Anubha says it’s because of Manushi and I know that she won’t change and she might snatch your happiness whenever you go out on your deliveries. Girl Meet thinks if truly Manushi can behave in that way?

On the other side, Manushi purposely hurts Meet Ahlawat, and his hand bleeds. Tej feels tensed seeing blood. Meet Ahlawat changes his attention giving out the kite then he asks Isha to get him a first aid kit without informing anyone about his cut.

Anubha says in your childhood, you gave your doll to Manushi, will you give your husband too?

Manushi thinks Isha won’t get the first aid box, as I hid it and she acts like she is worried and tries to help him, but he refuses to take her help.

Girl Meet says I trust my husband and Manushi will leave once she gets fine, so don’t worry, and trust my trust.

Isha tells him she didn’t get it. He asks her to search for it. Manushi says you can’t stop me and she ties her scarf piece over his injury. Meet Ahlawat gets affected because of her.

Meet Ahlawat calls Girl Meet saying he needs her, but she didn’t take his calls. He recalls Manushi seeing her scarf piece, then he removes it and thinks he can’t always take Girl Meet’s help every time and he thinks to divert his mind so he prepares Lohri gift for Girl Meet.

Babita on-call scolds his staff knowing the draping artists is on leave. Girl Meet staples the saree. Tej claps. Babita scolds her for spoiling the saree.

Manushi comes there and Tej leaves after seeing her. Manushi asks Babita to relax and she drapes the saree around Girl Meet. Babita gets impressed and asks where she learnt it? Manushi says it’s her childhood fashion and asks Babita if she can become her draping artist? Babita says you’re classy unlike your sister and she gifts a designer dress to Manushi and she asks Manushi to help her Clients in draping. Manushi agrees.

Girl Meet recalls her Mom’s words then she asks Manushi how’s she feeling? Manushi tells her she is fine and these people are so good, then she goes to try her dress.

Raj ties Meet Ahlawat’s turban. Babita says my Son looks so handsome, nobody can match him today in Lori.

Isha says to Girl Meet nobody can think of competing with you today, as you look beautiful.

Meet Ahlawat ask Babita where is Meet because Ragini told me we have to sit together tonight for the prayer.

Duggu says to Girl Meet, Uncle will be here soon. Isha says you have to take care of one thing, you cannot talk to each other until the prayer is complete. Girl Meet asks why we can’t talk?

Raj says to Meet Ahlawat this is the ritual, you can only talk after the prayer, and until then, hold your horses!

Isha says to Girl Meet our ancestors made so cute ritual to increase your love for your partner.

Babita says to Meet Ahlawat that’s why we keep Couples apart so that their love gets stronger. Raj says after that, when Couple meet each other, they get lost in each other and says to Babita do you remember our first Lohri? How we were excited to talk to each other and ask Meet Ahlawat to sit, we will go and check the arrangement and they leave.
Meet Ahlawat says now, we both cannot talk till lohri is finished.

Girl Meet says I need to talk to him and tell everything. Meet Ahlawat enters her room from the window. Girl Meet asks what are you doing here and why didn’t you come through the door? Meet Ahlawat put his hand on her mouth and tells her with a sign that we cannot talk. He gives her one slip. Girl Meet reads it that;

This is your first special gift handmade sweet.

He gives her another slip. She reads it that;

I hope you like the taste I tried of making it just like your father.

Meet Ahlawat removes the cloth from the plate and she sees sweet in shape of her name MEET, he gives her to eat. Meet taps on his shoulder and gives him thumbs-up. He goes out from the window.

Girl Meet says I cannot forget the kind of relationship we are building, you are my husband and I won’t let anyone take you.

Hoshiyar outside says this food is smelling good, I’ll eat everything today. Babita walks in and says I love your decoration Manushi, Ragini told me you were taking equal part in the decoration and your creativity idea that are seen, I’m very impressed with it. Manushi says thank you, it’s nothing in front of what you did for me.

Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat walks in. Babita says lets start the prayer and tell them what to do for the prayer and says put this in the fire to kill all the negativity in your life. They both proceed with the prayer. Girl Meet steps on stone and gets hurt. Meet Ahlawat took her in his hands and continue with the ritual. Babita says apply this vermilion given by Anubha on Meet’s forehead.

Meet Ahlawat ask Girl Meet how was your exam? Girl Meet says it was good now listen, I’ll talk and you will be quiet.

Manushi brings drum to them. Manushi says to everyone now that the ritual has been done, let’s play some games. Raj says yes, why not? Ram ask what we have to do? Manushi says I’ll tell you, I’m your host for today’s evening and the game we’re going to play is You Are My Love, in this game, all the wife will make popcorn garland for there husband, whoever wins will get the title of you are my love, but it’s not that easy, as there is some twist, you have to throw that garland to your wife’s neck to win the game, so let’s begin!

