Yashvardhan arrives at the Luthra House with the Police. Preeta asks him about the reason behind this action, and he reveals that he wants to have Karan arrested! He accuses the Luthras of abducting Sonakshi and holding her captive at the Luthra House!

On being questioned, Yashvardhan says that he has been tracking Sonakshi’s phone and it’s in the Luthra House.

The Police ask Karan to come to the Police station with him. Kareena and Preeta try to reason with Yashvardhan. Kareena explains to the team of Police officers that Sonakshi had met with an accident. She narrates how the Luthras rushed her to the hospital and have been looking after her since then.

Sonakshi arrives in the living room to reveal that the Luthras are innocent.

Yashvardhan claims that Karan and his family have brainwashed Sonakshi! Karan gets angry with both of them because of their argument.

Yashvardhan falsely accuses Preeta of plotting Sonakshi’s murder. He cuts off ties with Sonakshi when she refuses to file a false complaint against Preeta and Karan.

Preeta supports Sonakshi and allows her to stay at the Luthra House until her issues are over. Kareena tells Dadi that she is making a mistake by supporting Preeta’s decision.

Meanwhile, Kritika apprises Srishti of all this.

Karan tells Preeta that Sonakshi is not a trustworthy person and warns Preeta not to feel attached to her.

Prithvi follows Sherlyn to try and cuddle her, but she refrains from getting close. He tries to reason with Sherlyn, who tells him that she doesn’t want to be seen with him. Sherlyn continues to tell him that she needs some time to think about Sonakshi. Prithvi tries hard to convince her that Sonakshi is innocent, but they again get into an argument. He gets angry with Sherlyn and goes away when she keeps saying that Sonakshi has some plan against Karan and Preeta.

In the kitchen, Karan finds Preeta worried and tries to talk to her about it. Karan gets upset with Preeta when she tells him that she is worried about Sonakshi. He tries to explain to Preeta that she has done enough for Sonakshi and there is nothing more to worry about.

Preeta talks about Yashvardhan cutting off ties with Sonakshi, but Karan asks her to focus on her life. Karan cuddles Preeta to make her feel better.

Meanwhile, Sonakshi’s Nurse notices a broken photo frame. She finds it strange when Sonakshi replies that the frame had to break.

At the Arora House, Srishti asks Sarla whether she finds Sonakshi to be a mean woman? Sarla initially tries to avoid the conversation, but she later says that she doesn’t believe Sonakshi. Srishti feels better to hear Sarla say that she finds Sonakshi’s tears and emotions for Pihu to be fake. Soon, Srishti reveals the recent occurrence at the Luthra House.

Preeta and Karan have a sweet banter when she criticises his decision of not going to pick up Pihu from the school.

Pihu returns home with a balloon gifted by Sonakshi, which upsets Karan and Preeta.

Sherlyn confronts Sonakshi in the corridor and tries to find out her true intentions.

Suddenly, Yashvardhan calls Sonakshi and she hides it from Sherlyn.

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