Rishabh reveals that Sandeep had tried to destroy his business and the Police claim that the former has tried to take revenge on him.

Karan throws away the handcuffs, which ensues a fight between them. Rishabh apologises to Kritika for spoiling her birthday.

Rishabh apologises to his family for spoiling their mood. Everyone worries for Mahesh when he feels dizzy during Rishabh’s arrest. Rishabh asks Sameer to look after the family and takes a leave.

A furious Karan leaves from the Luthra House and Mahesh asks Preeta to stop Karan from doing something stupid. Preeta follows Karan to the hospital where Sandeep is admitted. She convinces Karan to wait back and let her go to see Sandeep posing as a Doctor. Karan hides in the corridor and let Preeta go ahead.

Prithvi, disguised as a Doctor, argues with a Police Constable to visit a bedridden Sandeep. He enters the room and Sandeep is shocked to recognise him when he reveals his mask. Prithvi offers him INR 2millions for a plan against Rishabh. Sandeep, who wanted to extract INR 1millions from Rishabh, agrees to support Prithvi.

Suddenly, Preeta enters the room and Prithvi is shocked to see her there. Preeta introduces herself to Sandeep, and he refuses to withdraw his complaint against Rishabh.

Prithvi hides inside the room and begins to fear when Preeta offers INR 5millions to Sandeep. Surprisingly, a Nurse enters the room and Preeta steps out to maintain her cover.

Karan returns home to look after Mahesh when he learns about the latter’s deteriorating condition.

Srishti arrives at the hospital and feels great to learn from Preeta that Sandeep might accept her deal.

Meanwhile, Prithvi threatens to kill Sandeep if he withdraws his complaint against Rishabh!

Preeta goes back to the room to see if Sandeep is ready to accept her offer.

Sherlyn begins a pretense after Prithvi informs her about the situation at the hospital.

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