Masoom tells Meet Ahlawat that their family got insulted because of Girl Meet and I told you long back that she is not right for our family!

Girl Meet says one incident can’t break our relationship and I never expected that my Sister will try to break my marriage. Manushi says your marriage is just an agreement as he loves me not you, so pack your luggage and leave from his life! Girl Meet says you return for your selfish motive as Parth (Kunal) cheated you!

Manushi asks if Meet Alhawat ever showed her love? Girl Meet says no, I don’t want him to see me in that way as you hurt him and we have a relationship which I don’t want to tell you and try harder, but you can’t separate me from my husband and family!

Masoom asks Meet Ahlawat to answer Girl Meet for her reckless behaviour! Rajvardhan asks Meet Ahlawat to listen to his heart not others.

Girl Meet says the truth will win ultimately and I will expose you in front of everyone, then you will face the wrath of my husband, so get ready to face his anger, as this time, I won’t stop him!

Girl Meet reaches Ahlawat’s mansion and goes inside. Babita ask her where are you going, before going in, talk to me first! Girl Meet says I was going to talk to you, I want to tell you why I didn’t reach the Village Council. Babita says I know why you didn’t come, because Manushi stopped you and Ravi accused you of all sort of things as Manushi ask him to do so!

Girl Meet says yes, but how did you know all that? Babita says I got clearance of many things today! Girl Meet says I’m very sorry for that and I want to talk to Meet Ahlawat. Babita claps and says I wanted to see it in your eyes, if you have any shame and you know what? I see nothing!! How much lie will you tell and you always target your big sister to fulfill your selfishness! First, you became the daughter-in-law of this house and now, you want to make her bad in front of everyone!

Girl Meet says what are you saying? Babita says I’m telling the truth because I know everything! I know Manushi didn’t want to run away, it was you, because you love him! Girl Meet says this is not true, she is telling lie and even Ravi is also involved in all this, I’ll call him.

Babita says no, not at all, and for your kind information, Manushi didn’t tell me anything and I’ll call someone in front of you, and you can’t play your game anymore and says please come forward.

Girl Meet Grandma’s walks to them. Girl Meet is in shock. Amma give the letter to Babita and she says this is the same letter Manushi left during marriage, it’s written that she is sacrificing the marriage for you.

Amma says to Babita that Manushi was with me everytime.

Babita says you made her wrong because of your selfishness, and do tell now that Dadi is also lying like Manushi! Dadi says please allow me, I’ll leave now. Babita takes the letter ans goes inside.

Girl Meet stops Amma and ask her tell me what’s wrong? Why did you do this? Amma says leave me, I don’t have any answer and I don’t won’t to talk to you! You were born with bad luck, as your brother was when you were born!

Girl Meet says did Manushi say something to you? Did I do something wrong? Amma says yes, you were born ans that’s the biggest mistake! You ruined Manushi’s house, I didn’t come at your leaving ceremony because I got that letter! I said nothing because your mom said so and now, I won’t stop! She pushed her back forcefully.

Amma thinks how can I explain to you why I’m doing this as Manushi has put me in this situation. .

Girl Meet remembers how Amma was begging her to get married to Meet Ahlawat at that time and how she took her side.

Girl Meet enter Ahlawat’s mansion and thinks I don’t know what they are thinking. Masoom says to Raj ask your daughter what has she been busy with that she couldn’t come to the community centre!

Girl Meet says I know you have lot of questions, she goes to Raj and says Dad, I know you’ve always believed in me and called me your daughter, I want to tell you to please have that faith in me today, and says I had some compulsion, but I cannot tell you now.

Raj says I have faith in you daughter, and says to everyone no one will ask her any questions, whenever she feels free to talk about it, she will tell everyone and if we talk about Ravi, then he cannot take Sunaina forcefully, and he should understand that!

Raj says to Babita from now on, don’t act towards Sunaina as a slave, as she will also be treated like every family members here. Babita says okay.

Meet Ahlawat says to Tej that I cannot understand because there is a tornado inside me because my heart says Girl Meet didn’t to anything wrong, but my mind is saying she should have been there to apologise, and if I wasn’t be there, then someone would have painted Dad’s face black, I cannot understand anything.

Girl Meet enters the room. Tej get’s happy and says my friend is very good. Meet Ahlawat says then she should have been there!

Girl Meet calls Meet Ahlawat, he get up and tries to walk away. Girl Meet holds him and does sit-ups in front of him. Meet Ahlawat remember what the Village Council said to the Ahlawats.

Tej gets up after seeing her doing sit-ups and Tej also starts doing the same. Both of them stops him and makes him sit. Tej says to Girl Meet, sit-down. He takes Meet Ahlawat’s and Girl Meet’s hand and wipes their tears and gives their hand in each other and says Team.

The Servant walks in says to Girl Meet that Babita is calling you.

Babita with Manushi says to Girl Meet I called her because I need to take some important decision! In my life, nothing is more important than my Son’s happiness and I want him to be happy, the girl in her life should be her soulmate with whom he can live without any sacrifice and I have to decide who she is between the two of you!

