Girl Meet goes to their room and makes him understand that family members will get hurt if he didn’t eat food, then both of them eat the food. Girl Meet thinks you’re not seeing it, but I can sense someone is behind it and I have to find out about the person!

Masoom says Dad, hope you won’t struck in problems while taking a stand for your daughter-in-laws? Raj says he trusts his family.

Jaypratap comes there saying he can’t hide the mistake of his daughter-in-law and he tells that Girl Meet has to apologize to his Son-in-law!

Raj says Girl Meet isn’t responsible for his state and I trust her, sometimes, what we see is not true, so she won’t apologize to anyone.

Meet Ahlawat says Girl Meet will apologize to Ravi.

Girl Meet asks her friend to trace the number who messaged her and she thinks to expose the person trying to trap her! Meet’s friend tells her he’s unable to trace the number. Girl Meet thinks someone near is trying to trap me and who could that person be?

Rajvardhan asks what’s he saying? Meet Ahlawat says he’s doing what he teaches him and I want Girl Meet to realize her mistake. Rajvardhan says Girl Meet didn’t do it and why can’t you trust her? Meet Ahlawat says she warned Ravi in front of us and Anubha aunty’s statement is also against her so she has to apologise!

Girl Meet comes there and agreed to apologise. Raj asks what’s she saying? Girl Meet says asking for forgiveness won’t reduce our value and she assures Jaydeep that she will apologise to Ravi. Jaydeep leaves.

Masoom tells her Mom, for the first-time, Dad and brother argued because of this girl.

Girl Meet says I agreed to apologise to him as you (Meet Ahlawat) promised them and you’re believing that I beat him,but I didn’t do any mistake. Meet Ahlawat looks on.

Later, Raj says you understand my son well and I thought he has understood you but today, he proved me wrong and why can’t he see the truth in your eyes?

Meet Ahlawat tells his Mom that he’s seeing in Girl Meet’s eyes that she is saying the truth, am I understanding her wrongly. Babita says but she agreed to the punishment? Meet Ahlawat says she agreed for me, but if she is innocent, then I’m doing wrong with her and previously too, Girl Meet took the blame on herself to save me from the drug case and she always thinks for others first.

Girl Meet says Meet Ahlawat cares for your respect so don’t think him wrongly. Raj asks how she got hurt? Girl Meet tells it’s a small wound. Raj asks her to take TT injection the next day.

Meet Ahlawat sleeps in Babita’s room. Girl Meet waits for him and she thinks to search for the person who’s trying to create differences between her and Meet Ahlawat.

Next day, Babita asks Girl Meet to cancel all her plans, as she has to come with them to apologize to Ravi in front of the community people. Raj says she will go to the Doctor for a TT injection and I’m sure you didn’t see her wound. Girl Meet tells her she will come to the village council.

Girl Meet gets hurt while moving. Meet Ahlawat helps her and offers to take her to the hospital, but she refuses and leaves on her bike.

Girl Meet helps a vegetable vendor, that time, Smsome goons kidnap Girl Meet and ties her to a chair. Those goons inform Manushi that the work is done! Manushi asks them to switch off Girl Meet’s phone and you guys have to release her once I call you! The Goon agrees.

The Community members say it’s close to 11an. Masoom tells them she feels Girl Meet won’t come. Meet Ahlawat tells that Girl Meet won’t let Dad face humiliation and he calls her number which isn’t reachable.

Girl Meet tries hard to escape. Raj says she might be in some problem. Girl Meet removes her ties by breaking the chair and she knocks on the door, but no one opens it.

The Community members say your daughter-in-law has disrespected us by not coming here and they ask Rajvardhan to accept the punishment!

The Goons open the door to see Girl Meet then she beats them and escapes from that place and she runs to the Village Council but there is no one  there, so she sees some person and asks him what happened? The person tells that Ahlawat’s daughter-in-law didn’t come here so the whole family got humiliated.

It’s shown that one of the Village council is about to apply black colour to Raj’s face but Meet Ahlawat stops them and he asks them to punish him, as Girl Meet is his wife.

Girl Meet cries after finding out about the humiliation and thinks to find the person who’s trapping her! Girl Meet cries thinking her family faced humiliation for the mistake she didn’t do.

It’s shown how Babita stops the person from applying black colour to her Son’s face. Meet Ahlawat hugs his Mom. Babita tells we didn’t back out from our words and we are truthful by coming here so please don’t punish my Son for my daughter-in-law’s mistake.

The Village Council ask one of the Ahlawats to apologise by bending their head otherwise we will boycott your family! Meet Ahlawat apologises to them for Girl Meet’s mistake. Everyone feels bad.

Babita says Raj thinks of that girl as a daughter but she didn’t think about our family’s respect!

Girl Meet repeats the apology just as Meet Ahlawat did and thinks to find the person who’s the reason for her family’s humiliation and creating the differences between her and her husband!

Ravi turns seeing some message. Girl Meet kidnaps him by tying his mouth and hands, then she warns him to tell who’s helping him to escape from her! Ravi looks on. Girl Meet tells him she will get the Desi pistol from her father. Ravi runs from that place. Girl Meet thinks I know you will take me to the person who’s helping you!

Ravi meets Manushi. Manushi asks why he called her urgently even after she denies meeting up for some time? Ravi says it’s because of your sister and she is trying to kill me and if you want Meet Ahlawat, then fight with her as I can’t risk my life! Manushi asks if he took her name? Ravi says no.

Girl Meet comes there and tells them she wants to meet her enemy. Manushi turns to Girl Meet’s side. Ravi runs from that place. Girl Meet holds Manushi’s hand before she could escape and she recalls Anubha’s words about Manushi.

Girl Meet says Mom is correct about you and why you’re behind my husband. Manushi says you found out about my intentions so listen until now, I planned everything to get back Meet Ahlawat from you! Girl Meet says he is not a doll and you’re the one who ran away from the temple. Manushi says it’s my mistake, which is why I want him back as he loves me!

Girl Meet says you don’t love him, then why do you want him? Manushi tells her she wants him to fulfill her dreams, so I’m right in asking you to return him to me! Girl Meet says you don’t have any right on him, as he’s my husband and why did you get my family insulted? Manushi says it all happened because of you, so leave from his life as your husband has started hating you for that humiliation!

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