Meet Ahlawat pinning Meet to the wall and tells her that he wants to take a selfie with her and he asks him to wear the dress she ordered. Meet asks where he get that dress. Meet Ahlawat says it’s missing that’s why I get it and you told infront of everyone that you want to wear it so wear it.

Meet goes to chance. Meet Ahlawat thinks he will find the truth but Meet comes out covering herself completely by stapling the dress. Meet Ahlawat thinks something is wrong. Babita calls Meet. Meet Ahlawat and Meet fight with each other saying Meet is calling them.

Manushi goes to Babita and tells her that she will quit as Meet Ahlawat won’t trust her as Meet made him against her. Babita tells she will talk with Meet bahu and asks her to not take stress. Manushi agrees and leaves. Someone knocks on the room door. While drawing Babita asks that person to close the door saying she wants to talk. One the door is closed. Babita says Manushi told me that you removed the front seat of car to defeat her in the challenge and you ordered a dress for yourself when the condition is Meet Ahlawat has to order for you and if you cheat in this way then how can I make a decision that who’s best for my son you or Manushi.

Meet Ahlawat says Mom then she realizes it’s her son and not Meet. Meet Ahlawat what challenge she is talking about? Manushi gave me the pain and Meet helped me to come out of it and end this bekar challenge as Meet is my wife and Manushi can never take Meet place in my life.

Isha and Sunaina comes to Meet room. Isha asks why she staples the dress. Meet says leave it but don’t tease Meet Ahlawat otherwise he will get angry and you can tease me. Meet removes her coat and it’s revealed she wore it on her saree. Sunaina says people talk in this way when they are in love. Isha says she is happy that her Bhabhi fall in love. Babita says Manushi ran away from mandap for Meet happiness and she gives him the letter Dadi gave her. Meet Ahlawat reads the letter and thinks why Dadi did it. Babita says Meet is not correct for you and I saw your pain when Manushi left your life and in your drunken state you confessed that you love Manushi.

Meet Ahlawat says it happened long back and Meet saved me from drug case and goons risking her life. Babita says I agree as she did it as she loves you and Manushi is your choice but Meet is a compromise so I will help you to get Manushi and hugs him. Meet Ahlawat thinks Manushi filled hate for Meet in Mom’s heart so she doesn’t listen to me and he sees the letter.

Meet comes to Tej and Sunaina. Meet tells he keeps that book as it had your name. Sunaina says we had a love marriage and we searched for him everywhere but we didn’t find him even after giving an advertisement on paper. Meet leaves giving book and she thinks to search Kunal to expose Manushi and she calls the printing press and asks him to print with Kunal photo that he got 1 crore lottery .

Masoom tells Raj that outsider is always an outsider and Sunaina Bhabhi sent notice that she want share so she can live separately with Tej. Raj tells he doesn’t believe it until he finds it from Sunaina and he goes to ask her. Masoom thanks lawyer for changing the content of notice and she tells him to send the money to his account.

Duggu asks Meet if she knows far repairing. Meet says she knows. Duggu gives her the courier she received. Meet opens it and notices the advertisement of Kunal and she sees Meet Ahlawat and asks if he is going anywhere. Meet Ahlawat tells he is going for important work. Meet Ahlawat meets Dadi and tells this letter is a lie and I can tell Meet is correct and this letter is false as I trust her. Dadi in tears says Meet is gold who worked for us in night and day and she helps strangers too and I feel good that her husband is supporting her and I can die happily. Meet Ahlawat says you have to see her when she achieves her dreams so tell me the truth.

Dadi says Manushi cheated us along with you and she transferred this house in her name and she threatened me to do like she said otherwise she will throw us out by selling the house that’s why I did what she said. Meet sees Kunal photo and thinks to expose Manushi and she thanks press person and she asks them to publish the matter on next day news paper.

