Kareena suggests that Mahesh leaves for home along with the other family members.

Karan gets upset after hearing Preeta’s request to everyone about taking Sonakshi home to look after her. She tries to explain that Yashvardhan could take drastic steps if he learns about Sonakshi’s condition. Rakhi, Dadi, Srishti, and Sarla try to convince Preeta to let Sonakshi be on her own.

Rakhi supports Preeta when she keeps telling everyone that they should help Sonakshi on human grounds.

At the Luthra House, Sonakshi thanks Preeta for bringing her home.

Sherlyn tries to talk to Sonakshi, who warns Sherlyn that she will always defend Preeta against her!

Karan talks to Rishabh over a phone call and Preeta brings Pihu to the room. On being asked, Karan tells Pihu that Rishabh is his brother. Pihu asks Karan and Preeta why she doesn’t have an elder or younger brother, which leaves them both speechless. Pihu makes Karan and Preeta cuddle each other after their banter.

Rakhi suddenly enters the room and feels embarrassed to see Karan and Preeta in each other’s arms. After getting the whole explanation, Rakhi talks to Preeta about the preparations of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Sherlyn gets scared to notice that someone is following her and she soon learns that it’s Prithvi. He enters the room to discuss the recent occurrences. Sherlyn tells him about Rishabh’s expected arrival. He decides to expedite his plan to usurp the Luthras’ wealth before Rishabh returns home.

Meanwhile, Sameer, Rakhi, Karan and Preeta play a game with Pihu. Kareena arrives there and tells them that she has asked Neeta, a nanny, to come to the Luthra House to look after Pihu for Ganesh Chaturthi.

Sonakshi’s nurse talks to her about everyone’s connection with Pihu. Sonakshi blurts out that she is Pihu’s mother.

The next day, Pihu enters Sonakshi’s room while playing with Karan. Sonakshi introduces herself to Pihu as Preeta’s friend and thanks Karan for allowing her to stay in the house. Karan says that he doesn’t like her staying in the house and mentions that she’s only in this house because of Preeta!

Sherlyn gets angry when Rakhi asks her to look after Sonakshi.

Later, Sherlyn argues with Prithvi that Sonakshi is pretending to be ill. Prithvi does not believe Sherlyn when she says that Sonakshi has some plan against Karan and Preeta!

Pihu presents chocolates to Sameer and Karan after they win a game. Dadi, Rakhi, Kareena and Mahesh laugh at the childish behaviour of both of them.

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