Rishab runs into Preeta in the living room. Preeta feels sorry for him when he apologises to her for lashing out at her. He tells Preeta that he has finally gotten evidence related to Prithvi and Sherlyn’s affair. Before leaving, he tells Preeta that he always trusted her. He says that he will get Prithvi and Sherlyn ousted from the house as soon as the family gathers home.

Karan arrives home and fails to notice a heartbroken Rishabh’s grief.

A heartbroken Rishabh leaves the house to spend some time alone. He attends an event that was organised by Karan. Surprisingly, Rishabh’s friend meets him there and finds him upset. He insists Rishabh on having drinks with him after presuming that the latter is upset because of a fight with his wife.

Meanwhile, Sherlyn goes to Prithvi’s room to tell him about being exposed. Much to her surprise, Kritika overhears her calling out Prithvi. Suddenly, Dadi enters the room and Sherlyn manages to escape the situation.

Sherlyn and Prithvi meet in the kitchen wherein she tells him that Rishabh has learned about their affair. Prithvi suggests she comes up with an excuse to fool Rishabh.

However, Preeta arrives there and tells them that no excuse can save them now. She tells them that Rishabh will reveal their affair to the family the very next morning! Upset with their behaviour, Preeta asks them to spend their last night in the Luthra House and wait for being exposed!

Preeta steps out of the kitchen and runs into Kritika in the living room. Kritika asks her about Rishabh as she is looking for him to thank him for all the surprise birthday gifts given by him. Preeta finds it hard to reveal the truth to Kritika, but then gathers the courage to talk to her. She tells Kritika that she wants to tell her something and they decide to meet in Kritika’s room.

Rishabh, under a state of intoxication, leaves for the Luthra House and struggles to drive. He halts on the way and calls Karan, who is shocked to learn that Rishabh is drunk.

Karan and Preeta decide to go and bring Rishabh home. Rishabh meets them at the main door of the house, but his stagger worries them. Karan scolds him for drinking for the first time, and he requests Karan not to be harsh. He overlooks the fact that Rishabh insists on sleeping in the guest room.

Preeta and Karan escort an intoxicated Rishabh to the guest room when he insists on going there. He tries to tell them that he will tell the family about Sherlyn and Prithvi tomorrow, but Karan fails to understand it. Karan decides to sleep with him and Preeta goes back to her room.

The next morning, Rishabh wakes up and struggles to get rid of the hangover. All the recent occurrences flash before his eyes and he decides to reveal the truth to his family. He begins shouting out loud to make his family gather in the living room. Mahesh, Rakhi and Kareena get shocked to see the change in his behaviour.

Prithvi, in a room with Kritika, keeps thinking of ways to avoid being exposed.

In the kitchen, Sherlyn deals with the same fear. Preeta reminds her that the end of her wrongdoings is near! After everyone gathers in the living room, Rishabh begins to tell Kritika the truth. Much to everyone’s shock, a team of Police arrives there to arrest him.

Sherlyn pretends to defend Rishabh in front of the Luthras. They defend Rishabh when the Inspector tells everyone that Rishabh has run over his ex-vendor, Sandeep Khanna.

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