Sameer and Prithvi secretly execute a trick to foil their plan. The moment they lose their guns, Karan begins to thrash the recruit who had tried to hurt Preeta.

Soon, the Police arrive there to arrest Marcos and his recruits after seizing their drugs. Srishti and Rishabh go to a room to get Pihu out of the room. There, Srishti feels better to learn from Rishabh that he was not having any extra-marital affair.

At night, Karan and Preeta begin discussing about the recent occurrences. Preeta gets upset with him for risking his life and losing his temper while thrashing Marcos’ recruit. He tries to explain why he lost his temper when he noticed that her life is at risk.

Kritika enters the room and she supports Preeta for scolding Karan.

At the Arora House, Sarla prays to God to thank him for bringing Karan and Preeta together and keeping them safe and happy.

Sarla talks to Srishti about her dream to get her married as well. Sudha, Sarla’s friend, arrives there with some sweets for them. Srishti begins to worry when Sudha tells Sarla that she has a few prospective matches for her.

Pihu falls asleep while playing with Rishabh and Sonakshi offers to take her to bed. However, he avoids letting her take Pihu by making an excuse.

Karan tells Rakhi that Preeta has been lying about him to Kritika. Mahesh joins the conversation and then Mahesh are Karan get into a sweet banter with Rakhi and Preeta.

After the dinner, Pihu insists on going to Rishabh’s room but Preeta does not let her go alone. Karan gives her a tricycle and asks her to go Rishabh’s room by using it.

Sonakshi meets Pihu and tries to befriend her. Pihu gets distant from her and Kareena gets angry to see this. Kareena calls Vinita, Pihu’s new nanny, there and asks her to escort Pihu to Rishabh’s room.

Sherlyn begins to worry when Rishabh says that he has to find out the insider who is secretly trying to destroy the Luthras’ business!

Sonakshi pretends to be caring towards Pihu to impress Kareena, but in vain. She decides to come up with a plan to impress Kareena soon.

Meanwhile, Sarla is excited to know of the prospective matches for Srishti gotten by her friend, Sudha.

Srishti calls Sameer to apprise him of this and he keeps thinking about how to handle the situation. He wonders why Srishti has never professed her love for him and thinks whether she is in two minds about him?

Sherlyn notices Rishabh growing close to Pihu and then talks about letting her sleep in their room.

Srishti asks Sarla why she’s in a hurry to get her married. Sarla replies that she wants to find the right match for her as she is not sure about the future. Srishti fails to convince her to stop looking for any suitor and thinks about talking to Preeta about it.

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