Girl Meet stands in the middle of the road recalling Anubha’s words, Some biker dashes at Meet, and she gets hurt. The surrounding people helps her.

Sunaina asks Babita where is Tej? I want to meet him. Babita says you’re not leaving him that’s why I sent him afar. Sunaina says why so much hatred towards me? I didn’t remarry out of my own wish and I already broke the marriage. Babita says your Wedding night happened with Ravi and which can’t be removed and I won’t let my son have someone else’s leftovers! Sunaina says please believe me, Ravi didn’t even stay in my room. Babita asks which proof she has to prove it? So leave from here and don’t dare to take Tej’s name! Sunaina leaves then Babita calls someone to bring Tej.

Meet Ahlawat waits for Girl Meet, as he has lost his confidence post kitchen incident.

Girl Meet returns home and thinks to hide her pain from Meet Ahlawat. She goes to him happily and asks what happened? Meet Ahlawat recalls the kitchen incident, he touches her hand to tell. She wrenches in pain, then he asks if she got hurt? Girl Meet tries to deny it, but Meet Ahlawat notices blood coming out from her wounds, he scolds her and bandages her wounds, then he notices she is limping, so he takes her to their room by lifting her in his arms. Manushi gets angry seeing them.

Ragini brings Tej to Babita’s room and she says Sunaina has some relationship with Tej and I don’t think we are doing good. Babita says it’s for Tej and today, I hurt Sunaina badly and now she is not going to be stubborn about staying here.

Girl Meet asks what he wanted to discuss with her? Meet Ahlawat says nothing is more important than you, so take rest and he makes her have water. Girl Meet thinks to talk to him the next day. Meet Ahlawat makes her sleep.

Next day, Babita on call asks her team to send the dress on time which she has designed for Girl Meet.

Hoshiyar asks Raj which precious gift he got on Lohri? Raj says Babita’s love confession. Babita takes him aside and asks him to not reveal their romance to the kids. Raj says they have to teach them. They notice Sunaina bringing Tej with her.

Babita is about to say something but stops seeing Duggu. Duggu tells everyone how he is excited for Lohri.

Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat comes downstairs and they take the blessings of the elders. Girl Meet asks Sunaina to bless her, as she wants to fulfill a relationship like her. Babita says she doesn’t know how to fulfill a relationship otherwise, she wouldn’t have entered here as a Servant! She says Ragini will tell you about the procedure of Lohri.

Ragini says we have prayer in the evening so come home on time. Girl Meet agrees.

Anubha arrives there and says Meet will stay at home to celebrate Lohri, am I right? Girl Meet recalls her Mom’s words.

Manushi tries to take her blessings but Anubha stops her. Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat takes her blessings. Anubha then says it’s the first Lohri of Meet and she has to spend it with her family, so she won’t leave to work. Raj says she can go to work, as Babita ji is also busy with her work. Anubha says it’s your good heart, but as a daughter-in-law, she has to stay at home, then she hugs Girl Meet and asks if she didn’t inform her family members that she doesn’t need to work at the delivery center, how much do you want me to feel embarrassed in front of them?

Girl Meet thinks about what could havehappened to Mom, as she still wants me to quit my job? Anubha brings gifts to everyone. Girl Meet asks why she spent so much? Anubha silences her then she gives them golden vermilion box and asks them to place it in the Temple and she asks Meet Ahlawat to place the vermilion from the box on Meet in the evening prayer. She is about to leave, but Girl Meet stops her holding her hand but she leaves.

Meet Ahlawat and Girl Meet places the vermilion box in the temple. He asks why she didn’t tell him that she took leave? Girl Meet says even you didn’t tell me what you wanted to tell me last night and she makes him sit and asks him to tell her what it is now. Meet Ahlawat is about to tell her, but she stops him seeing Babita taking Sunaina somewhere, so she follows them.

Manushi thinks I know you will react in this way and today, you’re going to get scolded by your Mother-in-law!

