Sherlyn finds Kareena talking to Sanjana over a phone call and ends the call to talk to her. Kareena laughs at Sherlyn when she says that Karan and Sonakshi were having an affair during their college days. Sherlyn tells Kareena that probably Pihu was born out of their affair. She reminds Sherlyn that Karan was always flirtatious before marrying Preeta and he can never be serious about Sonakshi.

After she leaves, Prithvi takes Sherlyn to the corridor to ask her if she is hiding anything? He recalls Rishabh cuddling Sherlyn and tries to ask her about it. However, Sherlyn and Prithvi get into an argument and Marcos’ recruits arrive there.

Preeta scolds Karan for leaving Pihu alone and Rishabh tries to defend him. Pihu embarrasses them by addressing Preeta as Baby Doll.

Sonakshi gets angry to see Pihu bringing Karan and Preeta together. She thinks about professing her love to Karan to have him and calls Yashvardhan to discuss this. Yashvardhan asks her to be more cautious and suggests her to refrain from discussing this is public.

Preeta looks for Sarla everywhere and gets close to finding her when she hears Sarla’s cries. However, she fails to see Sarla and goes back to the living room for the prayer.

Sherlyn runs into Marcos and his recruits when they gather there for their boxes of drugs.

The Luthras begin the prayer without Sarla after Kareena’s insistence.

The Luthras complete the prayer and Rakhi asks Karan and Rakhi to distribute the sweets to all the guests.

Marcos and his recruits get restless when they see the guests leaving with the boxes of sweets. At his recruits’ insistence, Marcos pulls out a gun and fires it to stop everyone from leaving. However, Rakhi keeps believing that they are musicians who are just aggressive for some reason.

Mahesh arrives there and tries to pacify them presuming that they are just musicians struggling to make money. Mahesh takes Marcos’ gun and fires it presuming that it’s a lighter that looks like a gun. Soon, he discovers that it’s a real gun and Marcos’ recruits reveal their identity.

The Luthras are stunned to learn that they all are drug peddlers looking for the boxes of sweets that have drugs in them. Marcos and his recruits point a gun at Dadi and threaten to shoot her when they learn that their drugs are missing.

Preeta asks Pihu to hide in a room until she is called out. To save Dadi’s life, Preeta reveals that she had replaced the drugs with sweets.

After Preeta’s confession, Srishti takes two of Marcos’ recruits to a room to show them the packets of drugs.

Meanwhile, Pihu unties Sarla’s hands and they prepare to escape from the room.

Srishti, Sarla and Pihu lock Marcos’ recruits in a room and run towards the living room.

Karan, Sameer and Rishabh pretend to fight with each other. In no time, Mahesh snatches a gun from one of the goons and they all begin to fight Marcos and his recruits.

Unaware of this, Sarla, Srishti and Pihu come running to the living room. Marcos uses the opportunity to hold Sarla captive.

Pihu unties Sarla and they both help Srishti lock Marcos’ two recruits in a room. They come running to the living room to help others. However, Mahesh, Rishabh, Sameer, Karan and Prithvi fight Marcos and his recruits to save everyone. Suddenly, Marcos’ recruits get hold of Sarla and Marcos puts a dagger to her throat.

Preeta reveals the place where she had hidden all the drugs. Sarla tells her not to hand over the drugs to them as it will bring damage effects to the nation.

Sonakshi notices all this and thinks about helping the Luthras to gain their trust. In a moment, she changes her mind hoping to see Preeta getting harmed at the hands of Marcos and his recruits!

Marcos let Sarla go to the Luthras when Preeta returns all the drugs that belonged to them. Surprisingly, one of Marcos’ recruits clamp holds Preeta captive while leaving.

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