meet Ahlawat says stop disturbing me and go from here, go do your work! Manushi says if you had read the message, then this conversation won’t be happening, I asked you what are you gifting my sister on Lohri? Meet Ahlawat says it’s our matter, we will handle it ourselves, you don’t need to interfere!

Manushi says why are you complicating our relationship? He says we don’t have any relationship! Manushi says you cannot ignore the fact that we have a relationship of in-law’s and we both are important for my Sister, we are trying to move on in life and I’m sorry for what I did in Rajasthan, but what can I do? I thought you still love me, but now, I’m clear on our relationship and nothing is there between us, so from now on, we are in-laws and Girl Meet will also be happy after seeing our bond, anyways, I’ll leave and you can do your work.

Babita scared says to the Servant what are you doing here, go and look. Raj walks to Babita says he’s not in the room. Ram walks down and says he’s not on the balcony too. Everyone gathers and says they don’t know where he is. Babita calls Tej.

Meet Ahlawat rushes to Babita and asks what happened mom? Babita says we cannot find Tej, did he run away again? Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry, I’ll find him, I’ll go and check on the terrace.

Girl Meet walks to them and says he is not there, I checked already. Babita says to Raj go to the police and file a complaint. Raj says it’s just 15minutes he went missing, wait for sometime, then we will go to the Police station. Manushi is looking at everything from the corridor.

Everyone sees Sunaina with Tej coming inside. Tej nods his head and takes her inside. Girl Meet walks to Sunaina and says thank God, he’s with you, we all were worried.

Babita walks to Tej and Sunaina and pushes her hand away from Tej. She says how dare you?? Sunaina show her divorce papers and says now, I can live here and take better care of Tej. Girl Meet thinks how much she loves Tej. Sunaina says can you see him smiling? I took him to his favourite place.

Babita throws away the paper and says to hell with this, you have crossed all limits! Sunaina says please let me live with my Tej, I can live with him in any condition. Babita says you will live in Servant’s quarters, do you agree? Raj says what are you saying Babita? Sunaina says I can live wherever you want if Tej is with me.

Girl Meet says to Sunaina you can live with us in our room. Sunaina says no, if Mom wants me to live in rhe quarters, I’ll live there. Girl Meet try to explain to Babita. Babita says she deserves this and you both stay away from this matter, go do your job.

Manushi says this family already have their issues, this will help me in my plan, continue Ahlawats!

Girl Meet is in her room. Ragini walks to her and says see, I cannot untangle this wool, can you help me? Girl Meet says okay, you can do your work, I’ll help you in this.

Meet Ahlawat walks to her and ask what are you doing? Girl Meet says Ragini ask me to untangle the wool so I’m doing just that. Meet Ahlawat says I think relationship is also tangled like this wool, I spoke to Dad, he told me Ravi is a perfect match for Sunaina, she shouldn’t have come back and should have just moved on, I know she was our family member, but now, she should move on.

Girl Meet says what about love? She still loves him and she was forced to remarry, Raj said this, and everyone is seeing that she is doing wrong, but not trying to find out what she’s facing. Meet Ahlawat says we cannot hold everything in our life, you know about Tej’s condition which is why I think she should move forward.

Girl Meet says it’s easy to say, but difficult to follow and she is stuck between a forced marriage and old love and in this matter, I’m with Sunaina. Meet Ahlawat starts helping her to untangle the wool. Girl Meet says relationship are like this wool, if you start untangling it, you can make it done.

Sunaina is in the kitchen. Masoom walks to the fridge and drops the kheer on the floor then she starts acting upto pick it up, she says I have back pain, can you please clean this? Sunaina says no worries, I’ll do it.

Girl Meet says I will clean it. Masoom says whatever, whoever wants to clean it should just clean it! She leaves. Girl Meet walks to clean it. Sunaina says no, it’s my fight for my love, I’ll do it. Girl Meet says I respect your love but you are my elder sister, do anything for your love, but when it comes to your self respect, don’t sit quietly and no need to worry, as I’m with you. Sunaina hugs her.

Manushi sees Babita coming downstairs, and start acting like she is cleaning. Babita stops her and says what are you doing? I ask you to help for Lohri prepration, and the Servants are here to do this job? Manushi says it doesn’t matter, as I was just resting in my room, when Sunaina walks into my room and says you are just resting here, so can you help me in dusting and asked me to clean the washroom too, so I’ll do it once the dusting is done.

Babita says no need for that, leave it, it was Sunaina’s choice to live like a Servant here, see, I’m sorry about what Sunaina said to you, and because of you, my Tej is back and with me, you are very important for me and this cleaning part, Sunaina will do it. Manushi says very sweet of you, I’m sorry for interfering in your family matters, but if Sunaina get insulted in fornt of an outsider, then she might leave and go away, I’m really concerned for her.

Babita says this is what I want, she should stay away from Tej and I try to understand her with love, but she doesn’t understand! She leaves. Manushi says they got money but doesn’t have any brain especially, Babita, I won’t take time to have total control over her!

Girl Meet’s Manager gives parcel to Meet for a sector and says I thought you will do your job only for a short period of time after marriage, as you are the daughter-in-law of a big family but you’re doing this job, tell me, your in-laws are rich and you don’t require to work.

Grl Meet says you are right, my in-laws are rich, but my family members are ordinary, so Meet Hoodah needs to work and after seeing my hardwork, my mom and dadi gets happy which I love a lot after all, Lohri is here, and my Nom wiill be facing lots of expenditure on my in-laws, so I want my Mom should be tension free from spending money, so you give me the parcel to earn. The Manager says you will get it, don’t worry. Girl Meet gets on her bike and leaves.

Babita brings Tej to the garden and makes him sit and says you like books so here are plenty for you, you can do whatever you want, you got many colours here to play with. Babita walks to two Servants and says take good care of Tej, his cure has started so no sweet for him or else, his medicine will be here, so be alert.

Sunaina walks to Tej and puts her right had on his shoulder. She smiles at him and Yej looks at her with a smile as well. Babita sees her with Tej and gets angry, she asks what are you doing, how dare you touch Tej with your dirty hands? Sunaina cleans her hands with the sanitizer on the table and sits beside Tej, Babita pulls her away and says you are a Servant here, you can’t sit here! Sunaina sits on the ground.

Babita walks to Tej and says I will get you juice and leaves. Tej looks at Sunaina, Sunaina asks what are you writing? Tej goes to sits beside her, Sunaina asks you like sitting down, do you like lawn, greenery? Tej blushes.

Babita wakhs in and sees Sunaina written on the paper on the table, Sunaina gets up and sees Sunaina written on it and smiles.

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