Raj tells Babita that Kids have to become our support but for us, it’s happening in reverse to us. Meet Ahlawat hears his words and he wipes his tears then, he comes to his Parents and apologizes to them for last night’s behavior and he promises his Parents that he will take care of every responsibility. Raj hugs him happily. Girl Meet smiles. Raj tells him he gave him new hope which makes him feel younger and I know that you will do it when you decide.

Girl Meet is about to leave, but Raj stops her and wipes her tears then he says my son doesn’t become weak when you’re with him as you’re his support. Girl Meet says she didn’t do anything. Raj says you have amazing qualities, and one of them is you that won’t exhibit even though you help people and because of you, we got our old Meet. Girl Meet says my Dad returned to me in your form, so bless me, that’s enough. Raj blesses her.

Ragini comes there and says the Police called me and said they found a dead body near the highway and the last dialed number of the mobile that was found there is our home number. Babita says Manushi?

Meet Ahlawat and Girl Meet goes to identify the body. Girl Meet thinks it can’t be Manushi Didi. Meet Ahlawat thinks he can’t face Girl Meet and her family if it’s Manushi.

Girl Meet feels relaxed after finding out that it’s not Manushi’s dead body and they inform the Inspector. Girl Meet hugs Meet Ahlawat. He says he can never forgive himself if it’s Manushi’s dead body. Girl Meet says Manushi isn’t weak to commit suicide and they think where could Manushi be? They went to Anubha place and shares their tension.

Anubha calls Manushi out. Girl Meet asks why she didn’t inform her? Anubha says she said she doesn’t want to stay at your place, so I thought she might have done something wrong, but I felt light after knowing whatever happened. Girl Meet says there is no problem between us Mom and she asks Manushi if she is fine?

Manushi says she is fine after getting a slap from her fate and life. Meet Ahlawat Apologizes to Manushi and her family for his last night’s behaviour and he tells that Girl Meet made him strong. Manushi says no need of saying sorry, as I understood your situation and she advised Girl Meet to concentrate on her family, then she asks her Mom if she can stay at their place like previous days?

Girl Meet says Manushi is changed, and as a family, we have to give her another chance. Manushi Apologies to her Mom and hugs her. Girl Meet feels happy.

Meet Ahlawat stops the car on the way and they celebrate Lohri by dancing with local people. Something falls into Girl Meet’s eyes and he clears it. Then he dances happily.

Everyone at home tells their best wishes to Masoom for her first day of work. Ragini asks what’s Hoshiyar holding? Hoshiyar says she is on diet so dark chocolate with Curd. Everyone smiles.

Girl Meet calls Duggu and signals at him to apply vermilion on her Mom. Duggu pours some of vermilion on her business suite. Masoom scolds him. Girl Meet says she told him to do do it. Masoom says you didn’t do anything except delivery job which is why you’re thinking in this way and you’re unaware of corporate culture, where success is important not these beliefs!

Raj and Meet Ahlawat tries to stop her. But Girl Meet says no need and don’t tell her anything, as it’s her first day.

Girl Meet doesn’t get a lineup of her deliveries, then she calls the owner and gets to know they removed her from the job. Girl Meet says it might be Mom who asked them to. Babita and Raj says they will clear the confusion of Anubha and they leave for Anubha’s place.

Anubha says she didn’t call anyone. Girl Meet calls the company people and gets to know Manushi asked them to remove her from the job saying she will join the job. Girl Meet goes to Manushi’s room and gets shocked seeing Manushi about to cut her hair. Girl Meet alerts, everyone. Anubha, Babita and Meet Ahlawat goes upstairs.

Girl Meet asks why she’s cutting her hair when she loves it so much? Manushi says this beauty made me stubborn and reckless and now as an elder daughter, I will take care of my family as you, so I will do the delivery job. Girl Meet says it’s not suitable for her.

Babita asks Manishi to join her boutique as her assistant if she wants. Meet Ahlawat signals at Girl Meet that he is fine with it. Manushi says thanks for acknowledging my talent and she happily agrees to do the job. Manushi tells Girl Meet that she doesn’t need to work. Girl Meet asks what she has to do as she doesn’t like to sit at home?

Later, Meet Ahlawat says Girl Meet might become a typical housewife if she stays at home, so I thought of something for her. Girl Meet asks what he thought about? Meet Ahlawat closes her eyes then makes her wear the school bag. Girl Meet opens her eyes then Meet Ahlawat says it’s time to become the best student of the college, are you ready? Girl Meet agrees.

Anubha feels happy and she thanks Meet Ahlawat for fulfilling Meet’s Dad’s dream. Meet Ahlawat says he is happy to support his wife.

Raj comes there and he asks him to get the sweets. Babita asks where he went until now? Raj says office work. Anubha gets the sweets. Raj asks Babita if she can eat laddo, then she gives him half laddoo.

Masoom calls Meet Ahlwat to know when he comes to the office? Meet Alhawat Deep will guide you as I’m going for Girl Meet’s admission into college and thanks to you, as your words revoked this idea in me. Masoom says it’s a waste of money and she won’t get changed! Meet Ahlawat says I’m trying to give her what she deserves and he warns her to not involve in their matters! He turns and sees Meet. They feed laddo to each other.

Tej gets hyper seeing Ravi and he warns him to stay away! Girl Meet and others try to control him. Ravi asks him to handle their mad son!! Babita warns him to not talk anything bad about her son! Girl Meet sends Tej inside.

Raj asks what he’s doing? Ravi says he came to take his wife and I have to ask what you guys are doing? Can’t you afford to hire a servant for your son?? Girl Meet asks him to talk with respect and Sunaina can stay here as Uncle treats us like his daughters and Sunaina filed the divorce, then why did you come here? Ravi says they are not yet divorced. Girl Meet says your marriage is invalid as Tej is alive.

Ravi says Raj made us get married and I can’t let Sunaina stay here as your mad son’s Servant! Babita says Sunaina is not at home and she warns him to not address her Son as mad!!

Ravi hurts Raj saying he is a selfish person who forcefully made his younger son get married and you made us get married to become maahan and you’re exposed! Girl Meet warns to file a Police case against him, so he leaves. Raj leaves. Babita feels bad for Raj.

Ravi’s words resonate in Raj’s head. Girl Meet comes to him. Raj tells her his decisions are wrong. Girl Meet says your decisions are correct and because of it, I got an amazing family like you and you returned me my Dad and from here onwards, I will call you Dad. Raj hugs her. Babita overhears their conversation and feels emotional.

Meet Ahlawat calls Girl Meet and tells her that she got admission into the best university. Girl Meet shares it with Raj and he congratulates her.

Anubha sees Manushi burning her clothes and asks what’s she doing? Manushi tells her she is burning her old memories to start a fresh life.

Ram and Lakhan brings the things and medicines Manushi asked them. Manushi asks Anubha to give medicines to Dadi, as she’s still angry with her and leaves. Anubha feels happy for Manushi’s change and she thanks Maata rani (goddess). Manushi smiles wickedly.

Ragini asks Girl Meet what she wants to have for breakfast as it’s her first day to college? Girl Meet tells her anything is fine. Raj presents pen to Meet. Masoom says you bought it with your first salary and you never give it to us, then why’re you giving her? Raj says I presented what they needed and I feel Girl Meet is like me, so I gifted her what’s near to my heart. Meet tells him she will use it on the special day. Duggu gives her college bag. She thanks him.

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