Srishti requests Rishabh to do something to stop her wedding discussions.

Sudha notices that Karan, Rishabh, Preeta, Srishti and Sameer are deliberately pointing out issues in the matches she has got. She asks them if Srishti is having an affair with someone? She asks Sameer if he has an affair with Srishti and he replies that Karan is having an affair with her. Karan gets nervous and says that Rishabh is having an affair with Srishti. To clear the confusion, Srishti replies that she likes women and asks her to show profiles of women. Sarla comes out of the kitchen and learns that Sudha is gone.

Sarla thanks everyone for visiting them and participating in looking for matches for Srishti. On learning about Sudha’s leave, she tells them that she will come again with more matches.

Sameer asks Srishti if she refused to get married for him and she says that he is misunderstanding her. Srishti thanks Sameer, so Karan quickly reveals how he and the others decided to help her.

In a room at the Luthra House, Rakhi tries to defend Preeta when Kareena tells Dadi how Preeta disrespected her. Dadi tells Rakhi that Preeta has no right to talk back to Kareena!

Sonakshi returns to the Luthra House and feels that nobody is aware of her actions. Sherlyn awaits her with a plan and talks about a picture of her. Sonakshi tries to avoid Sherlyn, but remains speechless when she shows a picture. She immediately lies to Sherlyn that it’s an old picture with Yashvardhan. Sherlyn shows her some more evidence to prove that she was with Yashvardhan at a hotel for a plan against Preeta. Sonakshi initially pretends to be concerned about Preeta but later offers Sherlyn something to keep mum.

Karan and Preeta leave from the Arora House in their car with a positive mood. They get into an argument when they insist each other to speak their mind first.

At the Luthra House, Sonakshi asks Sherlyn what she wants in exchange for keeping her plan a secret? Sherlyn initially asks for INR 10 millions but she soon demands INR 50 millions. Sonakshi gets shocked when Sherlyn says that she does not want money, as she is married to a rich man. Sherlyn says that she wants her to confess about her actions to the Luthras!

Sonakshi refuses to accept that she has any plans against Preeta. Sherlyn drags her to the place from where she had sneaked out of the house. However, Sonakshi foils Sherlyn’s plan by stepping out of the room and confessing to the Luthras about meeting Yashvardhan. She cooks up a story and lies to everyone that she has again cut off ties with Yashvardhan because he spoke ill about the Luthras.

Kareena tells her that she is just a guest and her meetings do not concern the Luthras!

Sherlyn offers Sonakshi to team up with her, but she refuses to do so as she does not want to lose her leadership. A furious Sherlyn tries to prove to the Luthras that Sonakshi has been lying to them, but nobody believes her.

Sherlyn goes to apprise Prithvi of this, but he initially refuses to listen to her. Prithvi points out the faults in her plan and reminds her that Sonakshi is Yashvardhan’s daughter. He comes up with a plan to defeat Sonakshi, which makes Sherlyn happy.

Meanwhile, Karan teases Preeta and they banter after this. Prithvi gets upset to see this and recalls how Sherlyn has always been loyal to him.

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