Isha and Meet Ahlawat are thinking about what to gift Girl Meet, Isha says give her smart watch, and she will always think of you, Ragini nods no and says we are giving Girl Meet a gift, she is special, so her gift should be special, Meet Ahlawat says suggest something, Ragini says gift something she will remember for life.

Manushi says I know what we can give Meet. Ragini says Isha come, let’s go look after the presentation.

Meet Ahlawat says to Manushi, I don’t need your suggestion and I am sure you know nothing about her, Manushi says okay, you think on your own, Manushi writes on a notepad and says you can read this if you can’t find anything, because Meet will definitely like this and leaves.
Meet Ahlawat leaves.

Girl Meet is noting down expenses, Meet Ahlawat walks to her and asks how many deliveries did you do? Girl Meet says I will make it 50 tomorrow, Meet Ahlawat says which one of the gifts you delivered do you like the most? Girl Meet says some are expensive, some are weird, I liked the bouquet, Meet Ahlawat says so you like flowers? Girl Meet says I didn’t, the person did.

Meet Ahlawat says anything interesting? Girl Meet says wheelchair, a Son bought it for his father and some father sent laptop for his Son. Meet Ahlawat thinks what will I give her now, and says you like laptops? Girl Meet says forget that, tell me what you did with Tej? Meet Ahlawat says we went to the lake and then restaurant and came home singing songs, Meet Ahlawat sees Girl Meet so fast asleep and smiles, he picks her up and rests her on the bed.

Meet Ahlawat looks at Manushi’s note and says if Girl Meet is important, I don’t care whose idea it is and picks the note and sees it’s blank, Meet Ahlawat gets angry.

Manushi comes to him laughing and says I purposely did this, here is the note which has the idea, Meet Ahlawat thinks of Girl Meet and he’s about to take the note, but Manushi pulls it back and says you have to pay for this idea, you have to praise a beautiful girl like me, Meet Ahlawat says stop this nonsense! We have no relations between us, so stop this nonsense, and there are many people here, so lower your voice!

Manushi says the problem is you, so ask yourself first what you want? She hands him the note and says do ask yourself what you want? She leaves.

Meet Ahlawat looks at the note and thinks of how Manushi left him and how Girl Meet helped him and says my heart is clear as well as my thoughts, I have no problem and he crushes the note.

Meet Ahlawat wakes up and sees that Girl Meet isn’t beside him and has left him a note, which reads, I had important work, so had to leave early.

Girl Meet walks to Anubha and asks why did you give money back and there are so many expenses here, so take the cash, Anubha says I won’t get a penny from you. Girl Meet finds it weird and asks why’re you so angry? My Dadi will take it and goes to hug her, Amma looks at Anubha, and keeps the money back, and goes near the temple.

Girl Meet asks Anubha what is wrong? Did she do anything wrong? She will apologise and try to correct her behaviour, Anubha says I’m sorry I took money from you. Girl Meet says I’m the daughter of this family, and why should things change? Anubha says you are a guest here now, we don’t take money from guests.

Girl Meet says look Dadi, why is mummy talking like this? And mummy, what is wrong? Did anyone say something? Anubha says my guilt is killing me that I run my house with your money, Girl Meet

says you always said everyone should have a daughter like me so why this now? Anubha says we feel like a burden to you. Girl Meet says what nonsense are you talking about? You raised us to be capable, Anubha says that was my responsibility.

Girl Meet says you raised me since childhood and if I’m not a burden to you, then how will you become a burden to me? Anubha says it’s my responsibility and now, we don’t need your help as you’re married. Meet says I promised Dad that I will take care of this house like he used to, so I will just do that, and please accept the money, as I’m stubborn and will take care of this house responsibilities until I die and it’s my right as a daughter which no one can snatch away from me.

Anubha says your Dad is dead and your promise is dead with him and if you’re his daughter, then I’m also his wife and I can take care of myself and my mother-in-law and if you want to come here, then come as a married woman and no need to take up our responsibilities and she throws her out and locks the door.

Girl Meet knocks on the door and asks what mistake has she done and she breaks down near the door. Otherside of the door, Anubha cries badly. Dadi consoles her.

A Servant gives some letter to Meet Ahlawat saying he got it from his pant. Meet Ahlawat asks him to keep it on the table.

Manushi comes there and asks why is he not reading it? Meet Ahlawat moves away from her. Manushi asks if anything is happening in his heart with her closeness? Meet Ahlawat says no one has space in his heart except his wife. Manushi insists he reads the slip. Meet Ahlawat throws away the glass and it turned out to be his imagination.

Meet Ahlawat opens the letter thinking he wants to give a special gift to his wife and he gets to know that Girl Meet likes Revdi prepared by Dad on Lohri, so he can surprise her by preparing it and I will be waiting for you at the Kitchen around 2pm when no one is around. Meet Ahlawat thinks he will go and prepare special gift for Girl Meet.

Girl Meet gets tears while eating spicy panipuri and she asks the vendor to add more spice. Ram and Lakhan asks her what happened seeing her state? Girl Meet says I don’t know what happened, why has Mom changed suddenly?

Anubha always says I’m proud of Meet as she is handling the responsibilities, but I’m worried for her life, as Girl Meet is busy with delivery work and Manushi is staying at Ahlawat’s mansion and she might snatch everything from our Meet which I don’t want to happen which is why I don’t want Girl Meet to think about us and wish she can take care of her family instead.

In the Kitchen, Manushi thinks Meet Ahlawat will come to prove that I do not matter to him.

Girl Meet says many times, Dadi has closed door on my face but this time, it’s my Mom, so I’m feeling alone and lost and until now, they are proud of me, but today, Mom asked me to not hurt her pride.

Anubha says Manushi is acting up like a good person and she wants to end Girl Meet’s relationship with her husband to get him for herself, so Girl Meet must stay at home! Amma ji says the truth will always win.

Manushi hides seeing Meet Ahlawat then says welcome Brother-in-law and I know you will come as you love Meet. Meet Alhawat asks her to teach him the recipe. Manushi acts closer to him while teaching him the recipe, she purposely trips, but Meet Ahlawat helps her by holding her. Manushi thanks him and he hurts his hand while preparing the sweet. Manushi caresses his hand and he leaves from the Kitchen.

Anubha opens the door and sees Girl Meet, then she asks if she didn’t leave? Girl Meet says she is ready to bear her punishment and asks her to at least take the money from her. Anubha asks if she thinks she’sa begger? So she asks her to donate it in front of mohalle people to kill her pride! Girl Meet asks her to not do it, then Anubha says you have to come here as a married woman, so tell me if you agree or not? Girl Meet leaves on her bike.

Anubha in tears thinks it’s time for you to think for your happiness Meet.

Girl Meet returns the parcels saying she is not in a mood to deliver them and will do so later. He agrees.

Meet Ahlawat thinks why is Manushi still affecting me? NO! She can’t, as I have Girl Meet in my life and she is important to me.

Meet Alhawat recalls Girl Meet’s assignment and he practices it on their mirror that Meet trusts Meet in tears but it couldn’t calm him so he searches for the keychain he took from Girl Meet, but he doesn’t get it, then he calls Girl Meet and says I know you’re busy, but please return home ASAP as I need you. Girl Meet says she is free. Meet Ahlawat asks if she is fine? Girl Meet says I’m fine and returning home now.

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