Babita asks Manushi to show her designs. Girl Meet thinks once I find Kunal, then I will prove that you ran away from the Temple for him. Babita gets shocked knowing model Kavya met with an accident and she gets tensed saying how can she get another renowned model? Girl Meet asks her to relax saying Kavya can get better with rest and physiotherapy.

Manushi says Kavya’s situation is not good and you’re not aware of it. Girl Meet asks if she is behind it just to walk down the ramp with Meet Ahlawat? Manushi says it’s a good idea and she asks Babita to introduce her with Meet Ahlawat. Girl Meet tells she feels Manushi is behind Kavya’s matter. Babita says that the model agency is professional so they can’t lie and your idea is good i.e Manushi looks good and apt with Meet Ahlawat as Manushi features are good unlike Gorl Meet and this show will make him realize that he doesn’t need to live with compromise and he can choose Manushi.

Girl Meet says you’re right Aunty, as my sister’s features are good to make a boy run behind her, but she can’t take the blessings of the elders and your son hates lie and liars and if he spends 5mins with them, he will never see her again. Babita says you can’t talk about lies as you’re a liar and my son will decide who will be his bride partner in the ramp and real bride!

Meet Ahlawat overhears everything and thinks you don’t need to prove anything Girl Meet, as you’re already no 1 and I will become number 1 husband for you.

Meet Ahlawat recalls how he promised Dadi that he won’t let anyone take their house from them and he promises to get the papers from Manushi! Dadi tells him she will reveal the truth about Manushi to Babita Ji once they’ve gotten the house papers from Manushi. Meet Ahlawat said we have to make Mom see Manushi’s real face!

Babita sees her son and tells him that Kavya has met with an accident so Manushi will become your bride in the fashion show. Meet Ahlawat says he is okay if Girl Meet doesn’t have any problem with it and he leaves. Babita asks Girl Meet if she won’t agree to it?

Girl Meet stands near the Temple and thinks hope Manushi won’t spoil Aunty’s fashion show.

Babita thinks hope my Son sees Girl Meet’s reality. Meet Ahlawat asks Girl Meet to do what she likes. Babita says Girl Meet doesn’t care about my reputation. Meet says I care for you and this family and I won’t spoil your fashion show for the challenge, and I’m doing what’s right for my family and she thinks she won’t let Manushi spoil Babita’s show!

Meet Ahlawat thinks to make his Mom realize that Girl Meet is a better life partner to him before the fashion show ends.

Girl Meet sees a newspaper article and thinks Manushi will make him reach Kunal. Manushi comes there and sees an Advertisement on paper that Kunal got 10millions in lottery and she thinks to call the number on paper to get the money. Girl Meet asks why she is reading the paper in the early morning? Manushi tells her she is modern to read all things and she takes the paper and tells her that Meet Ahlawat still likes her. Girl Meet says I trust my husband and I know him better than you.

Meet Ahlawat comes there and tells Girl Meet that he will take her out on her bike for a date, as it’s Rose day. Manushi asks what about their rehearsals? Meet Ahlawat says you’re already perfect so no need for rehearsals and he takes Girl Meet in her bike by making her hold him. Girl Meet feels happy.

On the way, Girl Meet asks where is he taking her? Meet Ahlawat tells her he is taking her to a five star hotel. Girl Meet tells it’s a waste of money and if you have so much money, then donate it to the needy and I have an idea to make our date memorable and she takes him to Pani puri vendor. Meet Ahlawat tells it’s unhygienic. Girl Meet tells him she wants to have it. Meet Ahlawat tells her that he will get mineral water and he leaves.

Girl Meet notices many missed calls to her delivery number and she calls that number. Manushi picks the call and tells that she knows Kunal. Girl Meet asks her to come to the address then Girl Meet sees Kavya in the market and she confronts her and questions why she lied to Babita that she met with an accident when she is fine and she asks her to come to Babita!

Kavya says Meet Ahlawat asked me to back out. Girl Meet gets shocked.

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