Girl Meet says there is no need for the decision, as he’s my husband and I’m his wife. Babita asks is my Son happy with you? Has he said he loves you?? I have given you so many chances, I tried to explain so many things room you in person, but did he get the happiness of a soulmate?? You might actually the first girl that went on a honeymoon and her husband didn’t even touch her!

Babita says my Son used to be romantic, I saw love in his eyes when he was engaged with Manushi, did you see any love in his eyes from the time he was married to you?? You both have a friendship relations.

Girl Meet says that’s one of the good sign of a relationship. Babita says after six months of marriage, if you are still just friends, then there is no love! Girl Meet says we have deep relationship. Babita says we can find friends with deep relationships but wife is always one, you can share happiness with friends, but you can’t take promise for seven birth with friends that can only be done with wife!

Babita says I need a wife for my Son! Girl Meet says our bond is also getting stronger, as he used to hate me, but now, we are good friends and our relationship will grow stronger. Babita says it can be done which is why I’m giving you and Manushi one chance to prove who is the best for my Son between you two and you both have 10 days to prove this and my Son shouldn’t know about this! If my Son is more attracted towards Manushi, then you will have to divorce him and go away from his life forever!

Girl Meet touches her feet and says you are the mother of my husband which is why I accept this challenge, I’m very stubborn when it come to relationship and if I’m a burden to any relationship, I won’t stay there for long and if in the next 10 days, Meet Ahlawat doesn’t choose Manushi, then you won’t make her stand here and you will never ask any questions regarding our relationship again. Babita says okay.

Girl Meet ask tell me what to do. Babita says tomorrow is vasant panchami and in our house, a special Kheer is prepared which is my Son’s favourite, so tomorrow, you both will make kheer and we need to see whose Kheer he will eat.

Manushi thinks that’s a piece of cake for me, poor Girl Meet, she will loose the first challenge tomorrow, and ask Girl Meet do you know how to make kheer?

Babita says that’s not important to me, what’s important is who will win my Son’s heart and says to Girl Meet that I know you don’t know how to make kheer, but if you want, you can learn how to to cook kheer and if you cannot make them, then you can order from outside, it all depends upon who will win my Son’s heart, and only that person will be accepted! Manushi says yes and Babita walks away.

Girl Meet says to Manushi you can use this trick too because whenever you try to do something, we always come close and one more thing, Savitri fought with Yumraj for her husband, so I’m also a wife and I won’t let you win! Manushi says keep your lectures to yourself and think of tomorrow’s challenge, as I’ll give you a tip, besides, videos are available on internet, so go learn how to cook!

Girl Meet says you are right, I’ll get the video of it online, but sweetness comes with love, and from where will you bring that? Mom says taste comes with love and motive and we both know your motive which is why you are always on the run so don’t worry about me and just think of yourself!

Meet Ahlawat is playing video games in his room. Girl Meet comes there and apologises to him. She requests him not to stay silent and asks him to vent out his frustration on her and tells him that he can always throw her out if he wants.

Meet Ahlawat couldn’t throw her out so Girl Meet thinks their relationship is improved which must be why he couldn’t throw her out of the room even in his anger, then she plays a video game with him and wins it, then she asks if he feels she can do it purposely and she tells she can win any game if he’s with her. Meet Ahlawat tells her she looks normal but behaves wild sometimes. Girl Meet thinks to win the challenge. Meet Ahlawat asks if she said something? Girl Meet denies it.

Manushi meets Babita and tells her that she ran away from the Temple for Girl Meet’s happiness but at that time, I didn’t think about your son and family, so please, I apologize for my mistake. Babita asks her to win Meet Ahlawat again as his happiness matters to her. Manushi promises to correct her mistake and takes her blessings.

At midnight, Girl Meet wakes up and tells Meet Ahlawat that she needs his best of luck wishes so that she can cook delicious kheer to impress him. Girl Meet watches the video and takes note of the things needed for Kheer.

Raj comes there. Girl Meet asks why he came at this time? Raj tells he wants tea. Girl Meet asks him to sit and prepares the tea and gives it to him. Raj praises the taste of it then Girl Meet drinks it and realizes it’s bad, then she says it’s like Kadha and I failed. Raj tells it’s not a failure and he prepares tea.

Girl Meet observes the procedure. Raj asks her to taste it. Girl Meet tells it’s good and feels bad thinking she has failed to give him good tea. Raj tells it’s fine. Meet tells him next morning, she will give him good tea. Raj asks her to sleep.

Manushi gets Dadi to make the kheer to win over Girl Meet. Dadi tells that the taste comes with love and my love is with my granddaughter Meet. Manushi warns to not let her be if she dares spoils the kheer and she hurts her. Dadi says Anubha is thinking you’re changed, but a dog tail can never become straight and it’s my compulsion that I can’t reveal your real face to her! Manushi asks her to close her mouth and asks her to prepare Kheer with her heart!

Girl Meet thinks which dress she has to wear and selects one of them. Meet Ahlawat thinks why is she wasting time as it’s time for her college and he asks what’s bag doing on the bed? Girl Meet is about to place the bag in the wardrobe, then Meet Ahlawat tells her that she has to leave for college and tells her that he will drop her at the college, as he doesn’t want her to miss her studies.

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