Sherlyn thinks that Karan is now the father of two daughters and decides to call Prithvi to inform him about this.

Kareena questions Sarla for being quiet and letting Sonakshi ruin her daughter’s married life?? Sarla says that she is finding it hard to decide whether Sonakshi is speaking the truth or she was pretending to be nice earlier.

Srishti reminds everyone that Yashvardhan had told them that Sonakshi’s baby girl is no more. Sonakshi says that it was one of Yashvardhan’s other lies.

Sherlyn calls Prithvi to apprise him of this and asks him to come home soon.

Pihu arrives in the living room and asks Preeta about her teary eyes?

Sonakshi tells Pihu that she is her mother, which angers Preeta.

Sonakshi reveals to the Luthras that she didn’t know about Pihu’s existence earlier. She explains how Yashvardhan had lied to her about Pihu. Sonakshi says that she had planned to leave for London with Pihu after finding out about her. She reveals that she was shocked to learn that some family had already adopted Pihu before she could take her back home. She further explains how stunned she was after learning that Karan, Pihu’s biological father, had adopted her.

However, Karan lashes out at Sonakshi after hearing about this.

Kareena gets angry with Sonakshi and she keeps asking her to leave without uttering a word more! Sonakshi claims that she has documents to prove that Pihu is her daughter.

After seeing their argument, Dadi decides to call the orphanage staff to clear the air. Dadi and Rakhi take Kareena to a room and question her about her advice of adopting a child to Karan and Preeta. Dadi asks Kareena if she knew about Pihu before they had adopted her?

Srishti enters the room and tells everyone about the arrival of the orphanage staff.

Preeta, Srishti and Kritika try to keep Pihu away from all the discussions. Neetu, the female orphanage staff, reveals that unlike other kids admitted to the orphanage, Pihu was abandoned by someone.

Sonakshi claims that she is lying and shows the documents that proves Yashvardhan had admitted Pihu to their orphanage. Her revelations render Neetu speechless and she threatens Neetu to get the orphanage blacklisted!

Karan loses his temper and decides to bring the Police to punish Sonakshi and Neetu! A frightened Neetu makes some revelations that shocks everyone and put Kareena in a fix.

Kareena confesses that she knew that Karan was Pihu’s biological father before he and Preeta adopted her. She narrates how she got Yashvardhan to reveal everything about Pihu after overhearing his conversation with Sonakshi. She breaks down while explaining that it was hard for her not to meet Pihu after knowing that she is Karan’s daughter. She further explains that Preeta’s fertility issues, Mahesh’s depression and the low spirit of the whole family prompted her to suggest adopting a child.

Karan tells Kareena that this is not a long-term solution to their problems and points out at the fact how it has affected everyone.

Kareena tells everyone that she did not plan anything for any selfish needs. She explains that she did not want a daughter of the Luthra family to be adopted by someone else. She criticises Sonakshi for avoiding to find out about Pihu from Yashvardhan. She claims that Sonakshi now wants to settle down with Karan, as she has failed to move on and settle down with another man.

Sonakshi says that she just wants her daughter Pihu back, which angers Karan. Preeta walks away from there.

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