Pihu enters the kitchen to ask Preeta if she is fine and introduces Preeta to her doll, Kuku.

Preeta leaves from the kitchen and Marcos arrives there with his recruit. They ask Pihu about the boxes of sweets that have drugs in it? She inadvertently reveals to them that half the boxes are in the living room and the other half is in the guest room.

Marcos and his recruit plan to first collect the boxes in the guest room and then deal with the Luthras to get the remaining boxes!

Rakhi and Kareena confront Rishabh in the corridor, but he overlooks it and goes to his room. They follow him to get their answers and begin to fire questions at him about his actions. Rishabh reveals that he had been travelling only for his work. He explains that he was professing his love to a little girl and not any woman. They ask Rishabh to call Sherlyn to his room and profess his love to her to confirm this.

Srishti comes running to Sameer to reveal about Rishabh’s affair. She gets shocked to learn that Sameer is happy to get this news. Sameer questions Srishti’s loyalty and she explains that having an extra-marital affair is not the right thing to do to any woman.

Karan learns from Srishti about it and decides to confront Rishabh.

Marcos and his recruit enter the guest room to steal the boxes of sweets that contain drugs in it. Suddenly, Pihu arrives there and presumes that they are trying to steal the boxes. They decide to chase her when she says that she will tell on them! She tells Preeta that about this but she overlooks it and asks them to bring the boxes to the living room.

Meanwhile, Sarla overhears two of Marcos’ recruits talking about pointing guns at the Luthras. She follows them and then pulls off their fake beard to find out that they are pretending to be musicians.

In a room, Rakhi and Kareena insist Rishabh on calling Sherlyn there and professing his love to her. Hiding behind the curtains, they feel at peace to see Rishabh do so.

Unexpectedly, Prithvi arrives there and gets angry to see Sherlyn in Rishabh’s arms. Unaware of this, Rakhi and Kareena insist Rishabh to profess his love to Sherlyn again. After Prithvi leaves, Karan arrives there and he gets shocked to see this. Rishabh uses the opportunity to leave and he goes to the living room with Karan.

Suddenly, Mahesh arrives with his Police Inspector friend in the guest room and sees Marcos and his recruit. One of them point a gun at Mahesh, who fails to prove anything. The Police Inspector leaves after telling Mahesh about a group of drug peddlers.

Rishabh gets annoyed when Karan tries to preach to him about moral values. He explains the whole scenario to him to clear the air. Soon, Karan asks him about cuddling Sherlyn.

Sonakshi arrives there and Rishabh greets her warmly. After Sonakshi leaves, Rishabh tells Karan that he had heard from a college friend that she loved him very much. Karan is shocked to hear this and Sherlyn, who is eavesdropping on them decides to use it against Sonakshi!

Mahesh keeps trying to reach Bharat, the security guard, on the phone but in vain. Rishabh sees him stressed and tries to understand what is wrong. Mahesh tells him that Bharat has never behaved this way and explains why his absence is worrying.

Suddenly, Sarla comes running towards Rishabh and shouts for help from upstairs as Rishab is downstairs. He turns around due to her scream, but fails to see her as Marcos’ recruits hold her captive. They drag Sarla away and tie her down in a room after rendering her unconscious with chloroform.

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