Girl Meet says she has important work after 10 days. Meet Ahlawat asks what’s more important than her dream? Girl Meet says you. He asks what? Girl Meet tells you don’t understand and she requests him to give her 10 days so he agrees. He chooses a dress for her. Girl Meet smiles and gets ready in that saree.

Girl Meet prays to god and tells him that it’s risky to prepare kheer without practice so help me on whichever one I must do, whether to make it or order it. She places flowers near the idol and yellow flower falls then Girl Meet decides to prepare kheer and she prepares the kheer.

Meet Ahlawat comes there and tells her to never make the kheer after tasting it and it turns to be her dream and she tastes the kheer and thinks it’s worst, so how can I feed him,as it’s burnt and she thinks how to win the competition?

Meet Ahlawat tells his Mom that Girl Meet can’t prepare kesar wali kheer. That time, he senses the delicious smell of kheer. Manushi brings it and asks him to taste it. Meet Ahlawat tells his Mom, he will wait to taste the kheer.

Girl Meet comes with empty handed. Babita asks if she didn’t make Kheer? Gorl Meet tells she failed to make it. Meet Ahlawat tells it’s fine, let’s eat kheer from your mother’s place. Babita tells I asked you to order it from outside too but you didn’t, so don’t tell me that I’m not fair!

Manushi gives the kheer to him and he’s about to eat it, but Girl Meet stops him and tells him she prepared tea instead of kheer. Manushi says it’s normal tea but today’s special is for kesar ka kheer. Meet Ahlawat tells them he will drink the tea, as the smell of it is tempting him and he drinks and praises the taste.

Girl Meet recalls how she learned to make tea for Raj after several attempts in the night.

Next morning, Raj tastes the tea and tells her it’s superb tea which can win the heart of people and I told you right? That you’re special and no one can defeat you if you decided to win. Girl Meet thinks it’s the blessings of Papaji.

Manushi asks him to taste one spoon of kheer made by her, but Meet Ahlawat refuses saying he wants to enjoy the feel of tea and he asks her to serve kheer to Girl Meet and leaves.

Babita asks why she made tea instead of Kheer? Girl Meet says the matter is about winning Meet Ahlawat’s heart and he left kheer for tea. Babita leaves.

Girl Meet stops Manushi. Babita stops and hears their conversation. Girl Meet tastes the kheer and asks her to tell Dadi that the kheer is good. Manushi asks what she meant? Girl Meet says I know you since childhood unlike Babita aunty and you cheated as this kheer is made by Dadi. Manushi says it’s a matter of bringing kheer and you’re a cheater! Girl Meet says you’re a cheater and I’m Meet Ahlawat’s wife and I know what he likes, as we have a heart to heart connection. Manushi asks, is it?

Girl Meet says Meet Ahlawat will call me till I finish count of five. Meet Ahlawat calls her before she finishes 5 numbers. Babita and Manushi looks on and leaves.

Girl Meet recalls how she spoiled Meet Ahlawat’s cream to make him call her, as she doesn’t want Manushi to hurt Meet Ahlawat again.

Sunaina tells Masoom that Tej won’t go from his room, but Masoom didn’t listen. Raj comes there and asks why she is making Tej vacate his room? Masoom tells she wants to exchange their rooms as her room is not sufficient for her family. Raj asks her to shift to their other property if she feels her room is small and he asks Sunaina to take Tej inside.

Masoom asks won’t he care for her comfort? Raj says you will never change, it seems like I have to do something and he leaves. Babita tells she can’t even help her as she ruined it!

Meet Ahlawat asks Girl Meet to check her mail to study the classes, as he has asked her Professors to mail the notes. Girl Meet checks her mail then she sees Meet Ahlawat is trying to set his bag gifted by his mom and she offers to help him, but he says he can set it, but just couldn’t.

Babita tells you lost this challenge and become a cheater by bringing the kheer prepared by your Dadi. Manushi says you said to win his heart. Babita says you didn’t understand my words and I understand that Girl Meet is responsible for my son’s state and he is unaware of the truth and wanted to give chance to his marriage which os why I want you to give your best to win this challenge, as I Know that his happiness is with you. Manushi agrees to win the challenge!

Meet Ahlawat asks Girl Meet to help him saying he is unable to set it. Girl Meet asks him to apply the glue and she holds the bag strap in correct position. Both apply it and she is about to fall, but Meet Ahlawat holds her hand and their hands get joined because of the glue.

The Ahlawats are performing Aarti to Saraswati devi (goddess). Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat performs Aarti with their joined hands. Ragini asks them to hold the aarti tray with both hands as from next time onwards. Meet Ahlawat tells they know of it but our hands got stuck due to the glue. Ragini says it’s a good sign.

Manushi says it may be uncomfortable to them and she tries to separate their hands and she falls down. Meet Ahlawat tells no need to separate and says they can manage. Manushi asks how they will eat? They feed each other. Ragini tells she has an idea and separates their hands with warm water. Raj tells that the glue is weak, but their bond will stay forever. Manushi gets angry.

In the kitchen, Girl Meet smiles seeing her hand. Manushi says you’re doing it internationally and you’re changed! Girl Meet says I used to sacrifice for my sister, but I won’t let you snatch my husband! Manushi holds her hand, but Girl Meet holds her hand and says you know how much I’m stubborn since childhood and I won’t leave my husband and she leaves. Manushi thinks to make Meet Ahlawat make her wear his jacket!

Manushi cuts her backside hooks seeing Meet Ahlawat in the lawn and shouts for help, then she notices he’s gone. A worker comes there and tells he will help her and she moves back and falls on mud. The Old worker offers to help her, but Manushi refuses and she feels irritated as she is drenched in mud and she sees Girl Meet and calls her.

Girl Meet comes there and asks if she did it to get Meet Ahlawat’s jacket? She covers her with a jacket then she calls her husband and shows him Manushi’s state. Meet Ahlawat cuts the call asking why she is scaring him? Girl Meet asks her to come inside by washing as face as aunty ji is calling us.

Girl Meet and Manushi goes to Babita’s room. Babita asks them to challenge each other for the next round regarding Meet Ahlawat. They agree.

Raj meets the Lawyer and tells him he is worried for Tej and he asks the lawyer to keep 75% of his property in Tej and Sunaina’s name as Masoom and Meet Ahlawat are capable of earning and he asks him to prepare the will quickly. Masoom hears their conversation and thinks to stop it!

Manushi thinks to give a tough challenge to Girl Meet!

Girl Meet sees Duggu playing the game and she thinks to expose Manushi’s face in front of everyone, as she doesn’t want to make Meet Ahlawat a doll between them and she thinks Manushi might have lied regarding Parth’s matter too and she plans to apologise to her husband as she can’t tell him about their challenge.

Manushi thinks badam is not helping her and she throws them away. Dadi tells it’s visible in your face that you failed to defeat Girl Meet and I’m trapped with you like Bhishma but I prayed for Girl Meet and she won the challenge. Manushi pushed her but she saves her in time by holding onto her hand tightly, she tells her she has to be safe to welcome her with Meet Ahlawat.

Meet Ahlawat cuts his call seeing Meet bringing him Cupcakes at the site. He asks if she is missing him? Girl Meet tells she came to apologize to him. Meet Ahlawat asks why? Girl Meet tells she can’t reveal it, then they feed cupcakes to each other. Meet Ahlawat asks her to promise him that she will always prepare tea for him even when he grows up old. Girl Meet says she doesn’t know if they’ll stay together or not. Meet Ahlawat says he too believes in long term relationships and he asks her to promise to always be with him. Girl Meet promises him.

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