Karan asks Pihu if she wants to break the pot? She goes with Karan and tries to break the pot however, she is not able to, so Karan helps her, the entire family rejoices wishing her when Pihu exclaims she wants to sleep, Preeta asks her to come, but Karan says she wants to stay with him, they both start arguing when Pihu makes them remember they are fighting once again, Pihu then goes to Preeta who takes her upstairs.

Sarla exclaims that Preeta is intelligent but with Karan, she also acts like a child, they then take their leave as it has gotten really late.

Pihu comes out of the room, she is all dressed up when both Karan and Preeta are standing asking her to come, they both fight over who has the most right over the child, Pihu gets really tensed, but then Preeta makes her wear the socks even when Pihu replies that she is not feeling cold, Preeta explains even she feels cold in the night.

Karan decides to call Mahesh asking if the only right of a father is that he should earn or play cricket? Mahesh answering the call asks if this is what she said then Rakhi taking the mobile replies she doesn’t know if it’s right but Preeta is never wrong.

Mahesh after the call is ended questions what is she doing, as she knows that this is not right? Rakhi explains she is only saying what the truth is, but this angers Mahesh who tries to reason with her.

Preeta is with Pihu on the bed, Karan questions what is happening as Pihu would come and sleep with him, Preeta replies she is really comfortable with her and she’s just about to sleep however, Karan insists that she comes and sleep with him, Pihu makes them both statue, then comes in the middle of them saying that she will sleep in between them both, Karan asks Preeta to not fight with him, she says he is the one to start the fight.

After Karan, Pihu and Preeta fall asleep, Sherlyn arrives outside the room for her evil plan against them.

Mahesh wakes up in the morning and asks Girish for Pihu. He tells that everyone has been looking for Pihu after waking up.

Dadi and Kareena arrive home and tells Mahesh why they had gone out early in the morning.

Rakhi starts to make changes to the room for Karan’s children as per Pihu’s interests. She is surprised to see Sarla arrive there. Sarla and Rakhi discuss how Pihu loves to play with balls like her cricketer father, Karan.

Kritika arrives there and talks about the positive change in Rakhi after Pihu’s arrival. Kritika points out at Karan and Preeta’s banters, which makes Sarla and Rakhi laugh. They all prepare to go to Karan and Preeta’s room to meet Pihu.

Sarla and Rakhi hesitate to enter the room, but Kritika insists to meet Pihu at the earliest. Soon, they wake up Karan and Preeta and they all get shocked to learn that Pihu is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Prithvi leaves from the Luthra House with a gunny bag and laughs at the Luthras.

Srishti gets shocked when Preeta looks for Pihu in the warsrobe. Sarla explains that probably she is playing hide and seek with them. Everyone looks for Pihu in the house and Srishti makes an amazing discovery in the kitchen. The Luthras breathe a sigh of relief after Srishti reveals the truth to them.

Later, Karan and Pihu fight to eat an apple, and everyone says that Karan needs to grow up.

On the way to somewhere, Prithvi stops the car and feels great to look at the property papers of the Luthras. He plans to keep it at his office and use it later against them.

Dadi tells Sarla that she is sensing that something wrong is going to take place.

Suddenly, Sonakshi arrives at the Luthra House with teary eyes, which leaves everyone shocked. She enters the house and walks towards Pihu. Karan and Preeta begin to worry when Sonakshi cuddles Pihu. Preeta asks Kritika to take Pihu to the playroom and questions Sonakshi about her actions. Sonakshi tries to tell Karan that she has come to reveal an important truth to him. Karan refuses to listen to him and forces her to leave.

Kareena begins to shout at Sonakshi, who says that she has come back to tell Preeta about her past. Preeta tries to understand why Sonakshi is so restless and what is that she wants to say. Sonakshi says that she had a past with Karan and she had given birth to a baby girl. Kareena continues to yell at Sonakshi and keeps asking her to leave.

Sonakshi’s revelation that her and Karan’s daughter is alive shocks everyone.

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