At the hospital, Babita asks the Doctor to check if Sunaina had physical intimacy with her second husband or not and she offers the Doctor a hefty amount to find out the truth.

Girl Meet overhears the conversation and thinks about what happened to Babita? The Doctor asks Sunaina if she is ready for the test as it’s a question of her dignity, so the Doctor denies conducting the test. Sunaina says she is ready. Just as the Doctor is about to take her for the test, Girl Meet stops Sunaina and says no need to prove your innocence with this test and it’s about your self-respect.

Babita tells Girl Meet to stay away from this matter and questions if she will go against her for an outsider? I didn’t expect this from you and Sunaina, why didn’t you tell me at home that you’re not ready for the test?? She leaves.

Girl Meet stops her and says I don’t want to go against you, but this test is not good. Babita says the proof is needed to believe her. Girl Meet says sorry, but Tej returned after so many years, but Sister-in-law, Sunaina never doubted him. Babita warns her to not involve Tej! Girl Meet says we don’t know if Tej will be cured, but Sunaina trusts that he will recover for sure, so stop testing her love and you’re an inspiration to me, then how can you do this to other women?

Babita says it’s about our point of view and I need to go now as I’m getting late to my boutique, hope you won’t inform anyone of this matter? Girl Meet promises that they won’t reveal it to anyone.

The Ahlawat family members prepare their kites. Masoom asks Raj if she can join the office? Raj agrees and asks her to join from tomorrow itself. Masoom thanks him. Everyone leaves.

Manushi comes there, Meet Ahlawat dashes with her then she asks him to tie kite thread to her kite. Meet Ahlawat asks her to leave saying he will tie it, but she stays with him.

Girl Meet wipes Sunaina’s tears and tells it’s your mistake too, why did you agree to this test? Sunaina says she is ready for her love. Girl Meet says killing self-respect for love is wrong and your love is your strong point (strength), don’t make it weak. Then Meet sees some Guru ji blessing people.

Hoshiyar asks Masoom, why she wanted to join the Office? If she accepted the defeat? Masoom says I don’t want to spoil my image in front of my Parents and I will join the office to get control of money and office.

Anubha gives tea to Ammaji. They hear Guru ji voice, Amma ji asks Anubha to invite him in. Girl Meet disguised herself as Guru ji enters the home to know the reason behind Anubha’s Change?

Anubha and Amma ji welcomes the disguised Girl Meet and offering him food then Girl Meet asks them how did they earn the food? Whether it’s from hard earned money or sinful/crime money? Anubha says my daughter earns it. Disguised Meet throws it away, asking if they are living with daughter’s work?? Anubha says both are the same. Girl Meet thinks I want to know about it.

Girl Meet says accepting money from a married daughter is a sin according to sastras. Amma ji says Girls are devi roop (goddess). Disguised Girl Meet says whoever breaks the norms of society is a sinner too and she will be punished after her death!

Anubha says enough Guru ji! My daughter is working for us, then how can you name it sin? Your thinking is wrong and if you can’t accept this charity, then it’s fine, as I’m proud of my daughter and her thoughts!

Girl Meet in her real voice says she is her inspiration to go forward. Anubha says Meet? She removes her wig and says I wanted to know what you think about my work which is why I came to know the truth from you, so swear on me and tell me the reason behind your yesterday’s behaviour.

Meet Ahlawat asks Raj about Babita? Raj says she must be taking her time, so join me on the terrace. Everyone agrees. Duggu tries to take kite, but Tej stops him. Meet Ahlawat takes Duggu with him to give him a kite.

Manushi gives thread bundle to Tej and asks him to play with it. Tej plays with it and he gets surrounded with thread. Manushi acts up saying Tej, you may get hurt like that.

Meet Ahlawat comes to his brother and removes the thread from him. Tej says kite then Meet Ahlwat flies it asking Tej to hold it. Manushi holds the thread really tight.

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