Everyone starts with the game. Babita, Meet and Masoom are competing with each other. Manushi thinks I kept this game so that you lose because you don’t know how to put thread in a needle.

Girl Meet is struggling to put thread in the needle. Raj says to Babita you have magic in your hand. Girl Meet pokes herself. Meet Ahlawat is cheering her up. Girl Meet thinks he did a lot for me, so I have to complete this task and win for him. Babita completes her garland. Girl Meet throws her garland on Meet Ahlawat and wins the game.

Raj ask how did you win, as you were sitting down? Girl Meet ties threads around all the popcorn to make garland. Manushi gets angry.

Ram says to Meet Ahlawat that now, it’s your turn to prove your love. Manushi says to Babita go and help her. Ragini and Babita walks to Girl Meet and holds her on their hands. Meet Ahlawat throws the garland, but it goes to Manushi’s neck. Girl Meet takes the garland and put it on, she says the garland doesn’t know where it has to land, I know he threw it to me, so it’s mine. Ragini says she is right.

Ram ask to play drum. Everyone is dancing. Meet Ahlawat is still in shock. Manushi is dancing around Meet Ahlawat. He gets flashes of Manushi and leaves.

Meet Ahlawat goes inside and walks to the god idol, he says how could I let this happen with me? Girl Meet walks to him and says what are you doing? Remove your hand from the fire! Meet Ahlawat says I threw that garland on you, but I don’t know how it went on to Manushi, I just don’t know, I have nothing to do with her!

Girl Meet says I didn’t think of it like that, it was just a game, so don’t take load of it. He says it was not a small mistake and I should be punished for that so he put his hands on the oil lamp. Girl Meet says stop it! He tries to remove his hand from the oil lamp and mistakenly drops that. He ask are you hurt? She says I’m fine.

Manushi calls Meet Ahlawat. He walks to her and throws her out of the house. Everyone gathers around. He shouts get out of mine and Meet’s life!

Girl Meet says what are you doing? Babita says she is our guest and we don’t behave like this to our guest. Raj says calm down. Meet Ahlawat says I know what I’m doing, I should have taken this step earlier on and says Manushi, go from here and don’t show your face ever again, get out! He closes the door on her face.Meet Ahlawat says to everyone you might think this step as a disrespect but I don’t feel that bad at all, so I request you all to not to take her name again and walks away.

Meet Ahlawat is in his room. Girl Meet walks to him and asks why nobody will take her name? I’ll take her name, as she is my sister, ans not just me, but everyone else here will take her name. Meet Ahlawat says I’m telling you not to take her name. She says because of her, this house is happy again, she brought Tej back to this house. He says don’t take her name. She says I’ll take her name, because she is my sister, listen, I’ll take her name and repeat it again and again.

Meet Ahlawat shouts and says don’t take her name because I don’t want to hear her name! And if no one is trying to understand my problem in this house, at least, you should understand me! Girl Meet says I understand which is why I’m asking for your reason behind why no one will take her name?

Meet Ahlawat asks Girl Meet to understand his situation. Meet says I understand, but you have to understand that you have to face it and she left you at the Temple, but you married me and I asked for your permission before allowing her to stay here, but you said she doesn’t affect you anymore, then why?

Meet Ahlawat says she is affecting me and our relationship, and I need you to fight this battle, but you’re so busy with your work and responsibilities, so what to do? I’m feeling broken from inside, so please don’t take her name and understand my situation. Girl Meet stand rooted in tears. Both of them couldn’t sleep.

The next day, Girl Meet takes Meet Ahlawat outside near her place and tells him how she’s used to living her life joyfully without any tensions, but life changed when her Dad passed away and I was broken, as Dad made me learn everything except living without him and I’m used to be his Princess and Mom was broken completely, I used to love studies, but left my studies to take care of my family’s responsibilities and I locked my sadness and reformed as new Meet to take care of my family members. Meet Ahlawat feels bad.

Girl Meet says think about how your Parents might be feeling as one Son lost his memory and another one lives in the past, do you want to move on or not? Meet Ahlawat says he wants to move on. Girl Meet says move on, as you have many responsibilities and when I can take up my family’s responsibility at 16 years of age, then why can’t you? Until when will you think about your wounds? Is your pain more than mine? When I can do it, then why can’t you? I want you to become the strength of your family, but if you can’t do it  then sit in some corner, I will take care of you. Meet Ahlawat looks on.

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