In the midnight, Meet performs Yoga. Meet Ahlawat wakes up and gets shocked seeing her shadow, then she tells him she coudn’t sleep thinking about her first day of college, so she’s doing yoga to fall asleep. Meet Ahlawat says this tension is common and he tells her his experiences, then he tries to put Girl Meet to sleep by singing the song, but he sleeps after singing the song. Girl Meet wakes up and thinks he is the best gift God gave to her.

Next day, Ragini feeds Curd and sugar to Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat eats it with her. Ragini tells her it’s his favourite. Isha tells her she packed her college bag. Meet Ahlawat tells Girl Meet that it’s the first day of your college and he offers to drop her off, but Girl Meet says she will not go with him, as she has someone more special than him. Meet Ahlawat gets confused, then he asks her to leave and be happy.

Girl Meet says you’re looking good in anger Mr Hasty. Meet Ahlawat warns her to stop calling him with names and you can leave! Girl Meet asks him to listen to her, but he refuses so she holds her ears. Meet Ahlawat stops her and tells her she can do what she likes. Isha says they are cute. Meet Ahlawat asks with whom she is going? Girl Meet says I used to go to school with Dad so today as well, I want to go with my Dad and she points at Raj.

Raj places his hand on her head and tells he will take his daughter in his style, he puts on goggles removing his spectacles and he asks Meet Ahlawat to move from their way. Everyone wishes her all the best. Meet Ahlawat says Dad is Dad. Raj says true. Raj drops Meet at the college gate and says from here, you have to follow your journey alone. Girl Meet takes his blessings.

Raj asks if she loves his son? Girl Meet tells I don’t know what’s love but I feel happy and good when he’s near me and I feel alone without him. Raj smiles and tells he has gotten his answer. Girl Meet leaves to college.

Manushi comes to Babita’s house. Babita sees her dressing sense then she asks her to conduct according to their profession. Manushi agrees. Babita tells there is a big fashion show where India’s best fashion designers arrive so we have to present a unique theme. She asks Manushi to give her ideas and she shows her the gowns she designed. Manushi says we have to design something unexpected.

Meet Ahlawat gives Babita her laptop. Babita hugs him saying he is her savior. Manushi says I got an idea and why can’t we choose Brother-in-law as our model to present the wedding style collections? Babita tells it’s a good idea and she makes Meet Ahlawat agrees to become her showstopper.

Girl Meet thinks to thank Meet Ahlawat, as he is the reason that she joined college. Girl Meet messages him thanks, then Girl Meet gets a message from an unknown number saying people will kill me, please help me Meet ustaad. Meet thinks she can’t go late to class then she receives another message of help then she thinks to help.

Ram and Lakhan runs to college to give a flower bouquet to Girl Meet but they see Meet leaving in the auto with a stick.

Meet Ahlawat asks Manushi to see to the preparations saying he will join her later. She agrees. Ragini asks Meet Ahlawat why Manushi came home when her work is a bouquet? Meet Ahlawat says Mom is working from home, as she doesn’t want to leak her styles and I’m the part of the team as Mom made me the showstopper. Ragini asks won’t it hurt Girl Meet seeing them together? Meet Ahlawat says everything is going to be fine as her presence won’t affect me and I won’t let Girl Meet get affected.

Anubha comes out from the Temple and sees Girl Meet leaving in the auto with a stick and she thinks where is she going then she calls her over the phone. Girl Meet thinks to attend to her call later as it may stress her.

The Stylist teaches tips to Meet Ahlawat. Anubha calls Meet Ahlawat and asks him to make her talk with Girl Meet. He tells she’s at the college. Anubha cuts the call saying he forgot and she thinks hope Girl Meet doesn’t get involved in some problem.

Girl Meet arrives at the address but she doesn’t notice anyone and gets to know from someone that nothing happened in that place. Some person throws a stick at her which hurts her hand and she ties a handkerchief to it.

Ravi comes to Ahlawat’s mansion in an injured state. Raj brings him inside and he calls Ram and others. They make Ravi drink the water. Raj says she will call a Doctor. Ram says it’s a police case. Ravi says call police and tell that Meet Hoodah is involved! Meet Ahlawat asks what’s he saying? Ravi says Girl Meet came to my place and warned me to stay away from Sunaina and she beat me up so badly! Meet Ahlawat says she can never do it.

Manushi asks him to stop alleging her sister! Masoom says he might be right too, didn’t you guys remember Meet’s warning to him? Meet Ahlawat says she doesn’t mean to do it and he warns Ravi to stop alleging his wife.

Girl Meet tries to call the number.

Meet Ahlawat says studies are important to Meet and she is in the college as we speak. Babita asks him to call Girl Meet home. Meet Ahlawat calls her to come home.

Raj says he trusts his daughter-in-law. Ravi says she is a goon so she won’t accept her mistakes!

Girl Meet returns home and she notices Ravi and asks him what happened to him? Masoom says Ravi told us what you did with him, so stop acting innocent! Meet Ahlawat says he won’t bear it if she blames his wife! .

Raj says Ravi is telling you injured him? Raj saying Ravi is blaming you for his beaten up state. Meet Ahlawat asks her to tell everyone that she was at the college.

Anubha comes to Ahlawat mansion and says glad you’re fine, where you went with a stick? Meet Ahlawat asks if she went somewhere leaving college? Girl Meet says yes. Babita asks where she went? Girl Meet tells them how she went to help after receiving a message from an unknown number. Babita asks if she opened a helpline?? Girl Meet tells she have that message.

Raj asks her to show the message. Girl Meet searches for the messages. Raj asks her what happened, then she tells him the message is missing. Ravi says I told you right that she will lie and she is the one who beat me up!

Girl Meet tells them she didn’t even see him after their encounter at home. Raj says I believe my daughter-in-law, not you. Ravi says you’re taking the wrong stand believing this girl! Raj says she is like his daughter and I believe her. Ravi says I came here to get justice, but you’re supporting your daughter-in-law??

Raj says they can’t help in any way and tells they can take him to the hospital if he wants. Girl Meet thinks why is Ravi lying? Meet Ahlawat tells Ravi, he will take him to the hospital. Ravi says I don’t need sympathy and at least, find out from your wife what the truth is when you guys are alone! He leaves. Manushi and Babita too leaves.

Masoom sees Meet Ahlawat going upstairs and she signals at her husband, as they both sit telling him that she believes Girl Meet indeed bead him as it happened previously too. Hoshiyar asks why will she lie about it? Masoom asks why will Anubha ji lie? Meet Ahlawat who stops to listen to their convo leaves in anger. Masoom smirks.

Meet Ahlawat helps Girl Meet to tie the bandage. He asks Girl Meet to tell the truth to him, as nobody is there in the room except them, then Girl Meet asks if he thinks she did this?

Manushi joins hands with Ravi. Ravi says I did what you told me, but will they believe me? Meet Ahlawat says Anubha aunty caught you with a stick. Girl Meet says someone is trapping her.

Manushi tells that Girl Meet doesn’t have any proof and I was the one who sent Mom to the Temple and Ram, Lakhan to the college.

Girl Meet says leave the world but you have to trust me. Meet Ahlawat tells her you did things in the past and you fought with people for money. Girl Meet asks if he thinks she did it? Meet Ahlawat says you may go out of your control.

Ravi tells he doesn’t want to lose Sunaina this time and questions Manushi, what she achieves by ruining her sister’s image? Manushi says I will get Meet Ahlawat and these issues are needed to create differences between Meet and her husband, then only I, will get closer to Meet Ahlawat!

Girl Meet says I thought we came near to each other and you understood me but… Meet Ahlawat says I understand you which is why I’m asking you and I got you admitted into college thinking you will study to achieve your dreams, but if you want to do this, then please leave college! Girl Meet cries.

Girl Meet works in the garden and thinks someone is trapping me and I have to find out about it. Babita comes to her and tells that her Son is getting affected because of her and he didn’t even have food!

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